Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Spy: Decadestwo Pop-Up Shop

We've all heard of Decades, the famous LA vintage store. You know, the place where all the stars go for their red carpet regalia, Rachel Zoe's first stop for fabulous finds, and Tom Ford's go-to store when he needs to fill in his achieves. Decades may be as familiar as a freeway to those living on the west coast but has always been a bit of an enigma to us New Yorkers.

The mystery is over, Decadestwo--less vintage, more last seasons treasures-- has landed in Soho for a limited time. What will you find? Spied: $1,100 Christian Louboutin shoes that are $390, $2,900 red Chanel quilted bag for $1,900, and a classic Chanel suit jacket is $1,000 from $2,400. Most key items like Chanel bags are 60% off retail but most ready-to-wear is 75% off retail.

Decadestwo is a consignment store but many of the store's items still have the original tags and were never worn. We picked up half a dozen shoes --most looked like they were barely tired on, forget about worn. Christos Garkinos, the owner of Decadestwo, gave us a tour of the pop-up shop and told us stories of women calling with 30 unused Chanel bags, ladies with unworn $14,000 couture dresses and celebrities in need of closet space. Problesm we wish we had!

The items chosen for Decadestwo are curated with the most keen fashion eye. Don't expect to find a tattered Marc By Marc Jacobs sweater but do expect to find key Lanvin, important YSL and iconic Prada-- all in perfect condition and for very affordable prices.

The sale opens to the public on Friday and runs through Sunday. Stock will be frequently replenished and if you don't see something you're yearning for --ask. Chances are, Christos has a source. Never again will we shop retail for Chanel. At first lust, call Christos!

Decadestwo Soho
Friday, Oct. 2 to Sunday, Oct.4
79 Greene Street, upstairs @ Kiki de Montparnasse
Friday and Saturday 11am to 7pm, Sunday 12pm to 5pm
Image credit: Racked

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale

7 For All Mankind is having their first ever warehouse sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion. We were sceptical at first because they would not supply us with styles and pricing. Their PR representative, however, did assure us that pricing will be less than Gap's new line of jeans.

If given the choice we would take a pair of 7s over Gap's $70 version and day of the week. Shoppers are encouraged to register ahead online. If you're looking for the best price, book a Sunday shopping appointment because prices drop each day of the sale.

Reports back from the LA 7s sale, which occurred last week, were mostly positive. If buying irregular or sample jeans make sure to look them over carefully. Embellished jeans, not surprisingly, cost a bit more. Fitting rooms are questionable so wear leggings. Most importantly, remember: Jeans that don't look great are worthless no matter how inexpensive.

7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale
Friday October 2nd, 2009 - Sunday October 4th, 2009
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor
Register ahead online

Monday, September 28, 2009

Retail Therapy: Lynn Downey

Levi Strauss, the company that invented the blue jean in 1873, is celebrating its 75th year of women’s jeans. Resident denim expert and historian, Lynn Downey, celebrates women and their 505s and gives us a peak inside her denim closet while dishing a few hints about shopping for vintage.

Your most prized "deal?”

A pair of c1937 Lady Levi's I purchased from a vintage clothing dealer for the Levi Strauss & Co. Archives in 2002. The jeans were part of a small collection of items that was left behind at the defunct Soda Springs Dude Ranch in Arizona. Sewn inside the waistband was a label with the name of the original owner: Harriet Atwood. Not only that, the original store label was still there - Harriet bought her jeans at Best & Co. in New York City. The collection was a very reasonable price, but these historical details were worth their weight in platinum.
[Editorial Note: Best & Co. filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in July]

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?

So far, I don't have any "non-buyer's" remorse. We have been making clothes since 1873 so I've got plenty of vintage to track down!

This season you're looking for a great deal on what item?

Right now I'm on a mad hunt for the lightweight denim sportswear we made for women in 1938 called "Tropical Togs." This line had everything from halter tops and sailor pants to bib overalls for genteel gardening. Very 1930s Hollywood in styling.

What's your number one shopping tip?

Vintage shoppers should always make sure they buy the best: even if you love that 1950s circle skirt, don't buy it if it has a very obvious stain. Hold out to buy the most perfect pieces you can, they will be worth the money.

What's your biggest weakness?

Any women's Levi's jeans or shirts that were worn on dude ranches in the 1930s. They always remind me of the 1939 movie, "The Women," when all of the characters are at a Reno dude ranch waiting for their divorces to come through. Such an amazing slice of women's history!

