Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is Gucci Going?

Recession and hard-economic-times have become an important part of our lexicon this season. And those possessing fractional jet ownership and Black Cards have been as hard hit as those living on First Avenue. This economic fallout has much more impact than clothing discounts.

Unfortunately, the end is not as near as some would hope. We recently received a book of available or soon-to-be available Madison Avenue retail properties. The list is staggeringly long. Last year at this time there were hardly 25 available spaces along Madison. Now the list seems endless.

We thought it might be interesting to publish excerpts of this confidential real estate log. After all, we are informants and we do specialize in Madison Avenue.

Most interesting, to us at least, is the fact that Michael Kors is moving into Gucci's space but nobody seems to have information about Gucci's relocation. 'Tis the season of cutting back. Maybe Fifth Avenue is proving to be all Manhattan needs of the double-Gs.

Click on the image below to get a peak into the future of our local topography.


Anonymous said...

As much as I prefer shopping at Gucci on Madison, it's so much quieter and less busy, half the time they do not have what I want and end up at the tourist destination that is the 5th ave store. This season they were not so smart to start their presale when they did. Bergdorfs was selling the same items with the same discount when Gucci started presaleing. Who wants to presale is you don't have to?

My dream would be to have a store like Jeffery's open in the old sharper image space. I'm not a fan of Jeffery's (well mainly him and the people working there) but they do have things other stores don't and often styles hit their floor before Bergdorfs.

Last time I was in Frette it was kind of sad, nothing new or modern. It's a great place to go for basics but how many sets of white and cream sheets do any of us need?

I'm a huge Kors fan so I'm excited that they are going to have a bigger store however I hope and pray it is not going to carry his lower priced lines too. I don't want to have to sift through the junk to get to the good stuff.

Does anyone still shop at Miyake? I think it would do better downtown, than on Madison.

jenniferz said...

It's incredible how many storefronts are empty on Madison, even as far south as the 50s. I've worked on Madison near 62nd for over two years and I am sure that a few of the empty spots near me have been that way for as long as I've been there. Very sad.

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