Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Same Game: Hervé Léger

This weekend, we received a very excited phone call from our dear friend, Kim Chee. She told us how she was out one night and spotted a friend wearing the same Hervé Léger bondage skirt.

This would normally be unremarkable except that her friend was not wearing the $600 bondage silhouette but rather, gasp, a designer impostor.The doppelganger skirt was not Hervé Léger but rather a $148 BCBG Max Azria skirt. Hervé Léger happens to be designed by Max Azria, as well.

Could the two skirts really be identical? Well, yes and no. The $600 version has a zipper while the less expensive skirt has an elastic waist band. Even as we are usually sticklers for quality and craftsmanship we would pass on the $452 zipper and in this case hit the local mall for the BCBG version.

Take a guess which skirt is Hervé Léger. No cheating!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hermes Beverly Hills Markdowns

This sale brings us a bit more West than usual. The Beverly Hills Hermes is hosting a sale where ready-to-wear, shoes, hats and gloves are 40% to 60% off.

Bags, you want to know about bags? They are on sale too. No, not Birkins or Kellys, lots of canvas totes and discontinued styles are 40% off. We imagine that the bags on sale are very similar to the merchandise that would be found at an Hermes sample sale.

Not on the West Coast? Don't fret, we are told that a similar sale is coming to Madison Avenue in just a few weeks.

Contact: Momoko 310-278-6440

Bloomingdales amFAR Fundraiser

Shop at Bloomingdale from now until Sunday, August 30th and get 15% off your purchase. If you spend over $300 and use your Bloomies card the discount goes up to 20% off.

Here's the small print: "Certain designer and brand exclusions. Apply 15% and 20% offers not valid on women's European designer collections, cosmetics, men's electronics."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Erickson Beamon @ Showroom Seven and Target

The very fabulous Guerrilla Shopper NYC reports that Showroom Seven is hosting an Erickson Beamon friends and family sale. Yeah-yeah-yeah... we're all friends!

She states, "Prices are up to two thirds off of retail." In numbers talk, that's 67% off. If the idea of samples sales and complex math give you a headache you can also check out Target where Erickson Beamon's pieces are now 50% to 65% off.

Erickson Beamon @ Showroom Seven
263 11th Avenue 3rd Floor
Until Friday, 10am to 7pm.
Kara 212-643-4810

DSW Gucci Sale Continues

It appears as if the DSW Gucci sale is still going strong. We would have imagined that all the Gucci accessories would be gone. Au contraire, mon amie. A Mad-Spy reader writes that there is a generous selection and then gripes that she paid two times the DSW price for her bag that is still current in Gucci stores.

Went to the Union Square store today just out of curiosity and they still have a lot left over 2 weeks later. I have to admit that I'm a little more than mad that they have about 8 of one style bag that I have and is still full price at Gucci. The off season stuff whatever but something that is selling in Gucci stores at full price should have never been sent to DSW. It's not fair to all of us who paid well over $1,000 for a bag that others can not buy for $499.

Besides reminding us to hit DSW, the comment had us thinking: How do you feel when an item you buy gets reduced or appears at a different location for fractions of what you paid.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale

The Metropolitan Pavilion is playing host to a Jimmy Choo sample sale, this Wednesday. The sale details state "there will also be a mix of professional sample sale sellers." We don't know what to make of that but the last Jimmy Choo sale had lines that went across 18th Street, up Sixth Avenue and around 19th Street. The wait was longer than any sane person could withstand.

Check out this video to see how ridiculously long the line was:

We are told that this week's sale will be priced up to 70% off. As of July, the boutique discounted shoes 65% off. We suggest skipping the long sample sale wait, hitting the boutique or waiting until H&M launches their collaboration line with Jimmy Choo, in November.

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale
Mix with professional sample sellers. Click your heels for up to 70% off.
Aug. 26. Wed., 1-6 p.m.
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., at Sixth Ave.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Gap Jeans Fit Challenge

This week, the Gap introduced their 1969 Premium Jeans in one of the most splashy product launches in recent memory. There were full page ads in the paper, large spreads in the glossies and the Internet was in full buzz. We started wondering, could the Gap jeans really deliver?

