Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calypso 95% Off

We know you're sitting in your office, at a desk or in your cube thinking about your plans for  this evening. Trying not to watch the clock can be a struggle. I'm sorry that I can not get you out of where ever you don't want to be any faster but I can give you an activity.

Head to  Calypso and check the sale section. Items on the site are already reduced 50% to 90% off but if you buy any two items you receive an additional 50% off your total purchase for a savings up to 90%. 

This Arianne Dress was $250 and was reduced to $29. Find another item you like and this dress will come out to just $15! If you're not into clothing there are also handbags, jewelry and baby clothing included in the sale. 

The site is slow but there are lots of pretty colors for over which to contemplate. This should definitely use at least 30 min of your day. No need to thank me.

Happy New Years!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Anik $59 Cashmere Sweaters

Anik New York has been a fixture of 3rd Avenue and 77th Street for more than 20 years. The style is always simple but timely. The store carries all the staples of a Third Avenue boutique: lots of Theory, premium denim and beaded tanks. The real treasure here is the cashmere, which is privately labeled under the store's brand called Malika.

At full price, most of their cashmere sweaters are a good value at $200 to $400. When their 50% off and 70% off sale takes place it's hard to not overload. Well sale time is upon us and in these economic times people are even doubting $100 cashmere.

This weekend, the Madison Avenue location (at 83rd street) has bins of cashmere sweaters priced at $59! The colors and sizes are limited--camel, gray, navy and chocolate brown in extra small, small and large-- but what more do you really expect? 

In other bins shoppers can find premium long sleeved tees and thermals priced at $29 and pastel rayon/nylon blend fitted sweaters for just $19. Most everything else in the store from Fall/Winter is 50% off but the discounts always go to 70% off as the season progresses. 

Tip: Try and pop over on a weekend because additional discounts are often offered as part of a two-day promotion.

Photo Credit: FashionJunkie.com

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Round-Up

This year, the sales came fast and furious, but that doesn't mean that all the merchandise is gone. Some stores reduced prices further after Christmas while others are holding out. Whatever inventory is left through February will be reduced at least 70% off. For now, here's the status of your favorite stores.

Bottega Veneta: Ready-to-wear is now 50% off, woven bags are 30% off and non-wovens are 50% off. Our trusted futurist, Faith Popcorn believes that Veneta will be able to withstand the economic downturn because of its understated designer status. I hardly know a person who doesn't have at least two woven bags (present company included) and they are quickly getting boring. This consumerist is in need of something new and exciting.
Tatiana 212-371-5511

Chloe: Before the holidays I took a quick spin and there were only two very bare racks of clothing. In early December, prices were slashed to 70% off. Their aggressive sales seemed to have paid off. If you want Chloe you might have to fish online venues, like Net-A-Porter.
Gisella 212-717-8220

Christian Louboutin: The discount is 40% off and we were assured prices will not go down any lower. Looking for better Loubie deals? Make nice with a department store sales person and have them give you a call when a return in your size comes in.
Erich 212-396-1884

Dolce & Gabbana: We are still kind of bummed that the Friends and Family sale was only 60% off. At least the insider discount is now public. Not that the collection had many standouts, but it's going to take more than 60% off in January to lure shoppers.
Cono 212-249-4100

Dunhil: As the only apparel outlet owned by the Richemont Group (Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai and Montblanc), you can expect that these guys really know what men want. Nice watch, great cufflinks, amazing suit! Now you guys can get the fine tailoring you want at 60% off. Dunhill always has an end of season sale but this is on the early side. Maybe, wait it out and prices continue to slip.
Alexander 212-753-9292

Ermenegildo Zegna: Listen-up boys, especially if you're over six feet and under 200 pounds. Zegna's sale is 70% off. Lots of suits left. For those men who don't take hints easily: GO! Go now!
James 212-421-4488

Gucci: The sale is 50% to 60% off, but when was the last time Gucci had a really great collection?
Maura 212-717-2619

