Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retail Therapy: Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai

Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock are the dynamic duo behind Vena Cava. The two designers met as students at Parson's and revealed their first collection in 2003. Their designs are always classy and elegant but never loud or garish. Only as you see their creations up-close, do you notice the subtile details, which are always interesting and unique.

This fall, the designers are launching Viva Vena, a lower-priced T-shirt collection, which will include organic cotton and jersey Ts, tanks and dresses, all focused on signature photo collages and hand-drawn motifs. The entire collection retails for under $200 and will be in stores next month. If next month seems too far away to grab some affordable Vena Cava, check out , Saks and

Besides being amazingly creative and contagiously stylish, Sophie and Lisa are two of the sweetest fashion designers you will ever meet. And they have a great sense of humor. What do you think?

What's your most prized deal?
Lisa: Probably the bet that my dad made with me that I wouldn't get above a 1,200 on my SATS. I didn't get a prize, but the feeling that I won was enough solace for me.

Sophie: I got a Hermes watch on some shady Chinese watch website years ago, when eBay was like a ghost town. It was half price! I think it must have been stolen or something, but what a prize deal!

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
Lisa: Um. I don't usually have those kinds of regrets. I have the other kind where you buy the thing that you realize hours later is really lame.

Sophie: When Lisa and I were in Udaipur, India we stumbled upon the most amazing antique jewelry store. It was filled with the most magical ancient Indian jewels. I found a diamond ring where the diamond was cut in the shape of a pyramid. It was the most exotic and mystical diamond ring, and it was totally cheap! I always wish I had paid the $300 bucks it cost. It will be impossible to find that ring again.

This season you are looking for...
Lisa: Tiny handpainted rocks. I found some on the beach recently and they are awesome.

Sophie: I'm in need of vintage tennis clothes. I recently started playing at the public courts near my house, and have yet to find cool tennis gear! I've been searching eBay for 70's tennis dresses, but they are harder to find then you would think.

What's your number one shopping tip?
Lisa: Be openminded. This helps especially in terms of clothing sizing. Sometimes when you try on something that's like four sizes too big it can be amazing.

Sophie: Search eBay first, and use Esnipe.

What's your biggest weakness?
Lisa: Antique sportscars. I just can't stop buying them!! Just kidding. I fall hard for chocolate, things that are a red-orange or chartreuse color and minimalist mid-century silver jewelry.

Sophie: I basically keep collecting the same things that I love, over and over again--high waisted wide legged jeans, black blazers, vintage sunglasses, Marion Vidal jewelry, and things that were my mother's or my great aunts. My closet is full of seven versions of the same style; it's like an extension of my high school uniform.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
Lisa: No. Gotta Love getting a deal.

Sophie: In my opinion, things that last forever are okay to pay full price on--like a watch, a necklace or a nice bag. That's what my grandmother always told me. These objects get passed down for generations and become heirlooms with stories. Other then that, you can get the rest at Loehmann's!

Century 21 Clearance

Sharpen your elbows because Century 21 has slashed prices on their spring and summer merchandise. There are always great surprises at Century but the store's semi-annual sale makes even the Old Navy seem expensive.

During pervious markdowns, we have found Rick Owens, Missoni, YSL, Pucci, Lanvin, Balmain for over 90% off their retail prices. We can label drop from now until Winter-- but you get the idea. Shop now for the best selection. After all the tourists harvest the sale there may not be much left besides damages.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prada Launches Online Shopping

Hold on to your lunch money!

Prada is launching online shopping to US customers, according to Fashionista. The e-store is set to open Thursday, July 1 and it will mark the first time US customers can shop online directly from Prada.

The Prada website currently allows shopping from most European countries and includes handbags, wallets, accessories and eyewear. We have yet to see a markdown online but--you know--we will keep our eyes glued. Just don't expect any Target-like exchange and refund policies.

Gucci 2nd Markdown

Gucci has reduced their spring and summer merchandise up to 60% off online and in Gucci boutiques. We hear that the selection is going quickly but there's still a few key pieces from which to choose.

