Thursday, February 4, 2010

Manolo Sale: Last Day

At this point, we may want to change the name of this site to Manolo Blahnik Spy-- but that's only because the sale is that good. Tomorrow, Feb. 5th, is the last day and we thought we would paint a picture for those of you who are still procrastinating.

At this point, the crowds are pretty thin and sizes and assortment are quickly diminishing. The price list goes as so: Blue sticker $185, green sticker $225, yellow sticker $250, red sticker $350 and alligator shoes are priced as marked, most of which are $700, from $4100!

The majority of shoes we picked up were in the category of $225 or $250, short boots were $250 and high boots were $350.

These prices are even better than last year, when shoes and boots were priced up to $400 (there was an orange sticker!) and alligator shoes were $1500. Of course, there will be a Manolo sample sale next month but who wants to shop in a hotel and deal with eBay crazed shoppers?

This sale is just one more day. If you want Manolos, go now.


hani said...

I got two excellent pairs yesterday. Suede Tuccios and a crystal-encrusted silver pair. 185 and 250. the silver pair used to be 1195 though. thrilling. Definitely worth getting a pair.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what time they close today - like 5pm or will they close at 2pm (when they normally do the inventory - since its the last day)?

Nichele said...

When you 1st announced the sale I ran over after FFANY on the 1st day, I found one of the few blue dot sale shoes - I purchased the sexy patent leather green pumps (3rd shoe in from right in picture) 1st pair of MBs and that's only because they were on sale!!

blacksheep said...

I went on Wed around 4:30 PM. Not much left in my size, 37.5. I had a little pile of shoes around me, but in the end walked out empty-handed... and felt good about it. I would have been buying those shoes simply because it was such an awesome deal ($185, $225, etc) or because the salesperson was so helpful, but not because I really liked the shoes that much. I did snag 2 great pairs during their first markdown!
Thinking about braving the sample sale next month...