Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chanel Sale Update: Jewelry, Scarves & Bloomies

Chanel's first markdown becomes official on Thursday but lustful shoppers might be out of luck if they didn't take advantage of presale. We are told that availability is already running low at many of our local stores.

Don't worry, we contacted our informants and did some investigating. Over in this link, you can find lots of pictures of additional Chanel sale jewelry, shoes, scarves and even a bag. (There is a little inside secret about buying Chanel necklaces. If you're looking for a great price opt for a belt, they are usually much less expensive and often look great as a when worn around the neck.)

From what we can tell, we would suggest contacting a salesperson at Bloomingdales if you are still on a shoe hunt. You can also contact various out-of-town department store Chanel sales associates. We included some of our contacts below the post. Click back to our previous Chanel presale post and a prior post about how Chanel will proceed with sales at their boutiques.

Bergdorf Goodman: Jose 646-689-5601
Hirshleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Barneys: Joseph 212-833-2092
Saks Fifth Avenue: Marjorie 646-552-7292
Jeffery NYC: Michelle 212-206-1272


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Anonymous said...

I was able to purchase a pair of kitten heels at Saks today that weren't out when I went during the pre-sale. Some of the styles were 30% off while others were 40% off.

They had a decent selection of shoes as did Bergdorf, but limited sizes. Happy shopping and good luck!

Lila Delilah said...

Thank you for the update!