A classic asymmetrical dress is $979 from $2450, the Icon Bit shoulder bag is $779 from $1950, the Galaxy bag is $559 from $1390 and Daryl platform sandals are $369 from $930. However much you may be tempted, you must avoid the double-G gummy shoes ($99 from $160).

Most things Gucci are tolerable but those gummies are not.

Tim 212-717-2619

Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Kors 70% Off

Michael Kors has started their second markdown, according to Mad-Spy fan, GoToGirl NYC. As we predicted, all sale merchandise went to 70% off. The first markdown came earlier this month and was 50% off.

The new discounts are not reflected on the designer's website but a sequin trompe l'oeil dress was about $4000 and is now $1200. A cheetah print dress is $510 from $1700, high heel sandals are $210 from $685 and a "wrist belt" is $105 from $350.

Tony 212-452-4685

DSW Designer Clearance

DSW is clearing out their luxury designer summer shoes and many styles are 70% off. The online selection is going quickly but the Union Square store is still well stocked.

A pair of Giuseppe Zanotti jelly sandals are still $278 in the boutique but are $175 at DSW. Miu Miu peep toe flats are $200 from $495 and Bottega Veneta satin rope sandals are also $200 from $835.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barneys 2nd Markdown

Barneys has taken their second markdown and sale merchandise is now up to 60% off.

Why wait on a three hour line when you can get Christian Louboutins for $240 right here? How about a plex Prada peep-toe, which is just $219. This Vena Cava dress was $175 at the sample sale but just $159 online.

Tip: Hit a Barneys store for a better size selection.

David Evangelista's Oprah Audition

We all know that Oprah has ended her legendary talk show and is moving on to dominating her own network. Producing a show is one thing but programing an entire network with original and thoughtful content is another. So in classic Oprah style, she's hosting an online audition contest called, Your Own Show.

Of course, there is a mom cooking with her kids, a woman pitching a show about leaving a legacy, and a former pro-wrestler who wants to inspire others to open doors to a new life. But it was famed hair stylist, David Evangelista's audition that really caught our attention. We were so excited to get great style hints and beauty suggestions but all we got was a jar of narcissism.

In his 2:20min segment, David pitches a marriage between a traditional talk show format with his knowledge of beauty and fashion to create an "hour extraaaavaganza." David also explains that he knows how to be a great host but never describes the format of his dream show or how it would be unique.

"A great host is someone who can listen, someone who can take themselves out of the studio and put themselves on the couch with the viewer at home." He later continues, "I'm a Sagatarieous. We have the gift of gab. We don't shut up. Trust me, we keep on going and going and going."

No kidding, but please don't.

We'll give you one of those big beauty bear hugs if you bring back the David Evangelista we are used to seeing on CBS.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zara's Semi-Annual Sale

Zara started its semi-annual sale today. All spring and summer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men and children are discounted 20% to 50% off. The sale ends when all the merchandise is gone but the good stuff usually goes quickly and the damages are left as the sale continues on.

The world-wide chain has finally expanded the US arm of the website and now you can browse (not shop) through the current selection. One step at a time, kids. We are still waiting for the famed housewares department to come to the US.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retail Therapy: Eva Chen

When Eva Chen suggests you jump on a bottle Chanel's Paradoxal -- a shimmery-purpley-grey nail polish -- you should probably listen because it is sure to sell out before you even see it at the counter. As Teen Vogue's beauty director, Eva knows her products and can spot a trend two seasons away.

Eva is full of knowledge. She knows everything there is to know about Justin Bieber's hair, where to get the perfect manicure and almost anything and everything there is to know about mascara and lipgloss. As a Vogue girl, Eva knows a whole lot about fashion and shopping too.

Oh, Eva only owns one pair of "practical" flats and can find vintage Givenchy in Paris. Now, this is a language we can all understand. What do you think?

What's your most prized deal?
I found an amazing vintage Givenchy dress from the 80s in Paris last year (200 euros). it was perfect during the Balmain shoulderpad revival. It's beyond amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it's hanging in my closet just for me to look at and coo at. I haven't worn it yet! I also find the best and yummiest fur coats in Palm Springs for nothing!

