Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DVF 70% Off

This 70% off sale is one of many reasons why I never go to Diane von Furstenberg sample sales. Some people, however, might find standing in line in the cold to be a fun afternoon. Personally, I'll take my MacBook and a hot chocolate and let my fingers do the shopping.

Take notice, all sales are final and the 70% off sale is online only. The Meatpacking store location has a current markdown of 60% off.


Anonymous said...

The waiting outside her december sample sale was minimal - maybe 10-15 minutes prior to opening. More importantly, the selection was phenomenal and prices were rock bottom (60 dollar dresses and 30 dollar skirts). The sale selection on the website is pricier and there's not a whole lot. There's no comparison imho.

Anonymous said...

Final sale for online purchases has absolutely no appeal to me. DVF sizes vary vastly from one outfit to another, I have her items in my closet from size 2 to 10. Besides, feel of fabric and fit cannot be overlooked. Who shops for clothes online in NY – unless you try it on first?!!

Anonymous said...

are you talking about the last day of the Dec sale or was everything at that price point throughout the sale?

Aisha said...

I agree, the sample sale was great. I went on the last day, waited less than 5 minutes, and there was still a wide selection to chose from.

www.kayonyc.com said...

The prices I indicated earlier were for the last day. And there was no price differential betw. cocktail and regular dresses.

I forgot to mention, we even got a free lipstick in a cute pouch with purchase.

Also another tip for those of you in LA or NYC - the Barneys warehouse sale ALWAYS has tons of DVF. If you go toward the end, it's almost always cheap enough to justify buying yourself one of her dresses. I've gotten one as low as $50.