Friday, December 13, 2019

Global Fashions Holiday Sample Sale

Just in time for the holidays, Global Fashions is opening its showroom to the public starting Monday. A vast assortment of Italian designer handbags, shoes and accessories will be discounted 65% off. All clothing will be 80% off.

There are some great gift options for men and women throughout the sale. We spotted cashmere and wool scarves, jewelry items and, of course, shoes and bags. Among the handbags and shoes, you will find a modest selection of Rockstud featured items.

Some standouts include several pastel rainbow nylon Rockstud totes that are $875 from $1945 and coordinating Rockstud shoes are $537 from $1195. Thong sandals with studs are $335 from $795. An understated handbag with a chain shoulder strap is $1032 from $2295. There are also lots of designer sneaker options for both guys and gals. (You can click here to see lots of pictures of what we found.)

Despite the attractive accessories options we are always drawn towards the amazing fashion at this sale, which is quite remarkable at 80% off. There are exquisite jackets, coats, and outerwear for men and women. Couture gowns that were showcased on the runway and even less formal items from the designer's leisure collections.

Who needs to rent high-end fashion when you can own it for even less? Check out this embroidered buttery soft leather jacket that is a " lifetime" item and it's $1260 from nearly $6300. A mid-length fur jacket is $2000 from over $10,000. Some more casual items include a track jacket that's $380 from $1990 and coordinating silk track pants are about the same price. The ensemble was a key component of the 2018 resort collection. You can click here to see pictures of the amazing fashion we spotted.

There are also numerous items for men. A single-breasted cashmere and wool tweed coat is about $900 from $4560. Can you imagine the look on his face when he unboxes such an exquisite item? Then the reaction when he hears it costs less than a polyester coat from Bloomingdales? #Priceless. You can click here to see some of our favorite options for men.

This sale will only be open to the public for three days. It's the perfect shopping designation if you need a gift, have an event or just want to add something beautiful to your closet.

Global Fashions Sample Sale 
Monday, December 16 through Wednesday, December 18
9am-6pm daily
49 West 38th Street
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Neiman Marcus 2nd Markdown-ish (Dior / Chanel )

In place of second markdowns, Neiman Marcus added an extra shopping incentive of 20% off sale merchandise today. You will also see some newcomers in the markdown area, including Dior and Cuccinelli.

We have sale pictures from the Hudson Yard's Neiman Marcus over this way. Most bags are about 40% off once you account for the extra discount. In the bag section online is a Valentino V-ring reduced to $2036 From $3400. (Nordstrom had this bag reduced down to $1360 but it's sold out online.) This Tom Ford shoulder bag is $1170 from $1990 and this Balenciaga xs camera bag  is $670 from $950.

Most shoe options come range from 45% to 60% off. Balenciaga denim botties are $540 from $1350, Givenchy slingbacks are $360 from $900, and Manolo leopard pumps are $470 from $800. Here are some pictures from the store.

This promotion is scheduled to run through Monday but these sale schedules are continually changing. The next big push will be a real second cut of designer clothing to 60% off, plus an extra 25%. We'll be sure to keep you posted. For now, you can see what's left at the store via our pictures.

Contact: Warren 929-458-1439

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Inside: Nordstrom's Second Markdown (Pics)

Nordstrom started its second round of markdowns this morning. A great assortment of merchandise is now reduced up to 60% off. The selection online and at the store is very similar but you'll do much better online if you're shopping for bags.

The bag selection at the store is limited to only one small table. Online you can still snag this Valentino Vring bag for $1360 from $4300. It's available in white too. This Givenchy pouch is $444 from $1110. You can see pictures from inside the store over this way.

The shoe selection is much better at the store and online. There are lots of Manolo Blahnik options. Here are blue velvet Hangisis for $409 from $1025 and tweed Mary Jane's for $310 from $775. This Gianvitto Rossi heel with an elastic strap is a great shoe and for under $300 from $745. At the store, you'll also find an assortment of Prada shoes discounted 60% off and several great classic Dior options at 40% off. Click to see pics.

The designer clothing options at 60% off aren't stellar. The designer selection is better online. An Undercover x Valentino sweater is $470 from $1185, an Acne pleated skirt is $227 from $570, and a Versace silk dress is $562 from $1125. Here are a few pictures from the store.

Nordstrom usually has one more markdown after Christmas. We don't believe there will be much great merchandise at the store at that time. We are just hoping those Dior shoes go down to 60% off.

Contact: Matthew +1 (914) 320-3672

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Is NOW

Markdown season has turned our attention away from most sample sales but the Christian Louboutin sample sale raising so many questions that it's too hard to ignore. Before you get too excited, you must remember that this sale is by "invitation only." (That's despite the fact that CL employees have been goating our Instagram DMs. I think they miss the attention.)