Is there an item for which you never mind paying full price?

A rumpled, patched and dirty pair of Levi's jeans that came out of an old Western mine. If those jeans could talk...
[Editorial Note: They might say wash me!]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloomingdale's Friends and Family

Bloomingdale's is hosting a friends and family promotion from from Thurs., Oct. 1st until Sun., Oct. 4th, Everything except cosmetics and some designer merchandise (like, Chanel, of course) will be discounted 20% off. Preselling is already underway.

Department store friends and family sales used to lots of fun but with all the current restrictions we're not even sure if this is a very attractive deal. If designer brand suppliers were savvy, they would realize that restricting the promotion of their merchandise is only slowing down the retail economy. The prices of items like, Christian Louboutins and Chanel bags, are so high that even a 20% discount does not make their shoes and bags affordable or risk tarnishing the brand.

For now we will take what we can get but be on the lookout because Saks should be releasing dates of their friends and family sale shortly. We expect it to start the week after Bloomingdale's with a 25% discount. Chanel and other luxury brands are also likely to be excluded but at least you can get good cosmetics discounted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Domenico Vacca Showroom Sale

The uber-lux Madison Avenue designer, Domenico Vacca --not vodka, you lush-- is hosting a sample sale in their off-Madison showroom. The sale started a few days ago but we were waiting for final reductions, which will come Thursday. Most merchandise was already 70% off but insiders tell us that there will be discounts of an additional 15% to 20% off.

Racked stopped by earlier this week and posted their price list, which included men's suits $1,450 from $5,900, button down shirts $140 from $540, and grandma cardigans $89 from $950.

Domenico's strength is outfitting men, so go for the shirts and suits. Considering the original prices, the current discount plus 15% is a pretty nice deal.

Domenico Vacca Showroom
14 E. 60th St. Ste 900 (btwn 5th & Madison)
Thurs., 9/24 10am-6pm

Hermès Sale Strikes Again

Get your waiting-in-line-for-a-long-time shoes ready because Hermes is hosting another sale. This bi-annual event usually draws huge crowds the first day and then eases off into the weekend. If you're planning on going tomorrow, for the first public day, you can expect to wait in line for about two hours.

The sale runs through Sunday and past experience has proved that waiting a few days can reduce your wait exponentially. Shoppers who attended today's by invitation only "private sale" report back that there were more leather bags than ever. Bags range from 40% to 60% off retail and include, Bombay, Vespa, Evelyene, Trims, Omni-Bus and many briefcases.

For the first time there is a great selection of enamel bracelets that are 40% off retail. Then there are the standard ties, scarves and old ready-to-wear.

With discounts like these, in an economy like this, it's hard to believe that Hermes continues to report increased sales!?

Hermes Sample Sale
When: 9/23/09-9/27/09, Wed. 9am-6pm, Thurs. 9am-8pm, Fri. & Sat. 9am -6pm, Sun. 1pm-5pm
Where: The Metropolitan Pavilion 123 West 18th Street (btwn 6th & 7th ave)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Retail Therapy: Stephanie Rosenbloom

Retail Therapy is a weekly column where we ask fashion insiders for their shopping secrets. This week, Stephanie Rosenbloom, the retail reporter for the business desk of The New York Times shares her shopping insight. Prior to joining the business desk in 2008, Stephanie wrote for the The Times' Thursday and Sunday Styles sections. So you better bet she knows her fashion and her deals.

Your most prized "deal?"
A black, leather Versace corset belt. I was shopping with my mother who spied it on a mannequin tucked away in a discount shop.

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?

I've never regretted *not* buying something. I do, however, regret buying several things. Like bellbottom jeans.

This season you're looking for a great deal on what item?

A white wool coat to replace the Nicole Farhi stunner I've had for nearly a decade.

What's your number one shopping tip?

The only opinion that matters in the dressing room is yours. Not your friend's. Not the sales associate's. Yours.

What's your biggest weakness?

1970s costume jewelry by the designer Razza.

Is there an item for which you never mind paying full price?

The New York Times

Tag Heuer Friends and Family

Apperently LVMH has a secret employee site, which discounts some of their top brand names. We were recently tipped off to the site, which is currently hosting a Tag Heuer friends and family sale where prices are about 50% off retail. Just go to and type in the Access Key: ffsalefall09. The sale runs until Wednesday, September 30th and shipping is even included in the price.

