Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gucci and Prada Third Markdown

Christmas was just 12 days ago and already stores are taking another slash at prices in an attempt to cash out. Today Gucci and Prada are offering customers additional savings. Gucci ready-to-wear is now 75% off and suddenly the collection that had little to be desired is looking a bit more attractive. (Just a tiny-weensy bit.) Bags and shoes are now 50% to 60% of.

Prada-- whose sales people were overheard saying that they will NEVER reduce prices below half-off-- is now 60% off ready-to-wear and 50% off bags. Don't worry lace lovers. I still think there is another to come. I feel 70% off is the right number. I guess we will have to wait and see.

This is probably last call for Gucci so you better buy now or forever hold your piece. For those who can't get to the Gucci store you can snag the same savings online but we're told that there store has a lot more pieces to choose from in addition to sizes. (That's hard to imagine!)

Prada Contact: Christina 212-327-4200
Gucci Contact: Maura 212-717-2619


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!!!! I've been waiting to get a lace skirt. But the ratio of markdown to fabric deterioration isn't very good for lace. But I'm definitely going to check it out, thanks! -Deme

Lila Delilah said...

Yeah wine ages much better than last season's fashion.

Anonymous said...

when will the cruise men shoes go on sale? ever?

Anonymous said...

Cruise goes on sale in May or June

Anonymous said...

Regarding Prada, all of the sale items (including those from overseas) are being consolidated at the Soho store. There are items there that weren't there when the sale started (way back in November can you believe it?) so it's always worth a second look.

For men, there are some decent winter jackets left though all of the good stfuf like the runway shirts and pants are gone. I didn't check out the women's section on my last visit.

But 60% off is great and 70% would be even better!