Thursday, December 17, 2009

Men's Roundup

This week we're breaking down all the sales. So far we've listed our sale finds from Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. Even with all these lists we've overlooked the boys. Today we are dedicating ourselves to the men and the women who shop for them. Here is an encapsulation (we're not stopping) of sales occurring for men. Keep checking back throughout the day. We have several more stores to add.

Armani: We love the spacey feeling of Armani Fifth Avenue but really, how many Armani stores can be in a 15 block radius? We clock five. Anyway, we diverge. All collections of Armani, ranging from Giorgio Armani to Armani Jeans, are 40% off. We spotted several iconic unstructured suits marked down, along with Armani Exchange shoes and Armani Jeans denim.
Jennifer 212-207-1902

Ermenegildo Zegna: Most of the fall/winter collection has been marked down 40%, including shoes, sweaters, pants, and shirts. Suits are discounted just 30%. In prior seasons we've seen the Zegna discount go as low as 70%.
James 212-421-4488

Ralph Lauren: One thing that drives us crazy about Ralph Lauren is that the prices on the web don't match up to prices in the store. For example, most items ranging from Black Label to RLX were 50% off in the store but if you look at the site the discount is still just 40%. There are also so many different web coupons flying around that you never really know if you're getting the best price. Ralph, lets streamline things a bit. Okay?
David 212-606-2100

Tom Ford: The autumn collection has been cut in half. Everything from suits, to shoes, to sweaters is now half the price.
Contact: Mario 212-359-0300

Turnbull & Asser: Best known for dressing the Prince of Wales, Turnbull & Asser is the place to go for the perfect shirt. Forget about mass marketed Thomas Pink. We're talking bespoke, Be-spoke. Most frequent shoppers of T&A don't even know that that store has a major sale twice a year: January and July. Prices go as low as 80% to 90% off. Think $100 shirts and $50 ties. Nothing is marked down now but January is just a month away.
Michael 212-752-5700


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