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
When I was 20, my mother took me on a shopping excursion to Milan. We got in a spat about something silly. I think it was about the length of my hair. Anyway, we were at the Prada store in the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele --the first Prada store ever!-- and I remember looking at an amazing pair of platform heels. They were spindly and yet chunky at once. My mom told me to try them on and I, out of spite (!), refused. Those shoes still haunt me in my dreams. Besides that, for better or for my credit card's worse, generally I buy what I want. I really have shockingly little impulse control. Scientists should study me.

This season you are looking for...
I've been bejeweled, studded, and spangled for the last two seasons. For fall, I'm looking for cleaner lines and a simpler aesthetic, paired with slightly offbeat accessories. There's a pair of studded Miu Miu penny loafers that I'm dying over, and I'm on the list for the Burberry shearling booties, yum!

What's your number one shopping tip?
Make friends with salespeople, ask about private sales/pre-sales, and take the time to comparison shop! Wait, that's three tips! Also, if you LOVE something when you see it, buy it. Take it home, try it on in front of your own mirror (those angled mirrors are so tricky), and you can always return it if you change your mind. Shopping isn't always easy...

What's your biggest weakness?
Shoes, without a doubt! The less practical, the better. The other day, I was looking through my closet for a pair of "practical" shoes to take on a walking-heavy vacation with me. I found exactly one pair of Repetto flats.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
Skincare. Having clear and even skin is the ultimate luxury!

Neiman Marcus and Saks 2nd Markdown

Neiman Marcus and Saks started their second markdown today. Neiman's is offering customers an additional 25% off for a total savings of about 55% off. Saks has cut prices up to 60% off.

The Prada bags we were eyeing on already sold out online but there is still a great selection of designer merchandise. Floral print Louboutins are $450 from $895, a Valentino garden dress is $1777 from $3950 and a Stephen Dweck horn and citrine necklace is $494 from $930.

We would give you some price samples from Saks but the site keeps crashing. I guess that's what happens when you start marking down merchandise at 10pm

We suggest you put your selection in your shopping cart quickly because the good stuff is going fast. Alternatively, you can always call your local Saks or Neiman Marcus and shop in person. But that would mean missing a day at the beach. Hey, that's what cell phones and credit cards are for, right?

Zac Posen x Target Sale

We were scavenging through the sale rack of our local Target when we come upon several Zac Posen for Target pieces reduced 30% to 70% off. Unfortunately, everything we found was a size one or extra small.

Once home, we checked but found the Zac Posen collection still listed at full price. A service agent suggested we check the site on Sunday. That's when updates the site with new promotions.

Now that's a key piece of information that should be committed to your long-term memory.

Rachel Roy Sale

Love Rachel Roy? So do we. We love her even more when her cloths are 30% off wholesale. (That's like 70% off.) We were especially fond of the floral prints and bright colors used in the Rachel Roy Signature cruise and summer collections.

Rachel Roy Signature Sale
Until June 24
8am to 7pm
530 Seventh Avenue #505 (btw 38th & 39th St)

Life Ball Fashion Extravaganza

So you think New York Fashion Week is an extravaganza? Then you must have never been to Life Ball, in Vienna, Austria-- the world's most lavish and extravagant HIV and AIDS benefit.

The event encompasses so many brilliant factors, including this year's theme, Earth. On July 17, Life Ball guests will walk down the red carpet in costume or black tie. After a beautiful presentation, celebrity appearances, performances, Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole will host an exclusive fashion show.

Like most fashion events, there are only a limited number tickets available world-wide. But don’t worry,
Steele Luxury Travel has your ticket reserved! From July 14 to July 19 Steele Travelers will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Each traveler will enjoy the Steele treatment with roundtrip business class flights from New York, acommodations at the chic Do & Co Design Hotel, tickets to the Life Ball ceremonies, a city tour of Vienna, an exclusive tour of the Demel confectionary house and two unique dining experiences. All this AND a post-Life Ball Sunday brunch for just $4,200 a person.
Click here to see a list of available packages.

See you in Vienna!

Steele Luxury Travel

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Versace SS '10 Half Off

Earlier this month, we posted about a Versace markdown and commented that the next discount would be 40%. We were pleasantly surprised to got word that the Fifth Avenue boutique just started pre-selling for a second markdown, which is 50% off. This markdown will also include the runway collection, which includes lots of girly prints in pink, green and blue.