The sale officially kicked off to the most "important fashion insiders" on Monday. That's mainly Instagram stars and magazine editors. The sale extends through the rest of the week as the invited guest list expands to allow the general press and "friends and family."

During past seasons, prices start at $200 but most styles are in the $300-range. The most expensive style of shoes are $750. A majority of the heels and studded variety pumps are priced between $250 and $400. For example, Pigalle black studded heels were $300 from about $1100. Last season, there were options for men's sneakers and shoes too. **You can see pictures from inside the sale here. **

Remember, it's no longer 2008 and Christian Louboutin no longer dominates the shoe section. Prices at the sample sale have scaled back over recent years but there is still a buying limit. Last season customers were allowed to buy up to 12 pairs of shoes. Men were reported to buy more than most women. We would suspect that most of these shoes are resold on Poshmark or the like.

The appointment system makes it so that the wait isn't very long. To RSVP you will need to have a validated email address, which will be used as an access code. The good news is that each invitee can have TWO guests but they must be registered under the host's account. If you do attend, be sure to pack a credit card with a high spending limit.

Louboutin fans who don't have an invite can wait for the department store markdowns, which should be in about two weeks. Fear not, we found some other-- less obvious-- options to shop for red bottoms online right now. Use the above scroll to see what we found.

Before heading out, you can browse the Christian Louboutin in-store sale section in this post. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates and (fingers crossed) pictures from inside the sale.

Christian Louboutin Invite Only Sample Sale
Monday, Dec 9 through Friday, Dec 13
11am to 6pm
342 West 37th Street

Monday, December 9, 2019

Second Markdown Alert: Net A Porter

Net-A-Porter  started its second markdown early Monday morning.  Prices are reduced up to 70% off and some popular style bags and fashion are still in stock.

Among the bag selection, you can expect to find most styles discounted 40% to 50% off. Some items we've been watching include this Valentino canvas style that's highly underrated. It's now $837 from $1400.  We also think this Valentino VSling bag is highly underrated. It hasn't gone on sale anywhere in the US market but it's reduced to $1545 from $2557.  This round logo style hit 50% off.

Other options include this Loewe hammock that's still $1855 from $2650,  a Balenciaga graffiti bazar bag is $1354 from $1935 and a Tom Ford velvet bucket bag is $945 from $1890.

It's time we move on to shoes. This has been a very popular season for shoe shopping. Most of the best styles only have one size remaining. It's best to sort by your size. Naturally, start with Golden Goose. They are already 30% to 50% off. This pair is $230 from $460. These Bottega Veneta slingbacks are from last year but are still gorgeous and priced right at 40% off.

As far as gifts go, nobody has ever turned up their nose at Missoni. Here is a scarf that's reduced to $tk from $205. We love this Isabel Morant sweater and these Petar Petrov wide-leg leather pants. Well, maybe the former is more a "gift for myself" idea.

This markdown is our favorite of the season. It usually offers great prices with very good assortment. Better get scrolling now before all the good stuff gets snatched up. The next price cut usually comes after Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

ShopBop Discounts Exceed 75% Off

Shopbop is offering a deal that might be hard to refuse. Right now, sale merchandise is already discounted 70% off but for three days you can save an extra 25%. Use the code JOY19 at checkout to engage the additional savings.

I'm actually very surprised about how many great items I found. This Off-White puffer comes to just $560 from $1500 after the extra discount. Here is another color option if that one is sold out in your size. I've been stalking this leopard blazer from Nili Lotan and now it's quite reasonable at $262 from $700. How about this Giuseppe di Morabito sequined blazer for $316 from $825. Check out these Isabel Morant shearling-lined boots that are  $660 from 1475.

There are also some less expensive gift options. This Acne winter hat is adorable for about $70 from $160 and a Jocelyn feather bolero is $165 from $300. Here it is in black but only a size small remains.  These Off-White earrings are $182 from $350, Y-3 sneakers are $180 from $300 and a Lele Sadoughi headband is $67 from $150.

As far as sales go, ShopBop's selection seems to be pretty on point. There is a large assortment of price points and even sizes that are still available. Seems like a good opportunity to pick up a cute gift for yourself, or even someone else!

Saks Fifth Avenue 2nd Markdown + 15%

'Tis the season of markdowns and shopping. Saks Fifth Avenue will start its second markdown on Monday morning. Prices will be reduced up to 60% off.

On top of the new markdowns, Saks is offering an additional 15% off some items (or 10% off beauty and fragrance). You can use the code SAKSDAY to engage the additional savings. The promotion is only valid for online purchases.

Saks reductions haven't been as aggressive as some other retailers, which means there is still a lot of assortment from which to shop. Some items we've been watching include this Givenchy quilted GV3 that's currently about $1800 from $2590, a Chloe Annie that's currently reduced to about $1400,  and a Mini Eden from Givenchy is now $945. You can see pictures from inside the store over here.

