Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hermes Sale Update

A Mad-Spy reader writes:

I stopped in today and there is the normal scarves and ties. Nothing great in shoes, some belts, lots of leather goods (bags included), canvas garden party bags in small sizes only. Plus the normal clothing racks that no one is touching, some of the things are the same as last sale. Shoe prices were higher than last time but bag prices were lower. reviewed the first day of the sale and said that the line was anemic compared to prior sales (just 40 mins). Even big spending Hermes fans are keeping their hands in their pockets this season.

The sale ends Saturday, so we are thinking that the line should be pretty lean tomorrow about 3pm. Let us know if we're right!


Anonymous said...

Should have included before that when I went this afternoon around 2 there was no line at all.

Anonymous said...

There was also no line on Tuesday!
I don't remember them ever offering leather purses in the NY sale before. Is that right?