Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kimora's Baby-Fat

At tonight's Babyphat fashion show Kimora made her entrance clearly "showing" and looking radiant. For us, that was the best part of the event besides for the invitation. Kimora is expecting her first child with actor Djimon Hounsou. Simmons, who is 33, has two daughters with hip-hop icon, Russell Simmons. Ming Lee is eight and Aoki Lee is six.

Back to the runway: Everyone knows the fashions Kimora sends down the runway never make it to Macy's. It's more of her-- or her merchandiser's vision-- for the client.

At the show we spotted no celebrities-- not that we are good at that anyway. NY Mag's The Cut, did a bit better at the celeb spotting but agreed that the attendance was light.

At least we got a good red nail polish in the goodie bag.


Anonymous said...

This really makes me laugh out loud! Does anyone in the fashion community really take her designs seriously? A while back I was flipping through the TV and caught part of her reality series (it was late, I was desperate, please forgive me) and she was going through a list of names of people she wanted at her show. All I could think is how none of those people would be caught dead there. Sorry Kimora but your one of the few that think your fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I don't think anyone takes Kimora seriously, as a "designer", a reality TV star, a lifestyle expert or a celebrity. Come on Delilah. Kimora is a lightweight in the fashion world. What's next? Her exclusive line for QVC?