Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gift Guide: What to Get the Dalton Girl

New York private school girls are a most interesting specimen. They have more academic pressure than most first year med students but many are more entitled than a senior partner at Skadden. To watch them in their natural habitat one only need to sip coffee at any bakery or on Madison Avenue--mostly north of 86th Street.

Shopping for these girls is no easy task. The bar is high but is also easy to go too far. Below is a gift guide that can satisfy the private school girl, from Chapin to Trinity.

Gucci Double G Buckle Belt ($420) Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers ($65) Frends Headphones ($225) Kate Spade Emoji Necklace ($58) Sorel Boots ($170) Fur Monster Bag Charm ($25*) Little Anna Winter Doll 'Kahrl' ($30) A Smart Girl's Guide: Manners ($24)

*Shipping takes a while

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