Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gucci Private Sale- Online

The Gucci private sale is now live online.

"Gucci is pleased to extend a special invitation to our most valued clients. Through this presale website, you will be able to reserve items from the spring/summer 2010 collection at the sale price, in advance of the sale. The official sale will begin on June 1, 2010."

If our basic calculations are correct, shoes , handbags and ready-to-wear are all 40% off.

For those who feel like 40% of is just a first offer, second markdown usually comes mid-June with a discount ranging from 50% to 60% off. If you're looking for true bargain basement prices, wait until mid-July when the leftovers are reduced to 75% off.


Anonymous said...

does this include the co-op stores?

Anonymous said...

Couple of questions: is bottega having a sample sale and why is current season bottega merchandise being sold on bluefly for 30 off. I thought bluefly sold off season merchandise to discounters.