Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sephora Closeouts 75% off

There's something about a $5 lipstick that makes our lips pucker. It's even better when the lipstick doesn't feel like crumbling wax. Well, we can all pucker up because Sephora is running another round of closeouts where products from Laura Geller, Cargo, and Kevyn Aucoin are all 75% off.

Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks are $5.80 from $23, Mousse Glace is $8 from $32 and eye pencils are $7 from $24. Cargo's Eyelighter is $5 from $20 and lip liner is $3.50 from $14. Laura Geller's Baked Body Frosting is $10 from $40, a kit of mascara and makeup remover is $5 from $20 and tinted moisturiser with sPF 20 is $7.50 from $30.

So go, knock yourself out and see how many products you can get for under $30.

ALT Takes the Shoe

Today was the infamous Manolo sample sale and Cinderallas from all over the the city/state/country/world lined up at the Warwick hotel to capture a small piece of luxury for the price of a prix fix dinner for one.

Although the $100 shoes are what brought everyone together, it was the master of ceremonies, Vogue editor, André Leon Talley who stole the show. As the unofficial Prince Charming, he shared his wisdom.

When Sally Holmes, a reporter for TheCut, questioned the hight of a particular heel, ALT pronounced:

“No, that’s okay, that’s okay! You go to the party, get out of the car, step into the party, leave.”

The man is a sage.

Photo Credit: Sally Holmes

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Manolo Sample Sale Survival Guide

We were the first publication to bring you word of the ALT-Manolo Blahnik sample sale and now it's just hours away. We know you're just dying to be the first to get your shoe in the door-- or out of the door in this case-- but navigating the lines, crowds and stock is not for the faint of heart.

Our axiom is to skip the sample sale and find a great retail deal, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to navigate all types of sales. To better facilitate our readers, we have compiled The Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale Survival Guide, which contains all the Manolo Blahnik rules (to the best of our knowledge) and a few handy tips. Enjoy and feel free to pass along real time information in our comment section or via Twitter @LilaDelilah.

Manolo Blahnik Rules
  • Cash only. So hit the ATM before you get in line.
  • Press and VIP's have been given invitations to attend the sale from 9am to 11am.
  • The general public is able to join the fun from 11am to 3pm.

  • Words of Wisdom
  • The diehards start queuing up from 5:00am. If you're not that dedicated-- don't be embarrassed -- we suggest arriving after the first rush but before lunch.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and one of our favorite pieces of advice from FashionProspectress is not to wear Manolos, "Chances are while you're trying on a gorgeous pair of slippers, someone else will try to buy yours."
  • Go with a friend or make friends online. At some point someone is going to need to make a coffee run or save your spot when a bathroom needs to be found
  • Travel light and keep your arms free. Leave everything you don't need at home and we suggest using a messenger bag so both hands are always free.
  • If you're not having fun, dump the sale and head over to The Modern for their three course pre-fixe lunch ($58). But keep reading Madison Avenue Spy because you know we'll find you Manolos for a great price without the hassle.

  • Manolo Sale Details
    Thursday, April 29, 2010
    The Warwick Hotel
    54th Street and 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Press access: 9am to 11am
    Public shopping: 11am to 3pm
    Cash only.

    Next up... Christian Louboutin sample sale. Stay tuned.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Stella McCartney x Gap 40% Off

    Stella McCartney and GapKids go together like bubble gum in a toddler's hair. Her line isn't particularly cutsie but has just enough edge to stay appropriately hip. What's even better is that this season some items were offered in an XXL. Guess who that fits? Ah-ha!

    The Spring collaboration launched on March 30 and who would have guessed that it would already be reduced in stores by 40% . Only select items are discounted 20% online. So if you want to get the best deals, you're going to have to pack it up to your local GapKids.

    Adorable pajama sets that are packaged in coordinating pouches were $38 and are now $22, the iconic fish print sundress was $58 and is now $32, and a crochet butterfly sweater (perfect in XXL) was $58 and now is $32.

