Thursday, April 30, 2009

McQueen Reduced at Target

Target made a big mistake with their McQueen line-- they priced it too high. What made the GO International collection great is that it was really very affordable and a great value. If you are looking to spend $90 on a dress, however, there are numerous places to shop and Target isn't the first place that comes to mind.

Well, enough time has passed to call for a first markdown. The collection is now reduced 30% off, which makes shopping for McQueen at Target a lot more digestible. Dresses are now $55, tops are under $20 and bikini's are $14 for each piece. See folks, these are Target prices!


Anonymous said...

markdown** not markdiwn. hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 75% off at the Queens Target off the R/V train. Lots left. I bought out everything I hadn't already bagged in my size.

You really do have to try stuff. Some of the pieces looks silly on the hanger, but then you have an "oh my" moment after you try it on.