Monday, December 1, 2008

Century 21 Vendor Day

What can be cooler than shopping at Century without the crowds? Getting an additional discount, of course. Tuesday, Dec 2nd marks the annual Century 21 Vendor Day where all of Century's business affiliates receive 40% off.

The sale runs all day but there are specific hours for each merchandise category. For instance, clothing can only be purchased with the vendor coupon after 6pm. To assure that customers don't go crazy there is a $1,600 spending limit and boy does that money fly especially when there's 40% off already fantastic prices.

A coupon is necessary. So be be innovative. I know you can. After all, you were able to talk your way past King at Spy in the 90s.


Anonymous said...

Any hint on how to get the coupon?

Anonymous said...

As Per Century 21 Customer Support.

Tonight is our “Vendor Nite” Event, where Vendor who sell us product or services are allowed to shop at a specific discount for just this evening. If you are one of our vendors, please contact the buyer that you deal with and they can set this up. If not, I’m sorry, I can not assist with any additional discount from our already 40-70% off list prices.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be at C21 today and remembered this article and figured that the folks walking around with hors deurves (sp?) were getting 40% off the goods I had in my hand. So I got annoyed and walked out without purchasing anything.