Contact: Michael 702-860-1914

Alexander McQueen Now 60% Off

As predicted, the spring/summer Alexander McQueen collection is now 60% off.

Our coveted shoes are now $324, the moth dress is $384 and the rubberized dress with side slits is now $579. We suggest you avoid ordering online and call the store because inventory is running low. Few things are worse than bouncing for a big purchase and having it canceled.

Mosell 212-645-1797

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rogan & Loomstate Sample Sale

Rogan and Loomstate are hosting a sample sale in Tribeca from Wednesday, June 23 to Friday, June 25th. Prices will be up to 75% off.

There will also be a special selection curated from the Rogan in addition to the normal Rogan denim, t-shirt, sweaters and dresses. We also hear that the sale will include the new Rogan denim shorts are cut from their "Duster or Derringer jean, popular for their comfortable, flattering fits and butt-lifting capabilities."

Who can resist a short with "butt-lifting capabilities?" We wonder if they have a top that does the same for sagging...

Rogan & Loomstate
Wednesday, June 23 to Friday, June 25th
Wed & Thurs 8am to 8pm, Fri 8am to 5pm
91 Franklin Street (Btw Broadway and Church)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ABC Carpet & Home Summer Sale

ABC Carpet & Home is a virtual candy store of design. Inside you will find the best of modern, traditional and antique furnishings, glittering chandeliers and antique rugs piled thoughtfully throughout. The store itself is inspiring, as are the stories behind their one-of-a-kind and indigenous pieces.

Shop the ABC Carpet & Home Summer Sale now through July 18th, go wild and save up to 75% off original prices on select items at all store locations. Hundreds of never-before reduced items from designers such as Tom Dixon, John Reeves, Barbara Barry and Ralph Lauren are now discounted up to 40% of original prices. In addition, select bedding and quilts are now up to 50% off, an assortment of throws and pillows are now 75% off and a mix of baby accessories and clothing are now 60% off. Thousands of handmade oriental and contemporary rugs are now priced by size at 30-75% off original prices: 6x9- $999; 8x10-$1499; 9x12-$1999; 10x14-$2499 and antique scatter rugs ranging from 3x5-5x7, priced $1,499 and under. The Conran Shop, now on the Lower Level, is also on sale with up to 50% off select outdoor furniture and accessories.

We suggest shopping now and anticipating your future decorating needs because before you know it those baubles and end tables will once again be full price.

ABC Carpet & Home Summer Sale
Now to Sunday, July 18
Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri 10-7, Thur 10-8, Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6:00
888 & 881 Broadway @ 19th Street (Click here to see more locations)

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Sold Out: Hermes Collier de Chien

We've all heard enough about Birkin Bag waiting lists to incite champion teenage eye rolling but Hermes bags are not the only item causing woman to clamour. During a casual conversation, a friend mentioned she could not get hold of the famous spiked Hermes belt, Collier de Chien .

Could it be true? Well, for the most part. It appears that there has been a run on small sizes of Collier de Chien belts (that's under 90cm or 35 inches) with black leather and gold hardware. The $1850 belt is sold-out around the country, and yes, the world. We tried calling Italy, Moscow, London, France and Japan and there's not a single belt in the desirable black/gold combo.

As a matter of fact, the Madison Avenue boutique has been sold out of the gold/black Collier combo since May. A Beverly Hills sales specialist told the same story adding, "Here, in Beverly Hills, the women are very small." In Paris, the smallest size is 95mm or 37 inches. Japan only has belts with brown leather and gold hardware and Moscow only has belts with silver hardware.

Fall shipments are beginning to hit Hermes stores but now there's a list, of course. If you want to make a spacial order you can get your belt in six to nine months. Who knew the incubation period for a belt would be the same as a baby? But really, are you surprised? It's Hermes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mikimoto Sale Review

Today Erin Jeen headed to the Mikimoto sale and this is what she had to say:

I got to the sale at around 6pm and the line to get in was about 30 minutes. The hallway in which we waited was scorching hot! Once you get in, you are welcomed by several sales associates behind a counter full of jewels. The overall shopping experience was apretty uncomfortable as other shoppers leaned over and were breathing down your neck as you tried on jewels.