    Last season, the discount topped out at 60% off, but we suggest buying what you like now because you can always take advantage of Gap's funky price adjustment policy.

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    DVF 70% Off

    Diane von Furstenberg is hosting an online private sample sale where an assortment of merchandise is discounted up to 70% off. The sale only runs until Wednesday, April 28 but there are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from. Shipping is also free if you enter the code shipsale at checkout.

    We found a one shoulder black dress for $103 from $345, a Missoni-like patterned top for $60 from $108 and a signature black-and-white print wrap dress for $128 from $425.

    Please note that all sales are final but DVF is usually pretty consistent with her sizing. For those who crave a more tactile approach to shopping, the Spring sample sale should is usually in late-May/ early-June.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Sigerson Morrison Warehouse

    Last week was all about beauty discounts and this week is turning out to be fixed at the heel. Thursday, of course, is the legendary Manolo sale but Wednesday starts the Sigerson Morrison warehouse sale.

    Flats, heels, sandals and boots will be discounted about 70% off. Items from the diffusion line, Belle by Sigerson Morrison will be reduced about 60% off. Bags, totes and satchels retail that for $650 to $2,000 will be reduced to $150 to $400.

    If you can't get to the warehouse sale there is a small selection of merchandise deeply discounted on Brown flats boots were $1275 and are now $383, python high-heel Marry-Janes were $995 and are $299 and ankle booties were $645 and are now $194.

    Sigerson Morrison Warehouse Sale
    Dates: Wednesday, April 28 to Friday, April 30
    Hours: Wed. 10:30am to 7pm, Thurs. 8am to 7:30pm, Fri. 1am to 3pm
    Location: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, gallery level

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Beauty Therapy: Jenn Falik

    Jenn Falik usually has the first and last word when it comes to beauty products. She is a permanent fixture on The View, the Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, E! News and Tyra Banks. She is warm and reassuring, just like a BFF.

    As a matter of fact, Jenn just started sharing her expertise on an web series called “Beauty BFF,” which is as addictive as a new lip gloss. You can check out her in-depth beauty analysis here but we are preoccupied with the Saks, Bergdorf and Bendel's beauty events and needed navigation assistance.

    Shopping for the beast deal is our job: At the beauty counter, Saks is offering 10% off, Bendel's 20% and Bergdorf's 25% off $100. The winner is obvious but what to buy is not. If only department stores offered a beauty concierge to assist customers across the brands!

    For our immediate needs we enlisted Jenn's help. Below are a few of her pointers-- what are yours?

    When did cosmetics start regularly going on sale?
    It used to be that beauty products never went on sale. Cosmetic companies used to offer special incentives like, a gift with purchase. People started to realize that they didn't ever really use those value sets and it really wasn't any value. It's only been in the past 16-months that department stores and cosmetic stores like Sephora, started to offer big discounts to entice customers. Now everyone knows to wait for a discount.

    What are some good items to buy for Spring?
    First you want to make sure your moisturiser has an SPF. Next, I would suggest brightening your lips with a bright pink gloss. I am obsessed with NARS Easy Lover and Tarte's bright pink lip stain with Muse lip liner.

    What are some of the new popular scents for Spring?
    Balenciaga's Paris, Oriens from Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Chloe by Chloe are very popular. I try to force myself into a signature scent each season to stop myself from buying everything. There are so many great scents out there that it's sometimes hard to resist.

    What products do you splurge on and where do you cut corners?
    A lot of that depends on what you care about. Makeup remover and face wash from the drug store is very similar to what you find in the department stores. You can definitely find good lipstick in a drugstore but if you're carrying a nice bag and nice wallet, why not also a nice lip gloss. It just makes you feel better.

    Henri Bendel's Friends & Family

    Henri Bendel is hosting a friends and family sale until Sunday, May 25th. Customers can save 20% throughout the store and online by using the code Friends and Family.

