Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look For Less: Jelly Flower Sandals

We are starting to get an idea of what's destine to become the "must have," "I need," and "I want" for summer 2009. Not far from the top of the list are the striking and playful jelly Chanel sandals.

These colorful, flower adorned, plastic flip-flops retail for $295. Yes, they have a novel quality --reminiscent of a Jelly Kelly-- but that's a lot of lettuce for one season of jelly.

Fear not, during our Third Avenue travels today, we jumped into Shoe Box for a quick once around. We didn't find much but a jelly-something did catch our eye. See the resemblance? For just $35 how can you say no?

Contact: Shoe Box 1349 3rd Ave (77th St.) 212-535-9615
For the real thing:


Anonymous said...

Go for the $35 ones! I laid out the money for the Gucci version a couple years ago and the are not comfortable!!! If all your looking for is something to wear at the pool then fine but don't plan on walking much in them.

Lady D said...

wow the cheaper ones are even cuter anyways!!!