The full line features 12 core fits for women and men ranging in hues from the darkest ink to light, distressed finishes and different rises. Oh, and all the styles are under $70. Sure beats the $250 options that fill the shelves at our local denim bar. But will they fit?

To find out we enlisted four Gap testers and let them take the new jeans for a spin around the dressing room. Click on the image below to read what they had to say:

We think it's remarkable that even half our testers ended up taking home a new pair of jeans. This was a tough crowed but the success of the Gap jeans is evident. The skinny jean is just about sold out nation wide and a sales person confided that she has never seen such traffic in the store outside of the holiday season. Not only are customers buying jeans but also picking up tops and tees to go with them.

Now that it Gap has their jeans on the right track they should consider giving their stores a make-over. The fitting rooms at our local Gap were a bit smelly and the overall store appearance was a bit overcrowded. Customer service is also a key element, which could have lead to a sale in the case of Paige Turner.

Waiting for the Mad-Spy deal? Ending Thursday, Gap is offering $20 off any style from their Premium Jean line. If you can't get to a fitting room tomorrow just wait for the next promo. There's sure to be another discount coming soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matthew Williamson 80% Off

Back in April, we wrote about H&M launching a Matthew Williamson line and asked, is a H&M dress really worth almost $350? You knew the answer and so did we. We were both correct.

This week, Matthew Williamson started a "sample sale" at their downtown store that equates more to an end of season blow out sale. The discount is 80% off and there is still a selection of iconic Matthew Williamson pieces. A pink georgette beaded kimono top was $1100 and is now $220-- there's a size 4 left. Our favorite kaftan of the season with a beaded halter was $2400 and is now $480-- size 2 in the colorful print larger sizes in black and white. A pink patterned mini dress was also $2400 and is now $480-- size 6 and larger are still available.

The sale only runs until 11am Wednesday and then the merchandise is being hauled out. To where, we don't know but don't be surprised to see a Matthew Williamson sample sale coming to an online site near you. Until then, check out the collection online and call the store. It opens 8am-- so set your alarm!

Contact: Charice 212-255-0965

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vilbrequin Private Sale

Vilebrequin, you know-- the brand that sells those bright print men's and boys bathing suits loved equally by old men in Boca and young guys in Palm Beach-- is hosting a private sale where men's and boy's swim and beachwear will be 50% to 80% off.

Vilebrequin's suits are normally priced between $180 and $270 a suit. You can find them discounted regularly on BlueFly for about 20% off. Our local beach store had them on sale for 60% off in July. Just keep that in mind before jumping for a wild print that's just 50% off.

The sale runs from Monday, August 17 to Thursday, August 20th. The below post card says that photo ID is required for entry but we imagine that it's part of building security and not a "is-your-name-on-the-private-sale-list," type of thing.

Contact: 160 Varick Street (b/w Charlton & Vandam), 2nd Floor.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Crewcuts

We would like to take a moment to give Crewcuts a warm welcome to Madison Avenue. Yesterday, the J. Crew children's store opened in the Carnegie Hill section of Madison Avenue.

Crewcuts is in good company on upper Madison Avenue, which is considered a hub for families, private schools and children stores. Bonpoint, Magic Windows, Greenstones, Naturino, Baby Cottons, Jacadi, Blue Tree, East Side Kids and Kids Supply Company are just a few of child focused stores located on Madison between 86th and 94th streets.

Despite the abundance of kid's boutiques in the area, Crewcuts fills the void of moderation when it comes to pricing. Hopefully Crewcuts is the start of a new trend towards more affordable stores along the Avenue.

The Banana Republic space on Madison and 85th street has recently become vacant and we hope that the new occupant will be equally accessible to those living in the neighborhood-- or at least have a bathroom that's open to customers!

Next up: Sephora to open in October 30th on 86th street and Lex, next to H&M.

