Wednesday, December 16, 2009

J.Crew Collection Markdowns

The J.Crew store, on Madison, always has nice sparkly things but for the price we figure that we can do better. Today, we passed through thinking it would be a fast stop but then we spotted a man with a markdown gun. (Always keep your eyes open for a markdown gun.)

In an unprecedented moment, tons of J.Crew collection items were being discounted. The markdown gun lead us to blouses that went from $79 to $19.99. We found a gorgeous wool coat that was reduced from $258 to $159. There was even sale jewelry. We found a jeweled necklace for just $20 and a floral sash was just $10 from $35. In addition, there was a great assortment candy colored cashmere crew-necks for $99. (Gift Alert!)

Don't bother shopping the website. The assortment of sale merchandise at the store is much more plentiful and the discounts are steeper.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from Chanel. Bought the grey flats for $345! They added new things this past week, ask for Diane, she was great.

Anonymous said...

Is it the one at 70 something street?

Anonymous said...

After I saw your post, I went there today and I only saw one item that was marked down in the entire store!