Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Neiman Marcus First Markdown - Contemporary

For the fast few months, we have been tracking lots of reward shopping incentives, sale-on-sale discounts and friends and family promotions. Sale season is about to get serious as stores begin their markdowns on contemporary designer merchandise.


Today, Neiman Marcus started its First Call Sale, which translates to the first markdown on contemporary labels. The sale isn't public yet but you can use this private sale link to access the markdowns now.

The discount is 30% to 40% off on most merchandise. Over this way, we found am Alexis crochet blouse that's $400 from $550, a Veronica Beard blazer that's a Balmain clone is is $490 from $650 and these mid-rise Mother jeans are $111 from $230. One of our favorite sale items are these Golden Goose Western boots that are $1100 from $1700. They are still pretty pricey but you can bet we will stay on high alert for more markdowns.

Chances are that you're no longer in the market for swimsuits and coversups. If you're in the market, there are a lot of vacation friendly options. Here is a Melissa Oberdash caftan for $180 from $520, this kimono from Fuzzi is $190 from $540 and a Seafolly one-piece is $82 from $140.

There will be some additional promotions and more merchandise added in the next few weeks. Designer merchandise officially gets markdown down on November 24. Don't forget to check back for updates.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Chanel: Get Ready for a Major Price Increase

Chanel shoppers should get ready to brace themselves for a new set of price hikes. Starting November 1 Chanel will raise prices considerably across the board. We have been told that a Large Classic Flap will go from $5600 to $6200. No need for a calculator, that's a $600 price hike!

You can see a full updated price list clearly by clicking on the spreadsheet image below. Please note, these prices have not been verified and we can't promise that they are completely accurate but they will give you an idea of what to expect. (We will be sure to update the post if adjustments are needed.)

(Click on the image for an expanded view.)
We think it's rather quite convenient that Chanel price increases happen almost annually right before the holiday shopping season. We strongly suggest that you execute your purchase now if you have been considering a new bag. Usually, Chanel withholds inventory this time of year. but it appears as if stores are well stocked with many popular styles.

Since the beginning of Madison Avenue Spy, we have been tracking the prices of Chanel bags. In doing so, we have created a rich archive of pricing history. Since 2009,  the price of most style bags have increased by about 110%. You can refer to the chart above and see how prices have changed over the years. Please take the time to click on the picture and review all the information. (It took hours to compile.)

The increasing trend of characterizing a Chanel bag a "good investment" is not at all accurate. The safest and most conservative investment is a Series EE treasury bond, which will essentially double your money in 20-years. So, your T-bill would be worth still only half as much as a new Chanel bag. On the flip side, nobody will sit and crush your T-Bill at a crowded bar in Brooklyn.

If we look at the S&P 500, it has delivered a return of 180% in the past decade. That means if you invested your money in the S&P 500 in 2008, you could buy yourself a new Chanel bag and a wallet with the same money. We can go even further and compare a Chanel "bag" investment to Apple stock. In 10 years an investment in AAPL has gone up nearly 1000%, which means that if you took the $3200 you paid for a Jumbo classic bag in 2009 and purchased Apple it would be worth about $23,000. Now, that's a good investment.

We would never question the validity of a new Chanel bag but let's all understand that it's a luxury, not an investment. If a new Chanel bag is on your wishlist we suggest you give yourself a holiday gift now and enjoy using it for the foreseeable future. As an alternative, we pulled a variety of new and preowned Chanel bags that are all priced under $2800-- the same price as a Classic Jumbo in 2009. You can buy the bag and make a meaningful financial investment.

Below is a list of trusted Chanel sales associates at various stores:

Saks Fifth Avenue: Marjorie 646-552-7292
Saks (Columbus) Mojie: 614-581-3142
Bloomingdales: Dean 646-537-5995
Bergdorf Goodman: CJ 347-229-6159
Barneys: Joseph 212-833-2092
Hirschleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Jeffery New York: Kenya 212-206-1272

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Need Supply Co: Discounts Top 80%

Need Supply Co. is a multi-brand lifestyle in Richmond, VA. The vibe is a mix between Intermix and Shopbop. Right now, the store is hosting a friends and family sale  where most everything on the site is 30% off, including sale merchandise. The final discount comes to nearly 80% on some items.

Outside the most reduced items, the 30% off is akin to a first markdown on many items. Here is a Jacquemus belt bag that's sold out at many stores and it's $332 from $475. A new-in-stores Saks Potts unicorn tie-dye theme puffer is $614 from $878 and Stutterheim raincoats are $200 from $300.

If you're looking for a more extreem discount, direct your attention towards this Calvin Klein/ Brook Shields tote that's $52 from $250. Off-White floral print pants are $286 from $1384 and a last season's Saks Potts puffer is $370 from $880.

