Friday, May 16, 2008

Barney's Manolo Sale 35% off 5/20

The Manolo Blanik one day sale is almost here. The day is Tuesday May 20th. Manolos will be 35% off. There are some Pradas and Mui Mui's included in the sale, as well.

We have pictures! Here is a photo album of all the shoes included in the one day sale. Lots of eye candy, oh, in this case-- foot candy! As you know, Manolos don't usually go on sale, especially some of the basic styles.

Hope this helps someone!


Anonymous said...

is it me or were some of the shoes in the pic album not on sale? i thought they had to have a red dot on the price tag, and i know for sure some of the ones listed did not.

Lila Delilah said...

I am sorry if everything in the post was not accurate. As you can see it's exactly what was sent from Barney's. If there's anything you know is wrong please let me know so that we can make corrections.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know when the next Manolo sample sale happens? I missed the one that just happened in November.

I see some good deals for this season's Manolo sample sale shoes on this marketplace

Couldn't find my size but hopefully might fit some of you.

Please post here if you know of the next sale!