After a good look through the inventory we suggest going for the $4,100 Monaco, which is reduced to $1,500. The denim strap is a bit tragic and should be replaced, however, the watch is still an amazing deal. If a grand is out of budget try the red Formula 1, which is $450 from $700.

In the meantime, we are going to keep checking back for the Dior section. Imagine getting Dior high boots for 75% off!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Week: Maria Pinto

Everyone who saw Maria Pinto's fashion presentation-- think fashion art gallery in place of a runway show-- had the same sentiment... wow! The swanky collection can take you to any event imaginable. Lady's lunch, check. Wedding, check. Red carpet, check. Black tie, check. You get the picture.

Maria Pinto Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Mrs. Obama was a Maria Pinto client even before our president announced his candidacy.

Why buy: You love dressing up

What to buy: Start your Maria Pinto collection with a strong and stylish pant suit.

Bypass: Fringe that gets weighed down by itself

Contribution to fashion: Showing us that getting dressed up and looking beautiful is not a uniform.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Week: 3.1 Philip Lim

The best tweet of the day was from CutBlog, "We're having a seizure, and it's because we're sitting near Leighton Meester's traveling army of flashbulbs @ Lim. #nyfw."
We almost spit our water out on the blond sitting in front of us. I'm sure she would not have been happy.

3.1 Philip Lim Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Everyone from Gossip Girls to Housewives

Why buy: Looking fashionable made easy

What to buy: Layered fringe dresses

Bypass: Pleated trousers

Contribution to fashion: A sprinkle of Rodarte and a splash of Prada and you get Philip's spring 2010 collection. Fashionable in every way!

Bergdorf Beauty Gift Cards

Bergdorf is hosting a beauty "event" where you get between 10% and 20% back in gift cards. The promotion runs from September 16th until September, 20th.

The breakdowns are below but strangly enough the best deal comes if you spend just $100 and you get $25 back, or 25% of your puchase value. If you spend $1,000, however, you get back just $100, or 10% of your purchase value. The more money you spend, the less you get!?

Spend $100 get a $25 gift card
Spend $500 get a $50 gift card
Spend $750 get a $75 gift card
Spend $1000 get a $100 gift card

Juicy Couture Friends and Family

Juicy Couture is hosting a friends and family sale where everything is 30% off. The promotion runs from September 16th to September 22nd and is only valid at Juicy Couture retail locations. The previous friends and family sale was in March and the discount was only 25% off. So take advantage of the additional savings and buy your kids some great fall clothing.

The kid's stuff is really cute, huh?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fashion Week: Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso is a quintessential New York garmento. He loves fashion, loves making women look beautiful and loves the process of constructing gorgeous fashion. If you have the chance, go inside the Madison Avenue store he is likely to be there helping customers get exactly the right fit. And don't be surprised if he offers you a piece of cheese cake too.

Dennis Basso 2010

Who is the customer: Women with 10 carats on their finger. That's carat with a C, not a K.

Why buy: You're going to the Cannes Film Festival, the Met Ball or you love to dress up

What to buy: We are crushing on this water color floral gown.

Bypass: Jeans. These dresses make you want to dress up every day of the week.

Contribution to fashion: Dennis is a furrier by trade but these dresses remind us of Oscar de la Renta. Don't be surprised to see these looks showing up on red carpets throughout award season.

H&M BOGO 50% Off

We interrupt our fashion week program to bring you an important message from our Americas Basic Spy. Until Sunday, Sept. 20th, H&M is offering customers 50% off when they purchase an item at full price.

The discount applies to everything in the store, except gift cards. So go, buy your off the runway look because it's still a few weeks before fall merchandise is reduced. We'll be here to tell you as soon as the prices go down.

Now, back to Bryant Park!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the biggest shows during fashion week. It's the only show that draws Madonna, Lady GaGa and Rachel Zoe. Yes, he gets the celebrities and the fashion crowd. Most designers don't draw both.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Celebs and those who love to love fashion

Why buy: Ruffles and pearls make you smile and feel pretty

What to buy: This rose ruffled number with a high-necked collar is a stand-out piece

Bypass: The fanny packs, which aren't even cute with an LV logo

Contribution to fashion: Marc makes fashion. Some of what he shows might seem a bit off-the-edge but it always makes its way though the fashion mill and winds up mainstream several seasons later.

Fashion Week: Gottex

For a long time Gottex was one of the largest designer swimwear companies sold in the U.S. Today, not so much. What happened? We're not sure, however, when you combine beautiful models and swimwear looking bad is almost impossible.

