Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bottega Veneta Sample Sale

The Details:
Bottega Veneta
Until Saturday, Jan. 10, 10am to 6pm
697 Fifth Avenue
(54-55 Streets) 3 Floor
Women's & Men's Clothing and Accessories
Sample & stock sale. Bottega Veneta's fabulously sharp collections - women's and men's ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and other accessories. Credit cards only.

The Mad-Spy Report:
Just a few bags, which were very expensive. Exotic skin bags are just 10% off original prices. Leather bags are just $200 but there were none to be found by the afternoon.

The deals are found in the ready-to-wear department where tops and bottoms are $40, dresses are $80 and shoes are $50. Again, not a lot of inventory by mid-day but if you wear shoes size 38 and up, there are still some left. There's a spattering of things for men but those who wear larger sizes have more options.

Lila's Commentary:
The sale is scheduled to run through Saturday. It's only logical that the Veneta folks are smart enough not to host a sample sale with no inventory. I imagine that they are pulling out new merchandise daily. For the best picks it's probably best to hit the sale early because it looks like they aren't replenishing throughout the day.

Better yet, skip the lines and early morning rush and hit the Woodbury Commens outlet where bags are priced at least 30% off retail and the discount only gets better from there.


Anonymous said...

The purse is a bit too ubiquitous but Love, Love, Love the detail of their dresses!! True craftsmen. See you in the morning - Deme

Anonymous said...

Just got back. Don't bother. There are 5 gowns left with 16in. waist. 4 pair of pants with spots on them and a bunch of used shoes.

The guy said they had a ton of stuff yesterday. Must have been an insider sale yesterday that's why we weren't told before hand????

Anonymous said...

nothing at all don't bother.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Today was the last day seeing as they have only 3 stained pieces left.

Sales guy said there is NO SATURDAY sale

Anonymous said...

How could we have known about this prior to the sale? Was it posted somewhere? Would like to know for next year. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I didnt get a chance to go to this sale and Im bummed. Is it usually the same time every year?

By the way. Oscar de la Renta sale is on tomorrow at noon on Gilt Groupe. Not sure if its from this season, but might be worth checking out. Past sales have been awesome.

Here is the invite-