Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calypso 95% Off

We know you're sitting in your office, at a desk or in your cube thinking about your plans for  this evening. Trying not to watch the clock can be a struggle. I'm sorry that I can not get you out of where ever you don't want to be any faster but I can give you an activity.

Head to  Calypso and check the sale section. Items on the site are already reduced 50% to 90% off but if you buy any two items you receive an additional 50% off your total purchase for a savings up to 90%. 

This Arianne Dress was $250 and was reduced to $29. Find another item you like and this dress will come out to just $15! If you're not into clothing there are also handbags, jewelry and baby clothing included in the sale. 

The site is slow but there are lots of pretty colors for over which to contemplate. This should definitely use at least 30 min of your day. No need to thank me.

Happy New Years!



Nicole said...

Great find! Of course the only dress that I really loved is still $350. Isn't that the way it goes.

Lila Delilah said...

Story of my life!

Anonymous said...

Pardon, the change of subject:
Any idea if the Marni store will have another markdown? It's 50% off which normally would be great but I just got a few Marni pieces from Saks for 76% off so I'm kinda spoiled. So, any idea?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Lizzy said...

I was really looking at the clock the other day..and thanks to you I ended up buying $600 worth for $30. Perfect way to end the year!