Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

The first time I ever heard of Matthew Williamson I was at a lounge in St. Barths and was finding myself bored with the scene and underwhelmed by the fashion. Everything was just so much the same until a striking woman walked in with the most dazzling kaftan. I stared all evening until I found an opening to make a fashion enquiry. At that moment I was introduced to Matthew Williamson.

It didn't, however, do me much good. His designs were not to be found in the U.S. I called everywhere looking for a dress like the one I saw until I gave up and made the purchase in London.

Now -- like most of fashion--Matthew Williamson's designs can be found everywhere. There's Net-a-Porter for online shoppers, Scoop for neighborhood dwellers and his very own downtown boutique for those who yearn to be close to the source. And now starting tomorrow Matthew Williamson can be found at your local H&M.

Looking for the aforementioned kaftan look? It's there.The price, however, isn't as thrilling as one might have hoped. Is the above H&M dress really worth almost $350? Let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Is anything at H&M worth $350? For that you could buy yourself a DVF wrap dress at full price or a Tahari or Theroy dress. I know with the economy it's chic to wear H&M and call me a label snob but the occasion I would wear that is not exactly when I want to wear say I'm wearing H&M. During the day fine but who runs around the city in a floor length dress?

freeTEYme said...

$350 @ H&M - hhmmm doesn't that go against what they stand and are known for?

Anonymous said...

I'm vacationing in London and just got back from Matthew Williamson for H&M. Stores opened at 9am and there was no line. However the most coveted pieces were claimed by 9:15am when I got there. If you want a purse, belt or fancy dress that comes in a garmet bag I suggest you get there when it opens. Good Luck! Cheers - Deme