    Skip the cosmetics department, the discount at Bergdorf Goodman is better, but do explore the treasure filled jewelry department and handbag section. There are always unique designs from imaginative and original designers.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Manolo's Secret Sample Sale

    Put your foot on the gas and hold on to your pumps. The secret Manolo Blahnik Spring sale is back and ALT is the hosting. Usually reserved for editors and fashion insiders the Manolo sale is renowned as a full-on fashion event.

    We hear that this season's sale will feature Vogue's contributing editor and America's Next Top Model judge, André Leon Talley. He will be playing the role of Prince Charming and help women slip into their perfect shoe on Thursday, April 29th. That may be reason alone to attend. Everything is more fun when ALT is present.

    At previous sample sales leather heels started at $100. Usually the morning of the sale is reserved for press and insiders and the afternoon is open to the public. We wouldn't be surprised, however, if all the publicity of the sale changes the rules a bit. Don't blame us, we're just the messenger.

    For those of you who are unnerved by sample crowds -- present company included-- take a browse through your local Saks Off 5th outlet store. We recently found the shoe department to be very well stocked with Manolos-- all priced in the $200 range. It's not a $100 and there's no ALT but we found patent lather, high heel, Marry Janes and they come with a return option.

    Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale
    Thursday, April 29, 2010
    The Warwick Hotel
    54th Street and 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Press access: 9am to 11am
    Public shopping: 11am to 3pm

    Louis Vuitton Customers Read Discount

    It's well known that companies use subliminal messages to entice customers but a Louis Vuitton optical illusion is giving web surfers an Earth Day delight.

    Shoppers of the luxury house's website are mistakenly reading that Louis Vuitton is discounting all web sales 10% for Earth Day. After further inspection the text clearly states that a portion of sales will be donated to Global Green USA.

    Believing our own eyes might be going senior we enlisted the peepers of several volunteers and asked them to read the top line of image out loud. Every participant digested the text as saying, Louis Vuitton is offering an Earth Day discount. Most readers needed to read the full text at least three times until they understood the meaning correctly.

    Do you think this Earth Day illusion is intentional or unintentional?

    Oh, and for the record, Louis Vuitton hosted a similar promotion last year but 15% of sales were donated to The Climate Project.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Target's Liberty of London, Part Duex?

    Target is still in full bloom with Liberty of London's bright floral patterns and we are anxiously awaiting a markdown. (Could you believe all of floral printed note cards have been used already?)

    In the meantime, we were pursuing the Target website and came across a Liberty tote bag to be released September 5, 2010. Could a autumnal collaboration be in the works?

    The Target PR team promptly responded, "The Liberty of London collection is a short-term partnership that is for the spring season only." Hmmmmm. What do you think?

    Follow up:
    In the comment section, Deme points out:

    Those tote bags are being created from Liberty signage (billboard) that was outside of the pop-up shop. It is part of Target's "going green" effort by reusing the sign. Target spoke of this when the store was open.

    If that's the case, im preording mine now.

    Beauty Sales: Bergdorf Trumps Saks

    Retailing is a competitive business. Even the biggest department stores need to make sure they remain competitive. To offset Saks friends and family, Bergdorf Goodman will be luring customers with instant and future gift cards.

    From Thursday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 25th Bergdorf will be rewarding beauty customers with an immediate $25 off $100 or more. Additional gift cards will be given to those spending above $500. The gift card breakdown is below.

    Spend $500 and get a $50 gift card
    Spend $750 and get a $75 gift card
    Spend $1000 and get a $100 gift card

    Bergdorf's instant $25 off $100 spent, obviously trumps the 10% savings from Saks' friends & family. And everyone knows the walk from 50th to 57th will enhance your beauty more than any cosmetic product.

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Bloomingdale's Private Sale

    Just when you were all set to head to Saks for their friends and family sale, Bloomingdale's begins a "private sale." For three days-- from Tuesday, April 20th to Thursday, April 22nd-- shoppers can use a $25 off coupon for every $100 they spend.