Jil Sander: As predicted, Jil Sander ready-to-wear is down to 60% off from 40% off, in November. They did have a great collection and I wouldn't be surprised if not much is left.
Jossiline 212-838-6100

Jimmy Choo: Fall/Winter shoes are up to 65% off. The store even dropped their prices on classic shoes to 30% to 50% off.
Zita 212-759-7078

Michael Kors: Our favorite reality star/fashion designer dropped prices 70% off on clothing and 50% on handbags. In my head, I can hear Michael preaching, "70% off is in the new black."
Caroline 212-452-4685

Prada: Ready-to-wear and bags are down to 50% off. Nobody believes me but I think prices will fall to 70% off like they did in 2004. The SoHo flagship is usually where the US consolidation is done.
Christina 212-327-4200

Valentino: Fall/Winter ready-to-wear is down to 60% off. Accessories are 50% off.
Robert 212-772-6969

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saks Post-Christmas

Not much left from what I have been told. You can be sure, however, there will be a line to get into the store upon opening at 8:00am.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Off to St. Barths

I'm off to St. Barths with all my Madison Avenue friends. I will be sure to pass on the post-Christmas booty as the phone calls from sales associates come in.

Happy Holidays!
Au Revoir for now.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oscar de la Renta 70% Off

Few fashion houses are as dreamy as Oscar de la Renta. The New York Times Critical Shopper, Cintra Wilson, recently described the old guard of luxury designers as being "worn exclusively by women so morbidly wealthy that they can wear white satin on the soles of their shoes since their daily walk involves only the floor mats of bulletproof limousines, Hereke silk carpets and the soft, clean heads of the middle class."

This may be true, but a spin through the store is almost like a garment museum. Walking through I hear my mother's voice in my head scolding me for touching everything as a child. But it's so hard to control yourself. The fabrics sometimes feel like they are spun from Rapunzel's golden hair.

This week, however, Oscar made his store a bit more approachable by marking down the Fall/Winter collection to 70% off. The sale also includes the online store. Gowns that were $10,000 are now around $3,000, which is a lot of lettuce out of any one's pocket but a far cry from ten-grand. Remember the dress is hand painted and embroidered!

Century 21 Friends and Family

This one will take you to Christmas:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barney's 3rd Markdown

Barney's announced another markdown today where they reduced merchandise up to 75% off. The sale runs from today until Sunday, Dec. 21st. The sale is also running online but Barneys is famous for their--how do we nicely say this--imperfectly developed inventory system. So don't be surprised if order gets canceled hours or even days later. To be safe you might just want to call the store.

From what I hear there's still lots to choose from. I imagine that Barneys will be pretty cleaned out by Sunday. So get there fast and bring cash because the good stuff isn't going to stick around for long when it's being sold at such a steep discount.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saks Jewelry Sale

We received breaking news this evening:

Saks is running a jewelry sale that has "NEVEEEEER been done before," according to our jewelry spy. The Fifth Avenue department store, along with the Boca and LA outposts are offering 20% off David Yurman (including couture), Faraone Mennella, Temple St. Clair, Roberto Coin, Gurhan, Ippolita, Marco Bicego (we're big fans) and Judith Ripka gold jewelry. Judith Ripka silver jewelry and John Hardy are being discounted 30% off.

This is old fodder, but opening a Saks account can get you an additional 10% off. We are told that there may be more surprises as the story evolves. The sale runs from Thursday, Dec 17 until Christmas Eve.

Oh yeah, Graff is 98% off. JUST KIDDING!
Remember, you heard it here first!

Contact: Raquel 212 940-2131

Century 21 Friends and Family

I wonder if there is anything good left at Century. From now until Sunday friends and family get an additional 25% off.

Donna Karan

Popped into the Donna Karan store only to be pleasantly surprised by the aggressive discount. Bags are 60% off but the styles have little to be desired unless you're into strapping a cinder block to your shoulder. Ready-to-wear is discounted 60% and 75% off.

