Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chanel Presale Intel

We hear that the Chanel sale won't officially start until June 23 but Bloomingdales and Barneys will begin presale on Thursday. The discount will be 40% on shoes and clothing in both stores. We are still collecting intelligence on which bags may be discounted.

If you want something in particular, we suggest contacting a reliable sales person to hold the desired items. Last season was exceptionally difficult for Chanel lovers because very few bags styles went on sale. We are told that this season's sale stock list is small as well. Head right this way to browse a small selection of shoes that have been flagged for markdown. Stay tuned for updates.

Barneys Designer Shoes: 212-833-2189
Bloomingdales: Azhar: 206-790-5910 (text only)


Anonymous said...

Can we get updates on the handbags that might go on sale if you get more informations?? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Hi I would like to know did the bags go on sale?

akmal niazi khan said...

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