    Coupons were sent to Bloomingdale's card holders but they can also be picked the at the information desk. The promotion is equivalent to 25% off but there is more... many departments are already discounted 15% to 40% off. Markdowns vary according to department and are confusing. You can click on the image from sale manual below, which outlines the discounts in some key departments.

    Bloomingdale's, here's some food for thought: should sales really require a manual?

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Saks Friends & Family

    The economy must be in full recovery because the Saks friends and family sale is not as generous as usual. This week, Saks is offering all shoppers 20% off clothing and accessories and 10% off beauty products and fragrance.

    The markdown during past friends and family promotions were 25% off for apparal and accessories, 20% off jewelry and 10% off cosmetics. At least your La Mar won't cost you any more.

    The sale officially starts on Thursday, April 22 and runs until Sunday, April 25th. Presale is already underway but remember that many designer items are excluded. Be sure to speak to your sales associate to find out exactly which brands are included. You can start shopping the sale online Tuesday and use the checkout code FRIEND4.

    Contact: Marie Jose 212-940-2536 (3rd Floor Premier Designers)

    Full Details: Rodarte Sample Sale

    At the end of March, news of the Rodarte sample sale hit the blogosphere and spread more quickly than a credit default swap. Like a CDS, there was an important piece of information missing: The location of the sample sale!

    Today, we have gathered ALL the details:

    Rodarte Sample Sale
    Tuesday, April 20 & Wednesday, April 21
    T 11:30 to 7pm, W 9:30 to 7pm
    38 West 39th Street (b/w 5th & 6th Ave)

    The sale is cash only and we are told prices will range from $40 to $4000. Ready-to-wear, shoes, t-shirts and accessories will be available, in addition to a few men's knits. If this sale is like last year's, most of the merchandise will be about $1000.

    To gain entrance you should RSVP to--the famous-- Oh yeah, we know Andy's last name now, but every good spy knows that some information should be withheld.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Filene's Finds: Missoni & Blumarine

    This is such a torturous time of year. The new season is starting and there's nothing on sale. Our credit cards were aching for a swipe when we decided to head down to Union Square to do some discount shopping at Filene's Basement.

    We are happy we did because we found some gorgeous pieces of Missoni and Blumarine priced at a fraction of their retail value. In addition to the average sweaters and blouses there are also several incredible evening gowns. Remember, the Spring benefit season is upon us.

    Here's the lowdown: Missoni sweaters and sweater sets are $199, complex knit dresses $399 and a sweater coat is $249. We also found a breathtaking, fully beaded vest that weighs about 10 pounds --think: x-ray vest-- for $299. The tag says, compare at $800 & up but we imagine that this piece was several thousand dollars.

    If you're into heavy beading, we also found a beaded Blumarine coat for $999, an exquisite gold sequined dress for $999 and a heavy beaded jacket for $499. There is also normal clothing like a sweet Blumarine summer top for $199 and jelly bean color knit sweaters with french collars and cuffs for $299.

    Gowns? A red Blumarine asymmetrical gown is $599, a Missoni gown in a rather subdued print is $299, a magenta ruffled Blumarine is $699 and a partly beaded Missoni cocktail dress is $499. Many of these dresses look like they were runway highlights and were originally priced into the $1000's.

    Our theory is that it's better to buy an item when you see it for a good price, even if you don't have an immediate need. It's when you are pressured to make a purchase that you end up overspending ...and on an item you don't even like very much.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Retail Therapy: Norma Kamali

    If you were to pick three fashion designers to join you for dinner at Indochine, you would definitely want Norma Kamali to be on your short list. Her design ideas are always unique and never dictated by trends, her spirit is welcoming but complex and her drive to break through boundaries and experiment with new technology is inspiring.