Gottex Spring 2010

Who is the customer: Top of the line in Macy's swim department

Why buy: You have a great body and an attitude to go with it

What to buy: Choosing the right shade of a single color can be horribly complex. The precise shade of coral used in this collection was perfect. On the occasion of a fancy swim party, opt for a black Gottex sequined bikini.

Bypass: Bikini bottoms that look like diapers

Overall contribution to fashion: We were expecting a bit more from Molly Grand, Gottex's head designer.

Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona has a long history of color and excitement but has been absent from the fifth floor for some time. Seeing Custo's wild prints, mixed with texture and fringe was thrilling. The off the runway looks might be a bit too extravagant for some shoppers but we home to see these looks translated at our local stores this spring.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2010:

Who is the customer: Those not afraid to combine texture and color within a single garment

Why buy: Going unnoticed is a fate worse then not going.

What to buy: Aqua fringed coat with jeweled detail

Bypass: Men's sequined short suits because sometimes too much can be, too much

Overall contribution to fashion: Custo has a talent for combining texture and color that many designers only aspire to balance.

Fashion Week: Rachel Roy

All of Rachel Roy's collections seem to reflect an uptown sophistication not unlike her own. Her latest designs are elegant, strong and polished and balance the like of a 40's screen legend with a strong 90's business woman.

Rachel Roy Spring 2010

Who is the customer: An uptown girl who never forgets to be polite and say thank you. Boldface names include, Oprah Winfrey, Ivanka Trump and Niki Taylor.

Why buy: You're strong and sexy but always centered and relaxed even in the most stressful situations.

What to buy: The shoes, Rachel Roy for Manolo Blahnik, are insanely striking. Next, go for the short skirts and wide-leg pants. There's no reason why business and sexy can't go together.

Bypass: Plunging necklines with no camisole. You can only be so sexy in a boardroom.

Overall contribution to fashion: Rachel's collection was strong and serious but very feminine.The power suit is easily transformed into the beauty suit because there is nothing more sexy than an strong, sexy, driven woman with brains.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week: Domenico  Vacca

Domenico Vacca is best known for his exquisite tailoring of suits for both men and worm. Each piece is created using the ingredients of the old Italian guard: fine fabrics and exquisite tailoring and execution. Domenico Vacca has stores all over the world but just become a Madison Avenue neighbor this Spring. His collection presented, this weekend, had a 40s charm with a 2010 sophistication.

Domenico Vacca Spring 2010:

Who is the customer: Those who devour fine tailoring including, Ronald Lauder, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Pepe Fanjul and Kanye West.

Why buy: You're tired of labels, big brands and over exposed designs.

What to buy: If you're not in the market for a $4,000 suit then get red carpet ready. There's no way you'll blend in the crowd with the lime green gown with skinny teal belt. Beware, that slit can be dangerous.

Bypass: The Chuck Bass wanna-bes who showed up in mass to support Domenico. (Wish we had pictures.)

Overall contribution to fashion: Domenico reminds us that despite grunge and bo-ho chic, glamour is always in style.

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Success

Tonight was the first ever Fashion's Night Out, a worldwide initiative to stimulate retail sales. Shoppers all over the world hit the stores and were entertained with cocktails, tasty treats, spa treatments and world-renowned DJs. It was the absolute largest fashion week party ever.

Vera Wang: Brides-to-be were treated with manicures, hair styling, champagne and wedding cake. Each time a girl stepped out of a dressing room there was a universal sigh: ahhhhhhh. Vera was on-hand signing books and taking photogprahs with customers. Yves Durif, who has a salon at the Carlyle, scooped in and tasseled the hair of prospective customers. Super-star nutritionist, Oz Garcia, lent advice on how to look and feel wonderful on the big day.

Retail analysis: One customer told Vera that she had just purchased two party dresses. We imagine that there will be several Vera Wang brides due to this event.

Cesare Paciotti: There was lots of delicious white and red wine but we never got our questions answered by Mr.Paciotti. Maybe the only way to avoid breaking skinny heels is to get new feet?

Retail analysis: Lots of socializing but we didn't spot a single person trying on shoes. Maybe they will come back later in the week when there's more room to spread out.

Valentino: The largest crowd on Madison was in front of Valentino, which lined the street with velvet ropes. The store apparently had a guest list. A shopping night like this is too short to worry about lists.

Retail analysis: We imagine that the store was attempting to cater to their better customers, society clientele and whatever celeb they could get their hands on. No shopping bags spotted.

