Monday, December 15, 2008

YSL 2nd Markdown

When Gucci goes down you always know YSL is going down too. In price, I mean. Most ready-to-wear is 60% off and most bags and shoes are 50% off and more.

The sale is also online but the in-store discount and selection is much more abundant. I suggest waiting two more weeks and the items you love and the the items you're-not-so-sure-about will be less expensive.

Contact: Charles 212-988-3821


Anonymous said...

Not seeing anything on sale online, guess I will have to force myself to go to the store.

Anonymous said...

Nothing I clicked on was on sale online. I will try again. Thanks for the info.

Question: Does anyone have an opinion on MCM bags? They're really marked down now but I've never seen anyone wearing one.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I know about MCM bags is they sell them at Bloomingdales and they used to be popular in the 80's I believe. Personally I think they have too many logos displayed promptly in your face. At least Gucci print is just a G, but MCM says it all over the bag.

Lila Delilah said...

To see the markdown you need to click on the actual bag image.