Although I am probably at least decade younger than their target audience I was appreciative of the versatility of their dresses. Perfect for almost all body shapes and most situations a closet needs at least one Donna Karan dress. The prices hover around $1200 normally and picking up one of these timeless staples for $300 is a valuable find.

Contact: Genie 212-861-1001

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Idea: Paige Gamble Atelier

The wonderful thing about Madison is the glittery stores that line the Avenue and the secret hidden gems that are tucked away just above. Paige Gamble Atelier is just one of these jewels. The small but chic handbag showroom/boutique is hidden above the Pucci store on 64th (just steps West of Madison).

These are just not any bags. Paige Gamble Atelier bags are all one-of-a-kind and limited edition clutches and purses made from exquisite exotic skins and adorned with semi-precious gemstones. The marriage of exotic skins, like alligator, crocodile, stingray and python with the extra glamour of stones like jade, pyrite and quartz provides for an offspring that rivals that of Angelina and Brad.

Paige Gamble herself is a Connecticut native who bagged her Wall Street career when she was inspired by a turquoise covered Yves Saint Laurent purse. She says that she fell in love with this jewel adorned bag at first sight. To only find it was sold out everywhere. She scoured eBay and all other likely outlets until she found her dream bag. That is until, it started unraveling. "I was disappointed by the quality and lack of craftsmanship," she explained from her showroom that's more like a grown-up fantasy version of dress-up.

Most of Paige Gamble's purses are made from a single hide, meaning you won't find any distracting seams down the center. She also warns shoppers on how to spot a high quality skin from a lower quality hide. "The skin should never be rough to the touch or flake," she says. A bag that is made out of high quality skins should last years, if not generations.

Unlike most companies specializing in exotics, Paige Gamble is able to keep her bags young and just-- not serious. This is not the Judith Leiber crowd. Rather, think Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Prices range from $950 to $14,000. For those not interested in taking a four-digit plunge, Paige also offers dramatic headbands ranging in price from $90 to $500.

I don't know about you but Paige's design spin makes me quickly forget about the old and cliché Blurkin. For more information go to paigegamble.com/

Monday, December 15, 2008

YSL 2nd Markdown

When Gucci goes down you always know YSL is going down too. In price, I mean. Most ready-to-wear is 60% off and most bags and shoes are 50% off and more.

The sale is also online but the in-store discount and selection is much more abundant. I suggest waiting two more weeks and the items you love and the the items you're-not-so-sure-about will be less expensive.

Contact: Charles 212-988-3821

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana Friends and Family

One of our all time favorite sales of the year was the Spring Dolce and Gabbana friends and family. The sale was invitation only-- a hard copy was necessary-- and the ENTIRE Spring/Summer collection was 70% off.

Today, 70% off might not sound so novel but in the Wall Street boom economy 70% off was considered a major score. That's why we were super excited to receive an invite to the upcoming Fall/Winter friends and family. Once we got the actual invite, however, it was a bit of a letdown. 

This season's sale is just 60% off! Can you believe that? The store is already on 50% off. I guess us friends aren't worth as much as we were six months ago. Well, the invite is here. The private sale runs from Thursday, Dec. 18th to Saturday, Dec 20th. Enjoy the extra 10%.

We happened to do a one-around the store on Friday and there is still a huge amount of inventory. Just don't be surprised if they reduce prices to 70% off right before or right after Christmas.

Contact: Cono 212-249-4100

Scoop More Discounts?

Last week, Scoop touted it's 60% off price reduction. This week, they are advising of an additional 50% off. I don't know if the final reduction is now 80% with the combined discounts or some other combination of fuzzy math.

You check it out. I'll check it out. Then we will swap sale stories.

ABC Carpet Friends and Family

ABC Carpet is one of those stores that makes you want just about everything in the store. It has a certain magical aura almost like a giant candy store of of home decor. Just don't be surprised if your wallet gets a stomach ach from too much once you get home.