All-in-all the markdown made the experience worth while as most jewelry was marked up to 70% off. Prices range from $120 to about $4000 for a large pearl ring. So go for the deals but don't expect to get platinum service

Mikimoto Sale
Thursday, June 17 to Friday, June 18
10am to 7pm
680 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
Credit Cards Only

McQueen Sale 40% Off

After the passing of Alexander McQueen, the UK Times reported that sales soared 1400%. Even amidst designer frenzy patience can pay off. In the case of Alexander McQueen, patience pays about 40%.

Those yellow and black heels we died for in the Winter are now $489 from $810, a moth print tank dress is $359 from $505 and a rubberized mini-dress with cutouts up the sides is $864 from $1440.

We imagine that the markdown will go to 60% off and there will still be a nice assortment from which to choose. Because really, what's there not to like?

Mosell 212-645-1797

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carol Brodie Answers Jewelry Questions

We tend to get a lot of reader questions ranging from fashion to shopping. The majority of the questions, however, relate to jewelry. Like everyone, we have an opinion on almost everything, but instead of answering the questions ourselves we thought it would be more educational to go to jewelry guru, Carol Brodie.

Carol's career is deeply rooted (or mined) in jewelry. After spending a decade at Harry Winston and Fabergé, she worked as a stylist and as a branding and communications expert. Carol is a gem of knowledge and we love that she wears the badge with no pretense. She's less of a stuffy expert (da'hling) and more like a close girlfriend ("Going out without earrings is like not wearing underwear"). You can see for yourself, when she celebrates the one year anniversary of her jewelry line, Rarities on HSN on June 19th from 5pm to 8pm.

Question: I'm looking for a gold watch but don't know if I should get it in white, yellow or pink gold.

Answer: If you do not already own a yellow gold watch, I would start with yellow gold. I love white and rose gold, but the look of white gold can be achieved with stainless steel and rose is a great choice for a second investment timepiece. If your heart is set on white or rose gold, there are some really beautiful vintage styles that may be a unique option. Alternatively, a rose dial can be a great way to incorporate this soft romantic color into a yellow or white gold timepiece.

Question: Everyone needs a cheap thrill. When is it alright to buy costume jewelry?

Answer: Costume jewelry rocks, especially when it is made well and can pass the scratch and prong test. I buy costume jewelry when I want to buy a look that is big, bold and trendy and I know that it would not be worth the financial investment to buy the piece in fine jewelry. Bold gold cuffs and long heavy necklaces are great costume pieces. I like to mix my costume and fine pieces for a chic look that is bold and modern. I would suggest buying costume jewelry that looks like “costume” as opposed to imitating the look of precious jewelry.

Question: I have all the basics: studs, a diamond solitaire, diamond band etc. What should I set my eyes on?

Answer: It all depends on your taste and lifestyle. I think every woman should own a chandelier or drop earring and a bold and colorful cocktail ring. These are the two items that can make any outfit look great. I love adding a talisman pendant like an evil eye, Buddha, peace sign, heart or butterfly to create a signature style.

Question: When is big too big?

Answer: Big is too big when it is out of proportion or budget. I believe that quality trumps size!

Question: Should you lighten your jewelry for summer? What are some inexpensive summer jewelry ideas?

Answer: For summer I love to add tons of color to my jewelry and layer on stacks of skinny bangles or beaded bracelets. Big earrings are so much fun in the summer as are coral and turquoise. With the next-to nothing fashions of summer, it is truly a season made for jewelry. For an inexpensive fabulous look, buy some wood or turquoise beads (already strung) and add on one of your own pendants (you can take any pendant to the jeweler and have them temporarily put it on the beads). Wood bead necklaces are all the rage and they look great with gem pendants such as evil eyes, stars, moons, drusy, gem slices are agate.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mikimoto Sale Returns

For the past two seasons the bi-annual Mikimoto sale was hosted at Soiffer Haskin. Regular customers of the sale complained about higher prices and questionable customer service. This season, the sale is returning home to the Mikimoto showroom

At past sales the prices ranged from 40% to 70% off. Now that Soiffer Haskin is cut out we would expect the discount to go to 80% off. Prices range from $100 for jewels from Mikimoto's lower end line, Blue Lagoon, to over $10,000 for more extravagant pieces.

