Wednesday, April 22, 2009 70% Off

The virtual DVF store has a 70% off section that contains an assortmant that is perfect for this in between time of year.

The only snag is that many of the best looks are already out of stock. Go for the bright colors and you might be a bit more lucky if you're a tiny size 2 or a curvy size 12. Even if you're neither take the time to look around because we found the above classic wrap dress in a size 8.

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Anonymous said...

Was at the store today and didn't notice any sale so check out online before heading to the store if your looking for a deal.

On a side note the inventory at Jeffery is nothing special. In fact I was told by the staff that the buyer (Jeffery is not doing most of it any more) played it really safe because of the economy. Bergdorfs was more adventurous for the season and that is not exactly where I would usually go for something over the top. There were way too many satin shoes too. Satin is not exactly practical for the city except at night or if your not doing any walking. Sizes were limited as usual, prime reason why I never shop there, every time I find something they don't have my size.