Among the shoes, you will find plenty of Manolo styles still in stock. We have our eyes on these lace Hangisi. and here are flats. There are still several sizes left of these Fendi print loafers but this stacked heel Givenchy loafer is almost completely sold out. Grab it if your size remains. There is a larger selection at the store. Click here to see assorted pictures.

Saks sales sometimes go live in the evening before it's scheduled. We suggest you pile up that cart and edit while the luxury of time. We will continue to check back and keep tabs of updates.

Contact:  Jamie 347-850-5526

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

It's the weekend and it's time to get your scroll on. We've endured self-inflicted carpel tunnel syndrome to bring you the best items on sale and on-trend this weekend.

Some sites worth a swipe include TheOutnet, which just released a Louboutin drop. Most styles are from last year but a discount of 50% off. It's a perfect excuse to add some red bottoms to under the tree. We are head-over-heels for this unique 'Black Bag Boot' that's $428 from $854 and this more wearable loafer that's $374 from nearly $750.

If you're still on the hunt for a Moncler jacket we found a few good options. Here is a new season silver puffer that's $957 from $1735 US retail. This more basic black Chena Grenoble style is $755 from US retail of  $1445. The Grenoble Lemoura is $800 from US retail of $1530. Here it is on the Moncler site right now at full price. Here is a boy's jacket for $316 from US retail of $815 (more sizes) and a girl's long black and white style is $491 from $870.

We've become a little obsessed with Gucci tights this week. The fishnets are only $100 but can revamp an entire look without much investment. We also found them for $85 right here but the $12 shopping negates the savings unless you're reaching the $200 free shipping threshold.

Below are some standout items for this week. Continue to keep your eyes on this space. We'll be sure to add new finds as we scroll through. Also, feel free to send over any hot tips.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gift Guide: What to Buy the Guys

Figuring out what gifts to give the men in our lives can be stressful. We expect the world from our husbands-boyfriends-significant others and need to deliver.

This is just one idea but we searched Madison Avenue and the cyber universe for the best gifts for all types of guys. Below are a few more of our favorites:

Get ahead of the curve and secure your man a seat at the cool kid's table with a hoodie or tee from Mastermind. This Mastermind puffer ($1740) is considered "dope" but this logo puffer ($6800) is "next level."

Off-White Hoodie ($352 from $585): Maybe Mastermind is pushing the envelope and an Off-White hoodie is a good beginning for your hype starter kit.

Brunello Cucinelli Sweater ($634 from $1295): Let the kids play in their streetwear. Real men wear Cucinelli.

Gucci Double G Belt ($460): A fashion belt is the hottest item of the season and the matte version is a little bit less flashy if that's even possible.

Moncler winter hat ($250): Assuming he had a Moncler hat last winter and lost it. He probably feels bad buying a replacement. Give him what you know he already likes.

Moose Knuckles puffer ($1150): He's already had three Moncler jackets and asked for something different. (Stone Island is another great alternative with a little bit of street cred.)

Bose Sunglass frames ($199): We would all love to tune out the world. This is one way he can make sure the kids aren't setting the house on fire while still listening to his own jams.

AirPod Pros ($250): Get them now because you don't want to have to deal with finding them when they sell out.

Rimowa Carry-on ($700): He doesn't fly coach and pays for his biz class seat when points don't make sense.

Montegrapa pen ($180 from $395): In essence, he is the one who signs the credit card bills (or will in the future).

Bergdorf Goodman 2nd Markdown (Inside Pics)

Bergdorf Goodman started its second markdown today. Shoes, handbags, and clothing are up to 60% off. You will also see some newcomers in the markdown area, including Dior and Cuccinelli.

Usually, shoes and bags aren't reduced as much as the top discount but this season Bergdorf is all in. You'll find a significant assortment reduced to a fraction of the retail price and it's only the beginning of December! We suggest go to Bergdorf right now and purchase whatever you like before word gets out. We snapped a few sale pictures from inside the store right here.

The handbag selection is much better at the store, as you can see in our pictures. Online, there is a very small assortment of  Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent. There is no Valentino left on the website but there is a lot at the store.

You should also take this opportunity to start shopping from Dior. We have a few images of the sale selection right here. The discount is 30% off. Dior clothing and shoes aren't sold online so you will need to contact a sales associate.

Outside of the Dior shoe selection, there is still an enormous variety but not many sizes. Most of the shoes on the site are limited to one or two sizes. Again, you will do much better at the store. Click for pics. These Hangisi heels are still over $600  from $1025 but these two-tone Manolos come to just $266 from $665. These Givenchy loafers with a stacked heel are worth a second look at $380 from $950.

This latest markdown is all we are going to see until Christmas Day. The big promotions will begin again after Santa arrives back in the North Pole.