P.S. We have heard that prices are negotiable on more expensive items. Shhh. Tell nobody you heard that here!

Mikimoto Sale
Thursday, June 17 to Friday, June 18
10am to 7pm
680 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
Credit Cards Only

Monday, June 14, 2010

(Cartier) Love For Less

Sale season is in full swing but before you drop another $1000 on shoes you might want to consider a purchase that will last longer than this season’s trend. Take this iconic Cartier Love bracelet, from

So chic, right? Perfect to wear every day for years to come and just $2,950. Unlike a new pair Choos, it will never need to be resoled and will look just as great a decade from now.

Maybe you still have your heart set on hot pants. Why not collect those single earrings with lost mates, grab that diamond bracelet "that guy" gave you and gather those out-of-style broken necklaces? will buy your outcasts for cash. Voila, instant hot pants without the 24% APR.
Missy Schorr

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Three Hour Beach Sale

Norma Kamali is hosting a three hour beach sale at her off-Fifth Avenue boutique. Bathing suits will be $98 and sunglasses and beauty beach products will be 50% off. The sale is on Thursday, June 17 but only from 5pm to 8pm.

As usual, the store will be offering the TBYB service-- that's short for try before you buy. So you have 48 hours to take your swimsuit home and get advice from your friends and family. You can even post your booty pictures on Facebook and send back anything that doesn't get positive feedback. Don't you wish all sales were like that?

One thing, to take advantage of the sale you must RSVP to Surf's up!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bottega Veneta Summer Sale

Bottaga Veneta has started the sale season with an amazing first markdown-- 50% off! Unfortunately, all the spring/summer bags and leather goods have been shipped away but there are still some great shoes and clothing to choose from.

If you're looking for woven leather goods, check out Bottega Veneta's online boutique. The actual markdown is unclear but the sale prices are reflected. A bright green tote is $1080, a tubular drawstring bag is $2019, a tri-colored clutch is $1080 and an orchid-colored belt is $239.

Angeline 212-371-5511

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot Activewear Sale

Summer is upon us and getting in shape is a crucial factor in looking good in all your new swimsuits. But running the reservoir or hitting your local gym definitely isn’t as motivating as another trip to Crumbs. Perhaps a new outfit can put you in the right mood.

Our usual workout motivation is Lululemon but at some point you have to question the validity of $100 workout pants. Isn’t the money better used on a trainer? That’s why we were so glad to meet HiEnergy's Stella, who sells some of the best activewear brands at near wholesale prices.

Ever hear of Bluefish and Bia Brazil? Tiffany, your LA doppelganger with the six-pack swears by them. Worried about shrinking or fading? (We’re talking about the cloths not your waistline.) Stella guarantees every item she sells.

For one day, Stella is setting up shop in the Empire State Building and selling activewear at near wholesale prices. So suit up and set a goal and even if you don’t get Tiffany’s six-pack you can be thankful for your New York brains, which will save you a bundle.

HiEnergy Sale
Tuesday, June 15
8:30am to 6:30pm
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Ave, Suite 5005
No Credit Cards

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Roger Vivier Private Sale

Customers of the Madison Avenue Roger Vivier have been alerted to a private sale via postcard. In order to have received this treasured piece of intelligence you must have shopped at the store. By shopped, we mean actually making a purchase.

Well, this "private" sale runs until Sunday and awards shoppers 30% to 40% off on summer styles. The famous pilgrim flat is included in the markdown but just in seasonal flavors like salmon, royal blue, pink, aqua, green and some metallics.

RV is not known for having markdowns, so we are sure that popular sizes, styles and colors will go quickly.

Contact: Mike 212-861-5371
750 Madison Ave. @ 65th Street

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Versace Markdown

Versace has started their summer sale. Shoes, bags and clothing are 30% off. The runway collection, unfortunately, is not included in the markdown. We especially loved the Versace bags this season but will wait for the next markdown, which will be 40%.

