Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Missoni Spring/Summer '08 Sale 5/19

Lila Delilah: Hey Kat
Kiki-Delaney: Hi Lila
LD: I was in Missoni today and they said they starting their sale Monday.
KD: How much are they taking off?
LD: She said 30%
KD: Really!
LD: It's really not that much if you think about it. The $1,400 sweater you like is still going to cost $980, plus tax. Give it a few weeks and it will be 50% off.
KD: If I wait it might not be there.
LD: That exact sweater might not be there but if you don't get that one you'll find something else. If you are really dying for that ONE sweater call over now and ask them to put it on hold.
KD: Okay. Okay. We'll wait...


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