Need Supply isn't one of those stores that has something for everyone. If you happen to be a Ganni-Acne-Dris shopper, it's worth a scroll.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Moncler Genius Showroom Sale

Moncler Genius started a sale at their Showroom on Wednesday morning. Initially, shoppers needed to show corporate ID and an invite to gain access. As the week has progressed the door policy has become less stringent and more shoppers have arrived.

Inside, you will find a variety of Moncler jackets, vests, clothing and accessories for men and women.  Most of the merchandise is this season's collection and the men's assortment includes collaboration items with Palm Angles. Down puffer jackets start at $450 but most are $900. Fur ski jackets are $2000, ski pants are $150, vests are priced mostly at about $500, and sweaters are $200. Sizes and styles have started to dwindle and the line has continued to balloon.

Officially, this sale is not open to the public but names have not been checked stringently all day Friday. The door policy can change at any moment. The sale will be open all day on Saturday if you would like to try your luck. Pictures are in the jump. Enjoy, and don't forget to keep us posted.

Moncler Showroom Sale
Friday, October 18 open until 7pm
Saturday, October 19 opens at 11am
155 Wooster Street, 8th Fl

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Barneys Bankruptcy: End of an Era?

Barneys New York has reached an agreement to sell its assets to  Authentic Brands Group and investment bank B. Riley Financial for $271.4 million in cash. Alternative bids will still be accepted until October 24 but the chances of a higher bid are becoming increasingly less likely.

If Authentic Brands Group, which owns Juicy Couture and Aéropostale, wins the bid it would close all Barneys locations and use the iconic name for licensing. Saks Fifth Avenue said it is interested in using the Barneys brand as a store-within-store concept. (This idea seems absolutely ridiculous, especially on the heels of the failure of Gilt shops at Saks Off-5th stores.)

Good-bye Freds. Good-bye iconic New York shopping destination.

Barneys troubles started when the landlord of Madison Avenue store nearly doubled the annual rent to $27.9 million. It's speculated that the real estate owner would prefer to use the property as condos and a hotel than maintain the spot as a retail destination.

Some news articles site that a buyer for Barney's remaining inventory has already been lined up. If you scroll the Barneys website and Barneys Warehouse outlet, you will see lots of discounted things to buy. We linked to some key items above.

In the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed that a new buyer emerges and revives that Barneys tradition in pushing the boundaries of retail innovation. "Barneys till I'm dead."

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Inside: The Row Sample Sale

Instagram influencers appear to share everything in their daily lives.  It's peculiar how clicking through the feeds of top NYC Insta stars won't reveal even a mention about The Row's sample sale preview. Yet many where there.

This evening, The Row's sample sale was open for previews to VIPs, the press, celebrity types like Leandra and lots of Spence moms. Each season the crowd for the preview keeps getting bigger and the space more crowded.

UPDATE 10/19: Clothing is 80% off. Shoes are 70% off. This year, all merchandise is discounted 70% off. Shoes and bags are 60% off. Most of the merchandise is from past collections and some items can even be found at stores for nearly the same discount.

Shoppers will notice that there are more shoes than usual but fewer bags than last year. We spotted this shearling belt bag for $980 from $2450.  It's currently $1350 at Bergdorfs. The Bindle bag is $680 from $1700 and Medicine pouches are under $400 from $990. A top handle leather satchel comes to about $1800 from $2950.

For the first time, there was a small selection of men's fashion. There are leather jackets, sweaters, and overcoats in very small quantities.

For women, the sale has a handful of blazers in each size. They normally range in price from $1400 to $2500 and come to $420 to $750. The best selection was among the pants, which are always great for work for more formal moments. We also spotted a handful of slinky gowns, which were quickly snatched up. We didn't find any leather, denim or sunglasses.

There are four big tables of sweaters. Most are virtually unidentifiable except for the exquisite yarn quality. Most options are black or grey. (Big surprise!) There are a few acid green varieties. A cashmere style like this is about $400 from $990 and a long duster style with a belt is about $600 from $1490.

Among the shoes, we found a lot of The Row's classic loafers that come to $320 from $800.  Kitten heels with an ankle tie are the same price. Egon sandals are $275 from $690.

If you're a big fan of The Row, you know what to expect when it comes to prices and styling. We would suggest you go. Not every shopper loads up $3000 fashion items that don't have a single logo. Remote fans of The Row can browse from the sale assortment we collected from online.

The Row
Thursday, October 17 through Sunday, October 20
Thurs & Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-3pm
Metropolitan Pavilion: 123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor
Only Credit Cards Accepted

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Unfolding Story: Hermés Private Sale

Hermes has been hosting sample sales on LI for the past several seasons. This Summer, we were shocked when the sale location was changed to the Short Hills Mall. We all assumed that the days of NYC Hermes sample sales were over. We were wrong.