Contact: Joseph 212-317-0224.

Erin's Sole Searching

Our Summer intern and all-round hot stuff stylist, Erin Jeen did the rounds of all the important shoe departments and here is her report:

Berfdorf Goodman
Bergdorf began their 30% off shoe sale this week and the 2nd floor was madness. There are tons of glitter Louboutins, (retail $795) and glitter Miu Miu's. There was a plentiful amount of Balmain shoes. And oddly, there were a bunch of Chanel sandals and flats. They will further increase the discount soon, but I would check it out if you want to get your hands on the discounted Chanels.

Saks Fifth Avenue:
Saks had some classic Louboutins on sale, and even more Chanel sandals and sneakers than Bergdorfs. They had a few good odd ball brands thrown in the mix--Givenchy sandals, YSL Tributes-- and if you are lucky enough to be the size of the shoe, you have won the prize.

About 3/4 of the shoes I own were purchased at Barneys. I value their sale selection every season. Right now the discount is 40%, but soon they will take another 33% off. They have tons of Miu Miu clogs and mary janes. On the second sale day they had YSL Tribtoos, now there is only size 40.5. There are also a few Ann Demeulemeester sandals. Chanels were also abundant. There are lots of Lanvin flats and heels. I am holding off for the further reduction of 33%, but I would check it out!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Roundup Part 2

Summer shoppers are being presented a with a similar dilemma: Is it better to hit a department store or shop at the boutique. We already established that most Madison Avenue boutiques have reduced prices 40% but now it's time to do a price comparison with our local department stores.

Shoes and most ready-to-wear is 40% off. As far as we know, Barneys is the only store that marked down YSL's Tribute heels. There is also a great selection of Louboutins. The pre-sale started May 25th but there is still a good selection of merchandise.

Bergdorf Goodman
Bags and shoes are 30% off. Most ready-to-wear is 40% off. For the first time, we have heard that Bergdorf customers have been offered price matches and adjustments on prior purchases. This is a departure from their usual irreverent pricing philosophy.

Clothing, bags and shoes are 30% off. If you are looking for Chanel sandals, this is the place to shop. Plenty of styles have been marked down. Of course, that excludes the gummies. Be on the look out for additional discounts. During the Memorial weekend all sale merchandise was an extra 20% off. Bloomies can be tricky like that.

Shoes are a straight 30% off. Clothing and many handbag styles are 40% off. Presale started May 27th and we expect that another markdown is coming soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

DVF Summer Sample Sale

Few sales are more fun than the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale. That is, unless you show up at the wrong time. Today we hit the sale later than usual and were welcomed by a double line of shoppers waiting to get in.

Once inside, dresses were flying, hangers were catching and women were crowding. It was not the ideal shopping situation. The line for the dressing room was over an hour. Insufferable. At least the prices were the same as last season's sale:

Coats $350
Wraps and Vintage $250
Dresses $225
Cover Ups $100
Skirts $80
Blouses $80
Samples $50
Swim Suits: $50
Scarves $40

The samples, which can be found at the back left corner of the room, are always the best deal. It especially works if you fit into a DVF size 4.

The crowds should continue to thin out as the week progresses. Early afternoon is probably the best time to go. We may try again on Friday when prices are historically slashed. At the end of the last sale dresses were $70, wraps were $80 and skirts were $50. Keep your fingers crossed.

DVF Sample Sale
Tuesday, June 7 to Friday, June 11
Tues: 9am to 6:30, Wed: 10am to 8pm, Thurs. 10am to 7pm, Fri. 9am to 3pm
260 Fifth Avenue (b/w 28th and 29th)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Madison Avenue Round-Up Part 1

For the past month we have been on undercover shopping missions and reporting on the most secret and classified sales along Madison. As of now, all the private sales and pre-sales are done. Madison Avenue is officially on sale. For your convenience, we are summarizing all the markdown information we've uncovered and adding a few more pieces of intelligence.

Almost every boutique took their first markdown at 40%. We are wondering if this is an innocent trend or if there is some type of sordid CFDA price-fixing afoot. What do you think?

Ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories are 40% off. The sale went public June 2.
Betsy 212-535-5505

Ready-to-wear, shoes and some bag styles are 40% off. Of course, everything we wanted is either sold out or not marked down. We'll give it more time.
Gisella 212-717-8220

Christian Louboutin
The summer collection is 40% off. There is a great range of styes and there is still a good variety of sizes left.
Erich 212-396-1884

Dolce & Gabbana
Ready-to-wear, shoes and most bags are 40% off. There are three full floors of merchandise from which to choose.
Rodney 212-249-4100

Giuseppe Zanotti
Most summer styles are 30% off. Giuseppe now has a US e-boutique with sale merchandise but selection is much smaller than the store.
George 212-650-0455

Shoes, handbags and ready-to-wear are all 40% off. The sale went public online and in boutiques on June 1.
Contact: Tim 212-717-2619

Lisa Perry
There hasn't been a markdown on the current season's merchandise but downstairs in the "Vault", fall and winter clothing and accessories are 50% off. Don't miss Lisa Perry's personal garage sale where she is selling amazing vintage Pucci, Courrèges and Pierre Cardin for about $1000 a piece.
Lisa Perry 212-431-7467

Michael Kors
Shoes, bags and clothing are 50% off. We love the soft palate of lavender, gray and blue Michael used this season. The discount often goes to 70%.
Tony 212-452-4685

The spring and summer collection ranges from 40% to 50% off. The sale started mid-May and the merchandise is starting to run thin.
Connie 212-517-9339

Ready-to-wear, shoes and select bags are 40% off. There are lots of great cloths to choose from but the shoe selection seems uninspiring. The sale officially began June 3rd.
Ana 212-327-4200

Oscar de la Renta
Ready-to-wear (including dresses and gowns), accessories, shoes and handbags are 40% off. Do you think Oscar hopefuls ever shop Oscar's sale for their gowns?

Sonia Rykiel
Bags, shoes and clothing is 40% off. The sale started about two weeks ago and the inventory is already running low.

Select shoes and bags are 30% off. Clothing is 40% off. Unfortunately, the most popular shoe styles, like Tributes, are not on sale.
Charles 212-980-2970 (YSL, 57th Street)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Summer Sale

Dolce & Gabbana has officially reduced their summer merchandise by 40% today. Ready-to-wear, shoes and most bags are included in the sale.

The selection is still plentiful but it's still hard to digest the high ticket prices when the Nordstrom Rack, on Union Square, has current season Dolce merchandise for over 70% off. We expect the Madison Avenue discount to go to at least 60% by August.

Contact: Rodney 212-249-4100

Chloe 40% Off

Chloe officially took their first markdown and ready-to-wear, shoes and some bag styles are 40% off. There is still a great assortment of merchandise. Be aware that the merchandise varies between Chloe boutiques.

In past seasons, the discount has started off at 50%. Will there be another markdown? Our guess is affermative.

Contact: Gisella 212-717-8220

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alexander Wang Markdown

We hear that Alexander Wang is looking to open a retail store in NYC. We imagine that he isn't shopping Madison but where ever he lands it will be a popular draw. Until then you can shop his online store where the discount is 40% off for bags, shoes, clothing and underwear for both men and woman.

A black draped shift dress is $67 from $112, a mesh shopper is $435 from $725 and clogs are $285 from $475. There is still a great selection of merchandise and sizes. We just wonder if there might be another markdown to come.

Oscar de la Renta Private Sale

Oscar de la Renta has started their private sale online and in stores. To view the markdown online you must use this link.

Ready-to-wear (including dresses and gowns), accessories, shoes and handbags are 40% off. In past seasons the discount topped out at 50% to 70% off. So keep checking the site if you have your eyes set on a something something.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marc Jacobs 30% Off

By this time last year, Marc Jacobs was closing out all of his summer stock with a 70% off discount. This year, however, summer merchandise didn't hit the store until late in the season and the discounts are coming slower than usual.

Starting today, the Marc Jacobs boutique (in SoHo, not the West Village) is discounting the spring/summer collection 30%. The sale includes ready-to-wear, shoes and jewelry. If you're looking for sale bags you might want to search Net-A-Porter, where several styles are 30% to 40% off.

Contact: Cynthia 212-343-1490