Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barney's 3rd Markdown

Barney's announced another markdown today where they reduced merchandise up to 75% off. The sale runs from today until Sunday, Dec. 21st. The sale is also running online but Barneys is famous for their--how do we nicely say this--imperfectly developed inventory system. So don't be surprised if order gets canceled hours or even days later. To be safe you might just want to call the store.

From what I hear there's still lots to choose from. I imagine that Barneys will be pretty cleaned out by Sunday. So get there fast and bring cash because the good stuff isn't going to stick around for long when it's being sold at such a steep discount.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I went last night. On the men's side--suits by Paul Smith, Band of Outsiders, for about $600, Thom Browne for $1100. Lots of blazers by different designers for between $300 and $400. Shirts and pants from about $60 to $150. And this is the floor with really expensive designers! The prices are actually competitive with the Co-op floor, which is only on 60%. The selection is so superior to Saks or Bergdorf. This is the best opportunity for designer bargains in New York City, bar none, hype about sample sales, Century 21, and the Barneys Warehouse sale (held after all the good stuff has been picked here) aside. By the way, they do take credit cards.

Anonymous said...

I had a terrible experience with the Barneys customer service department at the Madison location based on an online purchase. I bought a bunch of stuff including a Splendid brand cashmere sweater online on 12/8 and received the stuff around the 15th of December. I loved the sweater and wore it immediately this past week, but I realized when I got home that night that it had pilled way more than it should. I know that all sweaters eventually pill, but I wore it once only at work and it was excessively pilled.

I took it to the store to return it (note I had already worn it and taken off the tags, which I told the customer service rep), and the customer service "manager" refused to do anything about it. She wanted me to write a note on a piece of paper and she would send it to Barneys "online division" and they'd decide whether to take it back.

I was disturbed by this treatment. At most other high end department stores, I have found that they are eager to help if you are a good customer and are dissatisfied with a product. The sweater wasn't on super discount or anything (I think 40% off), and I had just received the sweater in the mail three days before so it is unrealistic that she would think I had worn it more than once or that I had "washed it" (as she surmised). I felt offended that she, as the manager, probably had the discretion to take it back but deferred to the online department and had the gall to suggest that I washed it. Who washes a cashmere sweater? And who has time to do that during the week in nyc?

Anyway sorry to write a rant but I just wanted to warn other users of the online site that if you have a problem with an item, the customer service dept at barneys is unlikely to help you. She basically told me she had no authority to do that, even though she was the "manager." Very disappointing and it makes me not want to shop at Barneys anymore.

Anonymous said...

She might not be lying. When you order something from Neimans online you can return it to the store but you have to take it to customer service, then they have to call that division for approval.

Regardless they should have taken it back.

Anonymous said...

This is the ranter here. Didn't know that about Neiman's - good to know. Separately, I want to reiterate that I am not saying Barneys doesn't take normal returns in the stores from online purchases. What I am talking about is simply a "quality control" issue on items - they don't deal too well with that. I will also say that she was polite throughout, as was I. It just seems insane to me that she doesn't have discretion/authority to do anything in this situation, according to her.

Happy shopping this weekend!

Anonymous said...

insanely swamped! after the saks madness i don't have the patience to deal with these sales.

ps not sure if this is allowed but i'm selling my chanel/ysl castoffs on ebay. delete if it's not!

Moya said...

These markdowns started over a week ago (before they were advertised). By last Saturday, little was left in women's Co-op floor. I dithered and missed out on the items I wanted. Everything that's left is either not so reduced or clearly not wanted.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the poor quality splendid sweater of the poster above-- I bought a splendid sweater from Bloomingdales this fall, wore it once on a humid day and the sweater weirdly stretched out within an hour of wear. I brought it back to Bloomie's and explained what happened and the cashier said, "I'm so not surprised" and took it back without question, whisking it away.