Sunday, June 28, 2009

eLuxury's Biggest Losers

This weekend, eLuxury closed up shop and transformed itself into -- we still can't figure it out. Before the store went offline, however, there were tremendous sales. As with any sale there were a few unwanted items even at 70% off. We'll call them the biggest losers:

Ready-to-wear: there were 19 items left orphaned three of which were Dolce & Gabbana.

Shoes: Despite winning the CFDA's award for accessory designer of the year Proenza Schouler had three out of five styles left.

Men's: Opening Ceremony and Acne Jeans tie with two items each out of eight units in the category. Maybe because it was a combination of ugly shoes and dressy slacks-shorts.

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Anonymous said...

When are designers going to stop with the dressy slack/shorts? Shorts are not dressy enough for the office, restaurants, or dates. Doesn't matter if they are made out of a sophisticated material, or if you paid $400 for them.