Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bergdorfs: Ignore the Signs

I received many mixed responses to the Bergodorf sale, posted earlier this week. I decided I needed to check it out myself even if it did mean burning an bigger hole in my pocket.

I am so glad I did. Shoes are bags are marked down a straight 40%. That's not really a big discount considering our economic climate. However, if you head to the designer clothing floors you will be happily surprised.

Everywhere you look signs read: Up to 50% off. You need to disregard the signs and read the tags. On the second floor (Dolce, Dior, Gucci, Fendi etc.) I was able to find a variety of clothing marked down more than 70%. For example, a Dolce and Gabbana sweater was originally marked $999 and is now $250. A Gucci blouse was marked $850 to start and is now about $200. My favorite, is a Balenciaga skirt that was $1,275 to start and is now $379. The coordinating shoes can be found in the shoe department but they still need another discount to make the straight-out-of-a-catalogue look worth while.

So remember, when you head to Bergdorfs this week: Look at the tags and ignore the signs.

And the deal gets even sweeter:

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Anonymous said...

Just my luck they have the gift card event after I spend over $1,000!

Anonymous said...

5th floor also has plenty of steals. Scored a nanette lepore dress for $100 from $450

Anonymous said...

do u need to print that card out to get the extra 10% in the store?

Anonymous said...

You don't need the card but it's not 10% off it's back in gift cards.

Anonymous said...

Linda Dresner is closing her Park Avenue store in the next couple weeks! She is not having a blow out sale but there is a discount and she usually has things Bergdorfs does not.

Anonymous said...

I went to customer service on 6th floor, they will back date your receipts to Dec 5th and count them towards the gift card. save your receipts and get them applied together. and only 1 gift card per purchaser.