Monday, August 3, 2009

DSW's Secret Shipment

Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, has been running an ad on CBS radio all day talking about a secret designer shipment coming into their Union Square store. At first, like with most commercials, we didn't listen. By the third go-round, however, the message started to stick.

Secret designer? Not for long.

We have received high level intelligence that DSW's mystery designer is GUCCI! The Union Square location is stocking their shelves with a large quantity of Gucci merchandise on Thursday, August 6th. The shipment, includes shoes, handbags, luggage and belts all at 60% of retail.

The penalty for telling secrets? Not worried. Working for the CIA was completely out of the question a long time ago.

Other DSW Gucci Participating Locations:
Metro Point at South Coast, Costa Mesa
Union Sq, San Francisco
Westfield Mission Valley, San Diego

Biscayne Boulevard Plaza, Aventura
Kendall 1 Plaza, Miami

Buckhead Station, Atlanta

Shops at Oakbrook Place, Oakbrook

Germantown Square, Bethesda

New York
DSW, Carle Place

Easton, Columbus

Post Oak Galleria, Houston
Preston Center Pavilion, Dallas
Prestonwood Town Center, Dallas


Anonymous said...

60% off would be great and a abnormal for DSW. Usually their high end shoes are ~20% off and 2 or more years old.

But good to know, thanks

Anonymous said...

Do we know what season they are from? Spring 09?

Anonymous said...

No Detroit Location...go figure. theres only one thing I want form gucci and its retail is $2495...60% off would be great

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I was there a month ago and they had a pretty large selection of Gucci shoes...which I was pretty unimpressed with. Wonder if this shipment is any better.

Anonymous said...

I was at the DSW in Union Square today. They had 3 racks of GUCCI shoes front and center, as soon as you walk into the door.

Judging by the signs "GUCCI $199" I believe ALL shoes were $199. - Deme

Anonymous said...

I'm in Dallas...go to DSW! They have great bags, and some are this year's line. They accept full returns, so though it's probably been picked over, I bet people bought a lot so they could go home and decide. I'd check in and see what's still there and what gets returned. Tons of wallets.

Anonymous said...

Deme - Officially, the sale on Gucci (almost) everything begins today, but the boxes of G-covered goods were opened yesterday to DSW's "PREMIERE" shoppers, even though no distinction was made once you arrived at the store.

Anonymous said...

Really tacky long line to get in. I'm not usually one of those people who thinks shopping looses it's mystic or exclusivity because it's sold at a Sample sale but this DSW sale is where I draw the line.

I got out of line. There's so much inventory the city is going to be flooded with folks wearing Gucci. Tacky. -Deme

Anonymous said...

Union Square @ ~6PM = ZOO
In all honesty, stock was mediocre at best - Deme described it well - tacky. Line to pay went AROUND the perimeter of the huge store and the merchandise bins and shoe racks were so crowded that you couldn't move - all this for some vinyl hats and belts from several seasons past. Wasn't a huge G fan to begin with but this just totally turned me off - not a smart move in terms of maintaining brand image.

Anonymous said...

I went to NYC store today at noon and got a beautiful real ostrich tote bag for $500. I can't believe all the people there from yesterday and today didn't want this bag.

All silk scarfs are $50 each. I got three 35" square silk scarfs, some of them are definitely $350 originally. Another one 35"x80". I also can't believe people were buying handkerchief size silk scarfs for the same price. There are only a few good size ones left, unless DSW continue to put out more. Someone please comment, I would go back for more.

Anonymous said...

people were grabbing things left and right-- to me, it doesn't matter what the retail price is if the stuff is ugly. it's vinyl! you will see everyone and their moms (literally) with a GG logo gucci bag after this sale. eh the stuff smelled like plastic too.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Gucci and Vinyl... obviously not a Gucci enthusiast... I went to the event here in Dallas and they had many of this seasons Gucci products and many newbies to Gucci mistake it for Vinyl but read the care instructions that come with the fabulous handbag.... it is a type of leather that only Gucci does!!

Anonymous said...

I went to this sale and it was a mad house. To me not worth it. And whomever made the comment about everyone and their mother will be in Gucci is right!

I rather go to the outlet in Secaucus when they have sales. It's not such a mad house and the quantity is more limited and is at least current.

Also I think I have outgrown Gucci, I much rather get a Chanel bag now.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Union Square store today just out of curiosity and they still have a lot left over 2 weeks later. I have to admit that I'm a little more than mad that they have about 8 of one style bag that I have and is still full price at Gucci. The off season stuff whatever but something that is selling in Gucci stores at full price should have never been sent to DSW. It's not fair to all of us who paid well over $1,000 for a bag that others can not buy for $499.

Anonymous said...

BEWARE!!!!! The GUCCI bags at DSW are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!! I got the gunmetal signature coated canvas w/ metallic trim $399 and carried it only 2 days when the metallic coating started peeling off revealing WHITE PLASTIC underneath! I've complained but no response yet. Not sure what I'm gonna do but they haven't heard the last from me! Sad that you can't trust their authenticity....if the bags are fake, the shoes could be also! Stay AWAY!!!!!