Besides for ABC's renouned prices they are also known for their bi-annual sales. Insanely extravagant items are dramatically reduced twice a year. If you miss those sales you're usually out of luck. However, we have a private friends and family discount that allows for an extra 20% off all week long.

Buy new bedding or deck the hall with boughs of holly. Just don't forget to invite us over for your next blow-out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marc Jacobs Mercer Street 90% Off

Seems as if all the Marc Jacobs sales have caused some confusion. The BIG sale is actually at the Mercer street location in the village. The discount is 90% off and the line to get in is as bad as you would expect.

Read this before heading out:

i was outside mercer at 11am. the line is massive, it's all the way down mercer, and around the block, wrapping around the mercer hotel. it's moving 10 feet every 15 minutes and there are just so many people waiting, it must be at least 1 1/2 hours' wait for people who got to the line at 11am prompt. people were leaving the sale with lots of huge, stuffed shopping bags though!

Those who braved the cold were able to score some incredible deals. One woman picked up two bowler style bags, which were $150 each from $1295. Seems like someone who is a bit entrepreneurial and warm blooded could make a killing just waiting in line for shoppers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chloe 2nd Markdown

Chloe just announced an additional markdown. Fall/Winter 2008 merchandise was 50% off and is now 70% off. Paraty bags (what are those anways), frangrances and sunglasses are excluded from the sale but there's still lots to choose from.

Christian 212-717-8220

Gucci 2nd Markdown

The Gucci discount still isn't as good as the Saks sale but we're getting close. And think, it's not even Christmas!

Most ready-to-wear, shoes and bags from the Fall/Winter collection are now about 60% off. These 'babouska' boots were a hot ticket in the department stores and are now $559 redcued from $1390.

Shop the sale online or contact Maura 212-717-2619

Marc Jacobs Sale Continues

SoHo is a-buzz because Marc Jacobs store is consolidating all it's Fall/Winter merchandise and blowing it out. Starting (officially) Saturday, Dec 12, bags will be added to the 70% off sale. Some pre-sales were done Thursday but the phone-in orders became too overwhelming considering the inventory hadn't even arrived. The shipment should, however, be in today.

This Blake usually runs for about $1000 and is now $300.

There are many colors and styles on their way. If you're a MJ fan you might want to start lining up outside with a pot of coffee right about ... now.

Contact: Gabby 212 343-1490
163 Mercer Street

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale

Okay, enough email arm twisting. But before you run and wait on line in freezing temperatures, Scoop has Choos and boots for 60% to 75% off.

From the promotional email:
75 % off retail
shoes, boots, bags, and small leather goods
** Damaged bags – start at $175.00
**Damaged shoes – start at $150.00

Yeah because everyone needs to spend money on garbage.

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale
Wednesday, Dec. 17th
1PM to 7PM
236 West 27 street, 14th floor,
Between 7th and 8th Avenues (across the street from FIT)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

National Jean Company 40% Off

The only thing harder than shopping for a bathing suit is shopping for jeans. At least a bathing suit only takes you to the beach or pool area. Jeans need to be worn during the day, a casual night out, with heels, with flats, when it's raining and cold, when it's hot and sunny. You get the picture. They are a staple of our every day life.

So when it comes to picking up a pair there is a reason for distress. Does my butt look flat? Are they too light? Am I spilling out over the top like an over cooked muffin? When i bend down does an audiance get a full moon or just a slither? (Both unacceptable.)

The dread of denim.

Then there's the multitude of brands to choose from: Citizens, Sevens, Rag and Bone, J Brand, Paige, Raven, True Religion, Joes. I personally can't keep up with it all and nor do I want to. For this reason, I look for the store with the most informed sales associates. Yes, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Saks and Bergdorfs all have enough jean stock to pave an interstate highway. But all these department stores are lacking experianced and knowledgeable sales help.