    Norma is credited with inventing the sleeping bag coat, high heeled sneakers and the multi-use poly jersey clothing that can be worn thirty different ways. She redesigned the bathing suit in 1972 and is credited for fueling the hotpants craze of the 60s. Today, her focus is creating cloths that are utilitarian. She has a line of clothing for Walmart, eBay and still maintains her signature collection.

    On of her many fashion theories is that, "Timeless style is the definition of modern fashion." Her shopping logic does not stray far. Read on and let us know what you think.

    What's your most prized deal?
    Like everyone, I love shopping to find something at a great price and that I know I can really use. I don't have one particular prized deal because I have learned-- with time-- possessions own you. So if I prize it, it will own me.

    Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
    There is always something better. I think that it is not meant for you to have and move on.

    This season you are looking for...
    I don't shop by season. I think that no one does really, except that it means colors change, fabrics may change. We tend to buy when we are emotionally connected to something we see and really like. I think seasonal wardrobes morph into one another and are no longer the main reason to shop.

    What's your number one shopping tip?
    Never shop under pressure for yourself or a gift.

    What's your biggest weakness?
    Buying for Zeke, my mini-daschund.

    Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
    A good bra.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Kimaya Comes to Madison

    Kimaya, India's biggest fashion luxury boutique is coming to Madison Avenue. Kimaya is renowned for incubating some of the most talented fashion designers in the subcontinent. Each boutique includes more than 110 high profile designers.

    The company already operates stores in Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai and will be opening a Madison Avenue outpost in September. Kimaya will be taking over the 4,500 square feet that was once the fine linen store, E. Braun at 717 Madison Avenue, at 63rd Street.

    According to Business Week, the state-side Kimaya stores were licensed to the US entrepreneur, Soigne Kothari who also has plans to open stores in Los Angeles and Miami. The company is targeting revenue of $15 million from each store.

    In addition to its couture clothing, the Kimaya is known for its lavish designer launch parties thrown for their wealthy and worldly clientele. We can't wait until Fall to get down Bollywood style.

    Takashimaya: No Sale

    The Japanese department store, Takashimaya is closing their Fifth Avenue store at the end of June. The store opened in 1993 and has been a great destination to find unique gifts and fine home furnishings. With a dimming future, we thought we would check out the sale situation and hopefully snag some wonderful zen-like vases or small gifts.

    To our surprise, very few items were on sale. We found a small rack of bags and clothing marked 30% to 50% off. A large gray tote with gold pockets was $1175 marked down to $799 and a tee shirt was $360, reduced to $129. In the housewares department, the only sale items were Christmas ornaments.

    Unfortunately. we left empty handed but don't think we won't be back. The store is scheduled to close in 11 weeks and we know discounts are coming. We are guessing the sale will get aggressive around Memorial Day. Word is that the Tackashimaya owners are also looking to sell the real estate. We imagine that will be marked down too.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Platinum Jewels in Bloom

    A flower is nature's finest accessory and there's no better paring than with a girl's best friend-- diamonds. Jewelry boutiques along Madison Avenue have coordinated to display lavish floral designs along with their dazzling jewels as part of a 10-day flower show, Platinum Jewels in Bloom.

    The multi-tiered campaign includes a patron of the Central Park Conservancy's Playground Partners hosting a private reception in each boutique. The money raised at each event, along with a portion of sales will go towards Playground Partners, which is charged with maintaining Central Park's 21 playgrounds.

    On Sunday, April 10, representatives of Playground Partners will be sponsoring a bulb drive in each jewelry boutique. Shoppers will be encouraged to honor loved ones with the planting of tulips and daffodils in Central Park. Each bulb is $1 and there's a $50 minimum contribution. Each donation will be recognized with a certificate indicating the number of bulbs planted, and the date of the gift. You can donate online here.

    Most stores chose to display native cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils along with their spring jewelry collections. You can click here to see a list of participating jewelry stores. This is the perfect excuse to get out, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and shop the jewelry stores along Madison, (Yeah, we know, you didn't really need an excuse.)

