Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Spy: Prada '08 Samples 90% Off

Looking to score the hottest look of Winter '08 on a 2009 budget?

At the Woodbury Commons outlet we spied two racks of Prada and Miu Miu samples all priced at about 90% off retail. Lets put it this way, most items were under $250. We're talking about REAL samples. The ones with "sample" stamped on the inside, not store returns.

If you go today, however, you won't see the samples. They moved the racks out because "they looked too messy." Don't be timid. Ask for the Prada samples and a sales associate will wheel them out. Just be mindful that many of the beloved lace looks have quickly dated and seem highly unwearable whithout the colored body suits.

For your viewing pleasure, here a link to some of the looks that are included on the sample rack.

Contact: Penny (845) 928-3706


Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE! your blog... seriously makes the work day go by much easier as well as the money i earn. LOL. In any event, I know Club Monanco is not part of the "almighty" if you know what I mean but a girl sometimes needs a waldo striped cardigan. Unrelated to the Prada thread- where do you think I can find some coupons for that damn store?! I just totally refuse to pay full price there. Help!

you're the bestest. <3H

Anonymous said...

Never seen a CLub Monaco coupon but they do often times have sales or at least a sale rack in the back. At the end of the season I have seen racks of stuff all marked $20.

Anonymous said...

Are there any mens samples?