Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chanel Pulls Out of Bloomies Friends and Family

Bloomingdales is hosting a friends and family event from April 23rd to April 26th. The discount throughout much of the store will be 20%. Presale is already in progress.

Usually Chanel participates in friends and family with a gift card incentive. For example, spending $500 earns you a $100 gift card and spending $1000 earns you a $200 etc. We hear that preselling for Chanel was crazy and 90% of the stock room is filled from floor to ceiling.

However, Chanel customers-to-be were blindsided when they received the following information from their sales manager:

Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

I am very saddened to have to write to all of you, to notify you that Chanel has decided to withdraw from the friends & family event here @ Bloomingdales. The EGC offer no longer stands valid. We have tried to arrange compensation for those of you that were already promised an EGC, but sadly there is nothing they will allow us to offer to you.

For those of you that have already placed orders/requests, please note: they will be voided, unless you call or reply to keep them active

Again, i am so very sorry for the misleading information. We were told early on that the offering would be the same as years past, but upon revision, Chanel decided that this promotion was not appropriate for their brand.

I thank you all (as always) for your business.
If I may answer any questions, please feel free to reply, or to call our handbag boutique.

CHANEL Shoppe Manager

Who do you think are more upset: the disappointed customers or the commissioned sales people?


Anonymous said...

Do you know whether this applies to cosmetics, i.e. Creme de la Mer?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bloomies includes cosmetics with any of their events, however the Saks friends and family does and that is this week also.

Anonymous said...

How tacky to withdraw the offer. I believe Karl Lagerfield himself has recently been quoted as saying (to paraphrase) the recession has an upside in that it makes people more humble, less materialistic and gets rid of the "bling" factor. Appears Chanel as a company still wants to be as materialistic as possible.

Anonymous said...

wow. how lame of chanel. i think this explains why saks EGC now excludes chanel as well (along with choos, loubous, and almost any other major label that you would actually want).

Gitasan said...

I think that both the customer and sales people are very sad at this:(
I was going to check it out but seems that there are more and more restrictions:(

Anonymous said...

It should be no surprise to Bloomies that this was coming. No other store does it and Chanel is crazy about letting stores discount their products. If Bloomies was their largest account I could understand Chanel continuing it but they are not number 1 or even 2 on that list.

Lila Delilah said...

So who are #1 and #2...3,4, and 5 for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Number one is Neiman Marcus and by a considerable amount, followed by Saks. I rest I don't know. I was told once by someone at Chanel that when Neimans does markdowns on Chanel they have the lowest cahrgebacks, sometimes taking a loss to move inventory. Of course Chanel loves this and gives them preferential treatment. Also why you can often times find Chanel bags at Last Call.