    Platinum Jewels in Bloom
    April 8 to April 17
    57th Street to 86th Street
    Tulip & Daffodil Drive: Sunday, April 10

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Sferra Vs Frette

    In New York there is always a fight to be the best: Daniel vs Le Bernardin, Mets vs Yankees, Eli's vs Fairway, The Post vs The News... you get the idea. When it comes to luxury bedding, the fight isn't any less aggressive with Sferra vs Frette.

    Some experts say that sheets above a 350-thread-count removes the "breathaility" of the cotton, while others insist that sheets of 1000+ thread count are the only way to go. We are going to keep our opinions to ourselves for this arguement but the gloves come off when it comes to comparing sales.

    Sferra is hosting a sample sale at the Chelsea Market where prices are 50% to 80% off. We hear the inventory is great but the crowd is a killer--especially in this heat. Over at you can find similar discounts (no crowds) but the selection on popular items like towels and blankets are very slim.

    Sferra fans head to Chelsea Market and Frette fans keep an eye on the website because there are some amazing deals and the inventory is always changing.

    Sferra Sample Sale
    Wed, April 7 to Sun., April 11
    10am to 7pm Wed. to Sat., 10am to 7pm Sunday
    Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (b/w 15th and 16th)

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Divorce Your Jewels

    Everyone woman needs a “pink pages” girlfriend. You know, the friend who knows everything about town. Like the pink pages of the New York Observer, she can tell you where you can get a good deal on a used Birkin, she texts you Daniel Boulud’s cell phone number when you need to cater a small dinner party and helps sell unwanted pieces for the best price.

    We like to think of Melissa “Missy” Schorr as our pink pages. It’s no surprise that she has made a successful career of helping her friends rid themselves of unwanted valuables with her company,

    Sure, there’s a jewelry store on every corner willing to give you cash for gold but it’s in Missy’s best interest to get you the best price because she knows you depend on her.

    A woman wanted to rid herself of a Cartier Love bracelet with diamonds, which retails for $11,900. After scouring 47th Street, the best deal she could find was $2,000. Missy helped her client sell her unwanted Love for $5,900. A great deal for the buyer and seller.

    Missy is usually accessible within the holy trinity- New York, Palm Beach and the Hamptons. She can easily help you discreetly get rid of your unwanted jewels but Daniel Boulud’s cell phone number is reserved for her BFFs.
    Click here to see a catalogue of her current stock of jewels, which includes a Buccelati ring and Bulgari bangles.
    Missy Schorr

    Sponsored Post

    Retail Therapy: Jill Zarin

    Jill Zarin hardly needs an introduction. She is a star of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York. As the other J.Z, she knows the ins and outs of New York and knows where to cop a great deal. Jill isn't afraid to admit her affinity for sample sales but is never willing to spend above her means.

    Her book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother was co-wrotten with her sister and mother and goes on sale April 15th. The book is filled with bits of feel-good wisdom like, "Always bring a sweater," "If you don’t feel good in your clothing, you will radiate insecurity and others will notice" and our favorite, "Make sure that you love something before you buy it."

    We are just hoping the sequel will be Secrets of an Upper East Side Shopper. For now, you can read on for Jill Zarin's unpublished shopping wisdom:

    What's your most prized "deal?”
    Wow...I am the queen of a good "deal." I love my sample sales just like the next girl. I can't pick just one though. My most recent was a fabulous Dolce dress that retailed for $3,600. I bought for 70% off.

    Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
    I am the queen of shoulda, coulda, woulda. A chanel bag in Las Vegas. I loved it, went back the next day and it was sold.

    This season you are looking for...
    Anything that makes me look skinny.

    What's your number one shopping tip?
    Don't buy on credit. If you can't afford it, you don't need it. It will probably go on sale. 70% of goods sold are sold on sale.

