Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prada 75% Off Friends and Family

I told you there would be another reduction and there is. Through the weekend all Prada boutiques are offering 75% off fall and winter merchandise (along with whatever they dug up from last spring.)

The merchandise is going fast so you might want to put a jump on it. At the SoHo boutique there were plenty of lace bags, small shadow bags, bright colored nylon totes and other assorted cast offs.

On the ready-to-wear racks there was a variety of lace getups, a few shadow dresses and a bunch of winter jackets. The best deal was a $20,000 sable coat that's now $5,000. We know that's a lot of bank, but it's sable!

Just an FYI to all the sales people out there: Just because a $4,000 mini-skirt is reduced to $1,000 does not make it a great deal. And furthermore, nobody --and I really mean NOBODY--cares how many clients purchased the skirt at full price. 

Contact: Michel Hubner (SoHo Store) 212-334-8888


Anonymous said...


Did it just start at 75%?

I assume Miu Miu is also at 75%?


Anonymous said...

Is it only at the Soho boutique? I don't want anything bad enough to go to Soho but I would stop in at Madison or 57th st. I would even consider braving the 5th ave store (the fact that it usually smells like Abercrombie in there drives me crazy) but Soho is too far.

Lila Delilah said...

LOL. It's at all Prada stores. Maybe i should make that more clear. I usually don't go to soho but i am told that they often have the most inventory.

Anonymous said...

All the good stuff was cleaned out on Friday - and I tried several stores including West Coast - post hot intel earlier!

Anonymous said...

The trick to finding things at other stores is to go for locations that are not in big cities or vacation spots. Midwest is usually a good bet, however that will probably not work for Prada since they don't have that many stores. Try calling Hawaii, I have had luck finding winter items that stores on the main land are sold out of but they have tons. People tend to not shop for warm clothes/accessories when they are in 90 degree weather.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Soho store is awful. Everyone stay away.

More for me!

Anonymous said...

Is this markdown still going? Or is it done? I love your blog!