Much to our surprise, select Hermes customers were sent invitations to shop a private Hermes sale at Soffer Haskin later this month. Following the private segment, the sale will open to the public for four days starting on Thursday, October 24.

Take note, the Hermes VIP list is very strict. Guests are not welcome and IDs are checked against the invite list at the door. The last big public sales at Soiffer Hasken have been a disaster. Crowds of shoppers were corralled in an empty parking lot for hours. At the last Soiffer Haskin sale, in 2015, shoppers waited over eight hours and got turned away at the door when the sale closed at the end of the day. You can see a video and read about it here.

At the last sale, discounts were 50% off most items. Men's clothing was 60% off. There were several canvas beach bags ($1000) and canvas cosmetic cases in assorted bright colors and prints. The biggest highlight was the shoe department where shoppers snatched up Oran sandals and jumping boots. You can click here to read about invites to the Short Hills sale and find out about pricing and what items were available over here.

Hermes Sample Sale
VIP Private shopping: Wednesday, October 23 ; 12pm-6pm
Open to the Public: Thursday, October 24 through Sunday, October 27
9am-7pm daily
Soiffer Haskin: 317 West 33rd Street

Monday, October 14, 2019

Bandier Friends & Family Sale

When Bandier hit the upscale athletic-wear market it attracted the attention of everyone from Barry's Bootcamp warriors to the SLT contortionists. It's hard-core workout chic. The company's sample sales attract miles of shoppers and the good merchandise is gone fast.

Better than dealing with sample sale crowds, we thought it would be a good idea to hit up this friends and family sale. Everything online (and in the store) is now 25% off. No code is needed, the discount is automatically applied during checkout and there are no exclusions.

Aviator Nation has been excluded from most all other friends and family sales but is applicable here.  This classic lightning bolt zip-up sweatshirt is $133 from $178. I hate to admit it but they are really nicer than the less expensive options. This tank top has been touted by most every influencer and may be worth a test drive at $49 from $65. Do you think it could be that much better than Jockey? Let's see!

Then there always the staples like Ultracore leggings with shiny stars that come to $150 from $200. Golden Goose running sneakers come to $412 from $550. You can also try these All Acecss biker shorts as a fashion look at $63 from $85. It's never a bad idea to stock up on grippy stocks too.

The discount promotion also works on sale items. A Monrow sweatshirt comes to $88 from $170, PE Nation leggings are $70 from $138, and Heroine sport bra is $30 from $85.

Buying new athletic wear is a great motivation to keep your latest package from expiring. After all, aren't we all working out so that our clothing looks even better? Right, and for health and brain function, but we all know it's for the clothing!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fivestory 35% Off Everything

We've been getting used to these nominal discounts on new season merchandise. Fivestory, however, is starting to get serious about discounting even on new season merchandise. Right now, you can use this link and the code FW35 to engage a discount that will save you 35% off everything on the site.

It isn't hard to find ways to put the discount to good use. My initial impulse was to seek out Balmain staples. The classic blazer in navy velvet comes to $1500 from $2300. There is black velvet too. Fivestory always has a great edit of Nili Lotan. Cropped twill pants are $211 from $325 and a chunky turtleneck sweater is $585 from $900.

Speaking of turtlenecks, here is a white style from Joseph ($370 from $565) that I would love to pair with a long maxi skirt and ankle boots or wear it as shown with leather pants. I love the orange on this V-neck from Maison Ullens ($470 from $720). I would even wear it backward to create a sexy back look.

Perrin Paris is one of my favorite indi bag brands and they are almost never found on sale. Here is a classic style that comes to $780 from $1200. There is also a lot of jewelry that isn't discounted very often.  A Nora Kogan pendant 14k pendant with pink sapphires is $1290 from $1985 and linear hanging rainbow gemstone earrings are $429 from $660.

This Fivestory promotion runs through the holiday weekend and ends Monday night. Items are already running low on sizing options. I suggest you focus on purchases that might not be available once the first markdown comes around.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Weekend Shopping:Obsessions & Impulses

In this episode of Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses I dive into my attraction to Balenciaga's new square toe shoe. It's quite a contrast to the pointy toe knife shoe and follows along with the trend: it's square to be cool. (Or is it cool to be square?)

Either way, MyTheresa is hosting a sale where Balenciaga and Off-White are 20% off with the code SHOPSTYLE. The promotion runs through Saturday.

In other news, it's come to my attention that I don't currently own any long pleated skirts. I think I've given them all away, which means it's time to shop. I posted a few qualifiers below. I would love some help in making a decision. The Calvin Klein styles are ages-old but the quality and weight are fantastic.

What else is there? Stay tuned. I'll add more finds throughout the weekend.