National Jean Company has become my one stop go-to store for all things denim. You tell their sales help exatly what you want-- dark wash, high rise with a slight boot-cut-- and they pull a few suggstions in your size. You try them on and I promise you're out within 20 minutes.

Besides saving you time and anguish National Jean Company is offering customers 40% off eveything in the store from Friday, Dec. 12 to Sunday, Dec 14. That deffinitly comes in handy since the prices of premium jeans are up over 100% in the past four years. That too is about to change!

Click here for store locations.

Jimmy Choo 2nd Markdown

As predicted, the Jimmy Choo 30% off sale has turned into a Jimmy Choo 50% off. What wasn't anticipated is that some classic style shoes and boots are included in the sale. "Even the Rose boots are included in the sale," an informant let us know. 

I personally don't know what the Rose boots are but sounds like a big deal to Jimmy Choo fans. The sale is also running online for those of you who can't get to Madison Avenue.

Contact Zita 212-759-7078

Century 21 Coupon

I don't like to post coupons but I haven't been able to find this promotion anyplace else on the internet. Print out the image below for 25% off anything at Century 21. The additional discount runs from Thursday, Dec. 11 to Sunday, Dec. 14 at all locations.

Bergdorfs: Ignore the Signs

I received many mixed responses to the Bergodorf sale, posted earlier this week. I decided I needed to check it out myself even if it did mean burning an bigger hole in my pocket.

I am so glad I did. Shoes are bags are marked down a straight 40%. That's not really a big discount considering our economic climate. However, if you head to the designer clothing floors you will be happily surprised.

Everywhere you look signs read: Up to 50% off. You need to disregard the signs and read the tags. On the second floor (Dolce, Dior, Gucci, Fendi etc.) I was able to find a variety of clothing marked down more than 70%. For example, a Dolce and Gabbana sweater was originally marked $999 and is now $250. A Gucci blouse was marked $850 to start and is now about $200. My favorite, is a Balenciaga skirt that was $1,275 to start and is now $379. The coordinating shoes can be found in the shoe department but they still need another discount to make the straight-out-of-a-catalogue look worth while.

So remember, when you head to Bergdorfs this week: Look at the tags and ignore the signs.

And the deal gets even sweeter:

Contact: Becca 212-872-8986

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thomas Pink 50% Off and More

Honorary Mad-Spy, Freddy (or HMSF), reports that Thomas Pink is having a blow out sale. Follow up calls reveal that the LVMH-owned company is hosting a 50% off sale. Almost everything in the store is marked down at least half-off.

The best deal, according to our trusty informant, are the cashmere sweaters that were $300 and are now just $115. So boys, stock up on those shirts (and sweaters) and remember that too much starch breaks down the fabric.

Monday, December 8, 2008

DVF Sample Sale

Miss Audrey, an insider at von Furstenberg, sent the below information about a company sample sale. She says, "It may be interesting." In my expereince, the only thing interesting about a DVF sample sale is getting in a day early and getting 90% off retail.

This sale is for up to 75% off and runs from Tuesday, Dec. 9th until Saturday, Dec. 13th. A Racked.com tipster wrote that samples are $40, cocktail dresses are $100 to $150, sweaters are $70, and coats are $280. Even DVF, herself, was onsite for a moment to peruse the racks. If you see Barry please, let him know I would like an office facing West.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Barneys 2nd Markdown

Barneys started their second markdown today. Most sale merchandise is now 60% off. There is still a wide assortment of Fall/Winter shoes, bags and ready-to-wear. Another markdown may come but most of the stuff you want will be gone by then.

Oh, if you're not into the Christmas shopping crowds, the sencond markdown will be reflected online starting tomorrow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bergdorf Getting Competitive

I just got this email about Bergdorf starting to reduce prices to 70% off. Get there before lines start to form around the velvet ropes, à la Saks.