    What's your biggest weakness?
    Bags and shoes. I am hunting for a white patent leather BIG Chanel bag. I saw one in Vegas and can't find it. (Someone was walking around with it). If you find one...I want it!

    Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
    Louis Vuitton luggage and bags never go on sale. If you want it... be ready to pay full price.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    On Sale: Michelle Obama's Election Night Dress

    We happened to be trolling around the Bergdorf Goodman website and happened upon the sale section. Imagine that?!

    We couldn't believe what we found: Michelle Obama's election night Narcisco Rodriguez dress for 65% off. The now famous red and black ombre dress was $4,400 but is now $1,540. Talk about owning a piece of fashion history and it's even more beautiful in person.

    In addition to the iconic Rodriquez, we also found a few great Alexander McQueen pieces for 65% off. This stretch poplin dress, which is perfect for Spring in the city, was $995 but is now $348. A citron draped dress was $1,495 but is reduced to $523. Over at Neiman Marcus-- which owns Bergdof Goodman-- there is a black trench coat was $3,275 but is now $1146,

    As of now, all these items are in stock. If you're seriously considering one of these sale pieces we suggest that you buy now and decide later. Politics aside, they are all an amazing deal.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Ralph Lauren Discount

    Ralph Lauren usually throws a friends and family sale right about now but the company is hosting a cause related marketing promotion instead. From Tuesday, April 6th to Monday, April 12th you can get 25% off your Ralph Lauren purchase and the company will donate 10% of your bill to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund.

    We don't know if this incentive is taking the place of friend's and family, which is usually a 30% discount. Unless you're buying a croc Ricky bag the price difference is negligible.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much left from the Olympic collection but you can customize this USA track jacket with your own name. We also love the men's big pony polos for Spring/Summer. It's a Hampton necessity.

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Rachel Roy x Macy's

    Collaborations are becoming a bit of a snooze these days. Madness ensues and then you take home your haul to realize it's just like a Monet. ("It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess." Name that quote!)

    Check out this video from the H&M launch of Sonia Rykiel. Grown women reduced to a combination of swine and locusts. For the Liberty of London pop-up collaboration with Target, shoppers waited for hours to get floral print umbrellas, bikes and dresses. (FYI Target is completely restocked with Liberty and it doesn't seem to be moving. We bet it goes down to 70% off. Keep your receipts!) Charlotte Ronson and Urban Outfitters?! Ugh.

    We are pretty close to shutting out any label that includes an "x" separating a designer and retailer. Before we completely close the book, we thought it might be fun to shop at a distant, far off and exotic store for economic designer interpretations. Road trip: Macy's!

    Yes, we went to Herald Square in search of Rachel Roy's collection for Macy's. Finding the collection was not easy. The store is huge and we aren't even sure if the sales people there are familiar with their surrounding 10-square-feet, never mind other sections of the store. Four sales associates swore that they never heard of Rachel Roy and that the collection didn't exist. Finally we ran into a personal shopper who knew her way around the modern granary. (The collection is on 2.)

    Rachel Roy's line for Macy's is a bit trendy but falls right in line with her trademark uptown chic /downtown cool aesthetic. We found a great (real) leather jacket with peaked shoulders that looks a bit Rick Owens rocker with a splash of Rachel Roy polish ($249.) A (real) silk, water color, sun dress is $119, a tweed jacket with the sophistication of Chanel but shoulder emulets that make us think Balmain is $149, a hot pink trench with a cool print lining is $139and hot pink cocktail dress with a lace back is $119.

    Although the collection is more of a diffusion line than a collaboration, the collection is just proof that a high end designer can create a line of clothing that is afforadable but better constructed than a GM car.

    What's even better, is that Macy's is always throwing one day sales and sending out coupons. An Easter sale is running from April 1 to April 4th and the entire Rachel Roy collection is 15% off. Wait a bit longer and the disounts will even get better. But we must say, that biker jacket alone is worth the trip discount or not.