Contact: Crewcuts 1200 Madison Ave. (at 87th St.)
Hrs: Mon.-Sat., 10am-7pm and Sun., 12pm-5pm.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DVF 70% Off Sale

Diane von Furstenberg is hosting an online sale where swimwear, shoes and luggage are all 70% off.

We found several cover-ups, including the one above, all priced well under $100. That's even better than the sample sale-- and you don't have to deal with any crowds. Now that's some cool and easy summer shopping.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ted Baker Renovation Sale

Apparently, Ted Baker is sprucing up their store for fall. In doing so they are mega-reducing merchandise already in stock. T-shirts are $20, tops $30, skirts $40, shirts $50 and trousers are $60.

The sale runs until Saturday, August 15th. Even with these low prices we expect the crowds to remain thin. Even most die-hard shoppers prefer a day at the beach to a day of shopping.

Contact: 212-343-8989

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ABC Carpet Private Sale

ABC Carpet & Home is hosting a private preview sale from Sunday, August 8 to Wednesday, August 12 at their Bronx Warehouse Outlet. The discount is up to 75% off ABC's original prices on rugs, sofas, carpeting, lighting, linens and more.

The sale goes public August 13th. Print out the below letter and receive an additional 15% off. A discount like this just makes you want to redecorate, huh?

DSW Extra Discount

We are receiving reports that the DSW Gucci sale has had a huge turnout. There are lines to get in and lines around the store to check out. One reader wrote that there was so much inventory it made the double-G brand seem tacky and overplayed.

Another reader writes:
That the merchandise bins and shoe racks were so crowded that you couldn't move - all this for some vinyl hats and belts from several seasons past. Wasn't a huge G fan to begin with but this just totally turned me off - not a smart move in terms of maintaining brand image.

That doesn't mean there aren't great finds. One happy Gucci/DSW shopper reports:
I went to NYC store today at noon and got a beautiful real ostrich tote bag for $500... All silk scarfs are $50 each. I got three 35" square silk scarfs, some of them are definitely $350 originally.

We hear that Gucci logo totes are priced at $250, wallets $50, belts $50, fanny packs $150 and shoes range from $150 to $250. These prices sound better than China Town fakes. The return policy is grab now, think later. And many people are doing just that.

For those of you brave enough withstand the crowds and risk being tacky, here's an additional 15% off

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saks Summer Consolidation Sale

The summer season is unofficially coming to an end at Saks. Thursday marks the beginning of consolidation where the leftover summer stock is reduced an additional 25% off. The current markdown hovers somewhere around 60% and the additional 25% discount brings the total savings to about 75% off.

The best selection is usually found in designer ready-to-wear. However, there are always some lucky sizes shoes and returned handbags that make it to the end-of-season sale. It's always worth a look around just don't fall for anything crazy like a well-priced three-armed shirt dress.

Contact: Marie Jose 212-940-2536 (3rd Floor Premier Designers)

Monday, August 3, 2009

DSW's Secret Shipment

Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, has been running an ad on CBS radio all day talking about a secret designer shipment coming into their Union Square store. At first, like with most commercials, we didn't listen. By the third go-round, however, the message started to stick.

Secret designer? Not for long.

We have received high level intelligence that DSW's mystery designer is GUCCI! The Union Square location is stocking their shelves with a large quantity of Gucci merchandise on Thursday, August 6th. The shipment, includes shoes, handbags, luggage and belts all at 60% of retail.

The penalty for telling secrets? Not worried. Working for the CIA was completely out of the question a long time ago.

Other DSW Gucci Participating Locations:
Metro Point at South Coast, Costa Mesa
Union Sq, San Francisco
Westfield Mission Valley, San Diego

Biscayne Boulevard Plaza, Aventura
Kendall 1 Plaza, Miami

Buckhead Station, Atlanta

Shops at Oakbrook Place, Oakbrook

Germantown Square, Bethesda

New York
DSW, Carle Place

Easton, Columbus

Post Oak Galleria, Houston
Preston Center Pavilion, Dallas
Prestonwood Town Center, Dallas