Roberto Cavalli: The music was pumping and the crowd was partying. The event was as decadent as the clothing. Could you imagine Roberto Cavalli throwing a party that didn't have amazing music and interesting drinks?

Retail analysis: Again, no shopping bags but the store was so crowded that serious shopping would be difficult.

Overall analysis: Fashion's Night Out was a huge success. Customers truly did come out to stores and celebrate retail. The jewelry stores on Madison seem to have had an exceptional customer reaction and that will most definitely show in receipts. Department stores, on the other hand, were overly crowded and many of the sales associates which we spoke said that there were many more partiers than shoppers.

Looking forward: Fashion's Night Out 2010 will no longer be a social experiment and designers and boutiques will continue to find more creative and outrageous ways to lure customers to this evening shopping event. Lets just hope that it doesn't get so out of hand that coming out to shop becomes no longer enjoyable.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion Week: Ports 1961

Fashion week has officially started in we're front row, fifth row and back row center accumulating all the fashion, shopping and style information we can get. First stop: Ports 1961

Who is the customer: The Ports 1961 customer is sophisticated, worldly and very astute to quality. Ports 1961 attracts a more mature (read: older) crowd than their Meatpacking district neighbors.

Why buy: This collection was designed by Tia Cibani and was heavily influenced by Asian culture. The star of the show, by all means, was the fabric. From thick white taffeta to gossamer oyster organza and pink "aluminum lame" every fabric choice was an essential element of the design.

What to buy: Go for the bandeau dresses. The fabric and draping are outstanding. We also loved the back of these dresses, which had a bit of a twist. Also, if they make it to the store, go for the thick clear vinyl belts. Clear matches everything!

Bypass: Eclipse silk satin sheath dress. We can't imagine it looking flattering on most people.

Overall contribution to fashion: This show proves that choosing the right quality fabric is as important as finding the right design. The Ports 1961 customer will be happy knowing that they are buying a high quality garment and it shows.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bloomingdale's Sale

Bloomingdale's is hosting a coupon sale from Friday, Sept 11 until Sunday, Sept. 13. The sales levels are tiered and equate to about 20% off when using your Bloomingdales credit card. The discount ranges are below:

Spend over $2000 and get $500 off your total purchase.
Spend $1000 to $1999 and get $250 off your total purchase.
Spend $500 to $999 and get $250 off your total purchase.
Spend $250 to $499 and get $50 off your total purchase.
Spend $100 to $249 and get $25 off your total purchase.

Remember, tomorrow night is Fashion's Night Out. There are no delicious discounts but with any purchase you can get a free yogurt from 40 Carrots. Also, if you spend $250 you get access to a Hugo Boss rooftop party.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome Back: Fashion's Night Out

Welcome back to the real world. It's the unofficial start of Fall and Thursday starts fashion week. You bet we will be there tracking the clothing and anything inspiring. Before we start deconstructing the fashion let's first talk a bit about shopping.

Thursday, September 10th, will mark the first ever Fashion's Night Out, a global innitiave to promote retail. Retail stores all over the world will stay open late and host special events to lure customers to shop and and spend money. On our home turf, Madison Avenue, many stores will be staying open until after 9pm, passing champaign and trying to attract customers with a range of cool to geeky gimicks.

Besides for drinks and food we think it will be fun to take advantage meeting many designers and asking, "How does this look?" Don't necessarily expect to hear the truth, but it wouldn't be the first time we heard about Donna Karan personally fitting a dress. That type of shopping experiance may be even better than a discount... just, maybe!

Overall, the festivities at off-Madison stores are a bit more exciting. Matthew Williamson is working with customers to make custom dresses. The Chanel flagship store on 57th street is opening a customized handbag studio where customers are invited to create their very own 2.55 handbag. Anna Wintour will be signing comemritive Fashion's Night Out tee-shirts at Macy's in Elmhurst, Queens. Norma Kamali is offering complimentary face and body massages, Facebook fans get 10% off, and there will be a sample sale selection all $100 and under.

Madison Avenue, however, is where we live and where we will be-- despite the fact that the discounts won't be flowing as freely as the cocktails. Click here to find all the participating retailers and designers. See below to track where we will be shopping Thursday evening:

1009 Madison Avenue (@78th St.)
Main Attraction:
Margherita Maccapani Missoni will host a cocktail party at the boutique and invite customers to create their own personalized Missoni tote bags.

