Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Success

Tonight was the first ever Fashion's Night Out, a worldwide initiative to stimulate retail sales. Shoppers all over the world hit the stores and were entertained with cocktails, tasty treats, spa treatments and world-renowned DJs. It was the absolute largest fashion week party ever.

Vera Wang: Brides-to-be were treated with manicures, hair styling, champagne and wedding cake. Each time a girl stepped out of a dressing room there was a universal sigh: ahhhhhhh. Vera was on-hand signing books and taking photogprahs with customers. Yves Durif, who has a salon at the Carlyle, scooped in and tasseled the hair of prospective customers. Super-star nutritionist, Oz Garcia, lent advice on how to look and feel wonderful on the big day.

Retail analysis: One customer told Vera that she had just purchased two party dresses. We imagine that there will be several Vera Wang brides due to this event.

Cesare Paciotti: There was lots of delicious white and red wine but we never got our questions answered by Mr.Paciotti. Maybe the only way to avoid breaking skinny heels is to get new feet?

Retail analysis: Lots of socializing but we didn't spot a single person trying on shoes. Maybe they will come back later in the week when there's more room to spread out.

Valentino: The largest crowd on Madison was in front of Valentino, which lined the street with velvet ropes. The store apparently had a guest list. A shopping night like this is too short to worry about lists.

Retail analysis: We imagine that the store was attempting to cater to their better customers, society clientele and whatever celeb they could get their hands on. No shopping bags spotted.

Roberto Cavalli: The music was pumping and the crowd was partying. The event was as decadent as the clothing. Could you imagine Roberto Cavalli throwing a party that didn't have amazing music and interesting drinks?

Retail analysis: Again, no shopping bags but the store was so crowded that serious shopping would be difficult.

Overall analysis: Fashion's Night Out was a huge success. Customers truly did come out to stores and celebrate retail. The jewelry stores on Madison seem to have had an exceptional customer reaction and that will most definitely show in receipts. Department stores, on the other hand, were overly crowded and many of the sales associates which we spoke said that there were many more partiers than shoppers.

Looking forward: Fashion's Night Out 2010 will no longer be a social experiment and designers and boutiques will continue to find more creative and outrageous ways to lure customers to this evening shopping event. Lets just hope that it doesn't get so out of hand that coming out to shop becomes no longer enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

They should have been doing this for years. A thank you, especially when times were good and we were shelling out money on non-sale items.

This didn't get me to shop tonight as I am watching my pennies but when the market is better (2010) giving me a few cocktails and designer sightings will definitely get me to spend.

Anonymous said...

I was out and in the mood to shop last night and it seems like I was the only one. I hit Ralph Lauren (only one with a bag), Dolce Gabbana (dead) and Missoni which was packed thanks to Rachel Zoe. However no one in Missoni had any desire to help me so I left empty handed, depsite the two things I had in my hand and wanted to buy.

Anonymous said...

I had to work until 10. Reports said the event was going on until 11 p.m. but everything I wanted to visit was closed at 10. A friend went down to Soho at 9 p.m. and most participating stores were closed them. I was going to buy perfume at Bond No. 9 but you can't do that from a closed shop. Not so happy about the way this was mispromoted.

Anonymous said...

The event itself left me invigorated about fashion and shopping which is good for the fashion industry.

It was such a fun night watching everyone I'd ever heard of in fashion out in person. I had sensory overload.

Seriously, how could you be interested in buying anything in those crowds. Where would you hold your cocktail and appetizers??????

A girl next too me had a couple of bags with sharp edges and they kept poking me. I wish she hadn't shopped ;-)

I made a couple of mental notes and I may go back and get some things but it was a PARTY!

Anonymous said...

Fashion Night Out was NOT a success. Many people came out to the stores, but few actually made purchases.