Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baccarat Annual Sample Sale

When it comes to buying crystal, almost all the brands seem as if they are too fussy and dated. Baccarat has invested in taking their brand to a modern level by partnering with some of the most talented designers of our time.

Philippe Starck, Nicolas Triboulot and Eriko Horiki are just some of the design geniuses that have made Baccarat one of the most desirable brands in home goods. There has even been more buzz since the Baccarat Hotel opened in midtown. (If you haven't had the opportunity to sip champagne in the lounge-- we suggest you do.)

For two days, you can dig into the home goods luxury world as Baccarat discounts their delectable items up to 70% off. Unlike past years you don't even need to drive to their NJ warehouse. This season, you can shop the discounts from the comfort of the D&D building. We are told the sale will include barware, vases, decorative pieces and a large selection of Baccarat jewelry.

Baccarat Sample Sale
Wednesday, March 23 & Thursday, March 24
10am-5pm daily
979 Third Avenue, 10th Floor (D&D Building)


Anonymous said...

do you know what the prices will be? Is it best to go early or do they drop prices? thank you

Lila Delilah said...

I went to the sale a few years ago in NJ. I don't really know what to expect now that the sale is in the showroom. I wouldn't expect that there will be a price drop. I assume they are selling samples. if you go, please share. Xoxo Lila

IW said...

Just went to the sale. It's color coded on the sticker. It has 75% red down to 55% green. Most were in the 55% off range. There was no jewelry as previously advertised. They had some lamps, ornaments but mostly Crystal stemware that did not come with boxes. The only boxed wine glasses near the window are red wine or champagne flutes. The everyday glasses are the best deal at $60 for a pair and there were 2 that were for $32 each.

Lila Delilah said...

Thank you so much for sale update. You can't beat a par of baccarat glasses for $60!