Vera Wang
991 Madison Avenue (@77th St.)
Main Attraction:
Brides-to-be will be greeted by Vera Wang and special guests like wedding cake specialist, Sylvia Weinstock, floral expert, Michael George, celebrity Nutritionist, Oz Garcia and beauty consultant, Yves Durif.

Carolina Herrera
954 Madison Avenue (@75th St.)
Main Attraction:
Carolina Herrara and the famous photographer, Larry Fink, will greet customers and invite them into a digital photo booth to "come be art."

Cesare Paciotti
833 Madison Avenue (@ 69th St.)
Main Attraction:
Cesare Paciotti will unveil the brand's collaboration with Parsons. Recent grad, Kwame Brako, won a competition allowing his design to be sold as part of the Cesare Paciotti fall collection. You can be sure we'll be asking Mr. Paciotti how to avoid broken heels.

Donna Karan
819 Madison Avenue (@68th St.)
Main Attraction:
Donna Karen will be in the store for a live performance by famed rockjazz pianist Eric Lewis, aka, Elew.

Oscar De La Renta
772 Madison Avenue (@66th St.)
Main Attraction:
To celebrate the evening, Mr. De La Renta will host a cocktail party where he will sing and entertain his clients and friends.

Giorgio Armani
760 Madison Avenue (@ 66th St.)
Main Attraction:
Nora Ephron and Rosie O'donnell will be reading "Love, Loss and What I Wore." This is in addition to cocktails, of course.

Paige Gamble
24 East 64th Street (@ Madison Avenue)
Main Attraction:
The Ateliar will be open to 11pm and customers will be treated to sparkling water and champagne.

Jimmy Choo
716 Madison Avenue (@63rd)
Main Attraction:
A Vogue editor and Jimmy Choo founder and CEO, Tamara Mellon, will be styling a fashion shoot live and also help accessorize and style customer's fall wardrobes.

Roberto Cavalli
711 Madison Avenue (@ 63rd St.)
Main Attraction:
The boutique's 10-year anniversary will be celebrated as Mr. Cavalli personally hosts the evening with archival gowns and signature cocktails.

660 Madison (@60th St.)
Main Attraction:
The store is transforming itself into a street fair of designers and special appearances. Look out for Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen who will be bartending, Alexander Wang will be giving runway lessons, Juan Carlos Obando will be teaching salsa amd Wool and the Gang will be giving knitting lessons, Loomstate will be making tee-shirts and much more.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day Blues Into Fall Hues

This Summer, we surfed in the Atlantic, danced on tables in Sardinia, and raced cars in Vegas. Not a bad summer. Labor Day, however, is looming and that means back to business. Without even a moment to catch our breaths we are leaping straight into fashion week, the first ever Fashion's Night Out and a new Madison Avenue Spy column, which will chronical the shopping secrets of Madison Avenue's most notorious shoppers.

Before we jump ahead of ourselves, we thought it would be a good time to do a roundup of the best holiday weekend outlet sales. Below is a list of great discounts at Woodbury Commons. Have a wonderful Labor Day and we'll see you back on Tuesday-- the unofficial start to Fall!

Bottega Veneta:
All ready-to-wear is an additional 50% to 80% off for the long weekend. Bags are an additional 30% to 50% off. The best deal is the spring/summer '08 ready-to-wear collection, which is an additional 80% off bringing the total discount to 90% off retail!

Most merchandise is temporarily discounted an additional 20% off. Bags and shoes are reduced 20% for the weekend, except for classic style bags and Paddingtons. The fall/winter '08 collection just arrived at the outlet. It is marked 40% off, plus an additional 20%, bring the total discount to about 50% off retail. The largest discount is found in the spring/summer '08 collection, which is now reduced to 90% off retail. A sales person, however, admitted that there isn't much left.

The additional markdown is 20% to 40% off. There is very little merchandise from fall '08 but that's 75% off retail, plus an additional 40%, brings the total discount to 95% off the original boutique price. Summer '09 just came to the outlet and is discounted 75%, plus an extra 20%, for a total of 85% full retail.

On Saturday, Prada is rolling out the sample and damaged rack. We are told that it's clothing currently in boutiques. This is usually "the rack of all sale racks" because the clothing is current and reduced to 90% off. If you happen to fall upon this treasure make sure to budget yourself because the prices and styles can provide to be too tempting for some. Oh, we almost forgot, there will be sample shoes included too!

Handbags are an additional 20% off for the holiday weekend, excluding the Downtown. All ready-to-wear, minus the new shipment of summer '09, is an additional 40% off. There is a selection of shoes for $199 and some ready-to-wear that's just $99.