We started marking some designer clothes to 70% off. It's not official yet, but if it has the sticker price you can purchase it at the discount.

While we're on the topic of Bergdorf Goodman, I'll cut you on a little secret. The men' store across the street has the most amazing cafe. There are hardly ever lines and the male eye candy is delicious.

Big Drop Sale

I got a sale announcement from Big Drop announcing their "Fall/Winter Blowout Sale." I can't tell if it's a breeze-out sale or a real "blow out" so I will leave that distinction to you.

Prices have been reduced 20% on all regularly-priced merchandise and an additional 30% off on all sale items. So men's and women's apparel and accessories are all 20% to 70% off.

Some price examples are as follows: 3.1 Phillip Lim now $160 (reg. $525), an oversized blazer by McQ, now $209 (reg. $646), a lace and silk blouse by Rebecca Taylor now $89 (reg. $230), and skinny jeans by Anlo now $69 (reg. $207).  I can really use some $69 jeans!

 The sale runs from today until Sunday. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chuckies 50% Off

The buyer at Chuckies New York is always spot on with their selection. They have a knack for picking standouts for the season. it's the store's prices that usually keep shoppers admiring from outside the window.

Well the weather outside is about to get frightful and you might want to consider ducking into Chuckies. The store is currently discounting shoes, boots and handbags 50% off. This amount of discount is usually reserved for after New Years but hard economic times are affecting everyone.

Luca Luca Update

We got an update about the Luca Luca sample sale from their corporate office. The prices are below and details of the site can be found by clicking here. The best bargains come from their runway sample items, which are just $100. Imagine New Years in a Luca Luca runway sample that cost you just $100!

Cruise & Spring/Summer 08 Collections:
Knit Dresses: $120
Day Dresses: $250-$350
Cocktail Dresses: $350-600
Evening Gowns: $650

Pre-Fall & Fall/Winter 08 Collections (Currently in Stores):
Cashmere Dresses: orig. $1,250, now $450
Jersey Dresses: orig. $1,400, now $500
Day Dresses: orig. $1,400-1,800, now $590
Cocktail Dresses: orig. $2,200, now $750
Beaded Cocktail Dresses: orig. $2,950, now $950
Evening Gowns: orig. $3,700-5,500, now $1,500

We also have a bargain rack with runway samples and items from previous seasons selling for $100.

Scoop Slashes Prices

Scoop is finally getting the message that retail industry isn't doing well. I wonder if someone took a blow horn to Stefani Greenfield's ear.  I guess what actually made the Scoop co-founder open her eyes is inconsequential because the store has finally reduced prices to 60% off.

These prices might make Scoop a bit more attractive to frugal shoppers but it's going to take a bit more to lure back their core business-- the newly penny-pinching parent's of over-indulged teens.

Nordstrom Update and Clarification

There seems to be a bit of confusion involving the Nordstorm sale. I followed and it seems as if you have to be a level three card member (spend over $10,000 annually on your Nordstrom card) to receive the additional discount.

Shoppers in Scottsdale, AZ and Portland, OR report back about getting huge discounts, even on Chanel bags. I will continue to follow up on this unfolding story and I apologise in advance for any confusion. 

Here are some discount examples sent to me by witnessed other Mad-Spies:

Chanel is 40% off
Marc Jacobs 40% + 30%
Gucci bags 40% + 30% off
Fendi 40% + 30%

Don't worry. We'll get to the bottom of this!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giuseppe Zanotti 50% Off

Lucky that Paige Turner and George-- a sales associate at the Madison Avenue Giuseppe boutique-- are like this. We have breaking information that Fall/ Winter shoes are now 50% off original prices.

These mirror embellished ankle boots were $995 but are now less than $500. Imagine walking a mile in these shoes!

Contact: George 212-650-0455

Baccarat Below Wholesale

Baccarat is hosting a recession friendly holiday sample sale at their New Jersey warehouse, in Edison, NJ. The discount is up to 80% off selected stemware, barware, vases, decorative pieces, gift selections and jewelry. The sale runs from Thursday, Dec. 4th until Saturday, Dec. 6th.

