Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marni Pre-sale 30% Off

Getting from Park Avenue to SoHo in the middle of the week is-- for lack of a better term-- a bitch. My driver, Trance and I bicker the whole way down about whether it would be better to go West across the park or head South down the East side and head West across Houston. You get the point though. We don't head to SoHo very often.

However, there is the seldom sale that makes us pull out or downtown passports. A good Marni sale is one of those instances. Starting Friday, Nov. 14th Marni is pre-selling all Fall/Winter 2008 ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories. The 30% off sale officially begins the following Friday Nov. 21st.

Bottom line: love Marni, dread SoHo and prefer the current sales at Saks and Bergdorfs. Passports are staying put!


Anonymous said...

you are the best!

Anonymous said...

30% off is not enough to make me go below 14th street either!

Anonymous said...

Just heard from a friend that Fendi is having a pre-sale. Not sure what're the discount. So, please check!


Anonymous said...

For those of us looking to stay uptown, I was in Missoni Tuesday and they have a sale going on, I saw a few things around 50% off. Barneys is also having a private sale but it didn't look worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SOHO and I also LOVE parts of Madison (even though it's a bit to homogeneous uptown - I mean really, must you all carry a Goyard bag? Do you get deported if you don't).

Lila Delilah said...

Pu-leaze Goyard is soooooooooo 2005!
Next you’re going to be asking about Tory Burch Flats. (Again, 2005).

We’ve all moved on to LV totes and Vivier flats. You must not live up here because you didn’t get the memo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lila,

Doesn't matter if it's Goyard or LV.

You proved my point when you wrote "We’ve ALL moved on to LV totes"

"ALL" = homogeneous.