Thursday, February 12, 2009

Calypso Private Sale

Upstairs, on the fifth floor of the Calypso store -- 68th and Madison-- is a private sale. Racked reports, "the sale includes, Boho skirts, dresses, scarves and more (20 boxes of merch!) marked way down."

The sale runs from Feb 13th to Feb 16 from 10am until 7pm. The email says the merchandise is from the fall and cruise collections.

Cruise on sale already? And we thought it was going to be a slow sale month! Yipit, thanks for the tip,

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C.P. said...

I went to the Madison store to check out this "secret sale." Sorry to report that the sale isn't all that. Stuff is still $200-300 on sale and not much selection at all. You're better off going to the Soho Outlet store on Broome St. where they are having a Buy One, Get the Next Item 50% sale. I got a Butter By Nadia wrap dress there on sale for $99 and then 50% off my second item. The Butter dress ended up being $75, compared to the $350 regular price!