Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fifth Avenue and 57th Street Round-up

Yesterday we started our countdown to Christmas with an overview of sales happening along Madison Avenue. Today, we bring you a recapitulation (game on!) of the markdown along Fifth Avenue and across 57th Street.

Bottage Veneta: The bag sale, according to most sales people, never happened. Wink. Wink. Sure. Getting sale information about ready-to-wear and shoes is no problem. Anyone is happy to alert you to the fact that clothing and select shoes are 50% off. Just don't mention discounted bags because you will get sent straight to a department store. L'horreur, or should we say l'orrore!
Angeline 212-371-5511

Burberry: Our email box is filled daily with Burberry communications but try getting a sales person on the phone. The store is completely unable to communicate. After calling four times and being left on hold-- one time for nine minutes-- we decided we don't really care about Burberry THAT much. If the web site is accurate, the Porsum collection is discounted about 30%.
Sadia (212) 407-7100

Dior: Most of the fall/winter collection is off the sales floor "but there's a bit in the back we can take out for you." The discount on ready-to-wear is 40% and 50% off. Unfortunately, Ski gear is not on sale...yet!
Jenny 212-249-5822

Emilio Pucci: The Pucci sale started just last week so there is still a great selection of merchandise across the board. Most clothing, shoes and bags are 40% off and new items are still being added to the sale selection. To get a better idea of the sale selection, shop the web site.
Marcia: 212 230-1135

Ferragamo: There is a good amount of merchandise on sale. The discount is still just 35% off for clothing, shoes, scarves, wallets and handbags. We say wait for after Christmas. Prices here usually get get very good towards January/ February.
Nick 212-759-3822

Miu Miu: Clothing and shoes are marked down 50% off. Bags are 40% off. There's actually a good selection of discounted handbags including studded purses and classic style totes.
Judith 212-249-9660

Yves Saint Laurent: Shoes bags and clothing are now up to 60% off. There is still a quite a good selection of discounted bags that range from 40% to 60% off. The discount all depends on the popularity of the bag. For example, sale the popular Muse bag in python, metallic leathers and fur are 40% off.
Donald 212-832-710


Anonymous said...

YSL discounts are great---- the shoes are a steal even to wear for the upsoming season!

Anonymous said...

The McQueen Sample Sale at 80% off was still outrageously expensive.

So jealous. I am traveling through Italy and although I wouldn't trade the experience, I must admit the pre Christmas sales pale in comparison to the USA.