Don't think about it Gigi, you already have one!
All sale are final.

Baccarat Sample Sale
Thursday, Dec. 4th until Saturday, Dec. 6th
Thursday hours 12pm to 5om
Friday and Saturday hours 9am to 5pm

36 Mayfield Avenue
Edison, NJ
Contact: 800.845.1928.

Nordstrom Matches Saks

Here we go again:

The selection may not be as high end as Saks but Nordstrom is matching Saks' pre-Thanksgiving sale buy giving shoppers an additional 50% off merchandise that has already been reduced 40% for a total savings of 70% off. The sale goes through 12/7.

You may not be able to score Louboutins but some stores carry high end brands, like Chloe, Proenza Schouler and Dolce and Gabbana. Locally you can try the Norstrom at Roosevelt Field (516-746-0011) but the best selection is found near company headquarters in Seattle (206-628-2111).

Dolce & Gabbana Reduces Prices Again

Newsflash: Dolce & Gabanna and D&G have reduced the prices of their Fall/Winter 2008 collection from 40% off to 50% off. If there's something you want, get it now. If not, hold off for upcoming friends and family. It's closer then you think!

Contact: Cono 212-249-4100

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sergio Rossi Sample Sale

Last week I heard news that Sergio Rossi is giving up their Madison Avenue location. I didn't think much of it because so many stores are looking to leave their pricey locations, but more on that another day. Then I got information earlier this week about a Sergio Rossi sample sale. Also didn't think much of it.

Then this afternoon I got the below email from a friend. It looks like Sergio Rossi may be going out of business.

re: Sergio Rossi Sample Sale

Metro pavilion 4th floor. All shoes 50/boots 100. Men + women.
Tons of shoes but most of the boots and all accessories gone.
Great sale. Big space + everything organized by size. They are constantly tidying up so it isn't a mess either.
I just left with more shoes than I know what to do with--- and there's no line now!!!!

It was freakin' unbelievable.
How they sold a boot marked $1050 for $100 and shoes marked $590 for $50 is amazing!!! Defies logic...
I want to go back....I can barely carry my bags now.


I must resist. I must resist. I don't know if i can!

Sergio Rossi
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd and Wednesday, Dec 3rd.
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 W 18th St between 6th and 7th Aves, 4th floor

Monday, December 1, 2008

Luca Luca Sample Sale

Luca Luca is hosting their second sample sale since September. This time around the sale is up to 75% off and includes Cruise ‘08, Spring/Summer ‘08, and Pre-Fall ‘08 (which is currently in stores) collections, as well as runway samples, handbags, and shoes.

The sample sale is in their showroom and runs from Wednesday, Dec 3rd until Sunday, Dec 7th. I imagine that if there's something in the store that caught your eye you can find it here for less. The boutique's discount is only up to 50% off and not much was discounted to the max.

As with many sales, the discounts tend to get better as the week wears on. The last two days of the prior sample sale had the steepest discount where pants were all $100 and skirts were BOGO half off. So if you have to, sit on your hands!

Luca Luca
Dec 3rd to Dec 7th
Thursday and Friday, 8:30am to 6:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am and 5pm
19 West 36th Street, 4th

Century 21 Vendor Day

What can be cooler than shopping at Century without the crowds? Getting an additional discount, of course. Tuesday, Dec 2nd marks the annual Century 21 Vendor Day where all of Century's business affiliates receive 40% off.

The sale runs all day but there are specific hours for each merchandise category. For instance, clothing can only be purchased with the vendor coupon after 6pm. To assure that customers don't go crazy there is a $1,600 spending limit and boy does that money fly especially when there's 40% off already fantastic prices.

A coupon is necessary. So be be innovative. I know you can. After all, you were able to talk your way past King at Spy in the 90s.