Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saks Consolidation: For Real This Time

A few weeks ago I wrote about the bummer Saks consolidation sale. Turns out, the late January sale was just hype. Last week, however, the third floor (designer level) got a huge influx of merchandise.

Most items are currently marked 50% or 60% off the original price. We suspect that later this week or early next week all these 2008 treasures will take a large additional markdown. Think 50% to 60% off for a total savings of 75% to 85% off.

Now would be a good time to call your sales person or go to the store and pull the items your heart desires.

Contact: Marie Jose 212-940-2536
3rd Floor Premier Designers


Anonymous said...

Actually, a good number of those new items have already been marked down. Take, for instance, the Burberry dress I snagged on my lunch hour. Orig. $995, marked down to $395 less that extra 50% AND I received EGC points too. Becky Bloomwood is right -- it's an INVESTMENT, yo!

Anonymous said...

Burberry Dress: Just to clarify. When you stated "$995, marked down to $395 less that extra 50" are you saying that sale items are an ADDITIONAL 50% off? Meaning your dress was ~$200? - Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's the Burberry Dress Woman. Yes, I paid $195 for the dress. The racks were pretty well filled. Some things weren't as deeply discounted as they could be. You have to hunt and have lots of patience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Burberry!