Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bottega Veneta 30% to 50% off

Nothing gets my water boiling as much as a lying sales associate. (Well there are lots of other things but let's not start with them now.) A person who works on the sales floor is there to sell merchandise not send customers away.

Megumi from Bottega Veneta, on Fifth Avenue, didn't get the memo or a copy of her job description. As reported yesterday she meekly told me that there was no sale and didn't know if there was even going to be one. Knowing that wasn't the truth I put in a call. I spoke to Luc (212-371-5511) and my hunch was right. The official sale starts Thursday but they will do presale right now.

Here's the low down: Many styles of bags are 30% off and duffels are even 50% off. The Sloane is 30% off or $1380 reduced to $969. The Ball Bag is 30% off and is $1649 from $2350. (BTW it's only $1410 at Bergdorf’s.) Wallets are also 30% off. Ready-to-wear is mostly reduced 50%.


Anonymous said...

The Sloane is originally 2250 so even with 30% off it would be priced around 1575

Lila Delilah said...

Maybe it's a second markdown. It seemed cheap to me too. Doesn't sound right but that's the numbers I was quoted. I will need to give them another call and check back.