Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now Open: Sur La Table

There are few things we love more than shopping and cooking is a close contender for second. Unfortunatly, there are not many places to shop for kitchenware on the Upper East Side. There's William's Sonoma and, um, Bloomingdales.

The mid-town based JB Prince, which specializes in chefs' tools and equipment, has been our normal go-to destination for everything in the kitchen. That's why we were so excited to find a new culinary hardware store right in our neighborhood. Sur La Table, which opened on Friday, is located on Third Avenue and 75th Street.

The Seattle-based corporation has more than 72 locations throughout the country and carries literally thousands of items, including books, cutlery, gadgets, glassware, serving pieces and hard to find items. On our first walk-though, we were delighted to find everything from small ramekins ($3 each), a traditional Moroccan tagine ($124), a machine for sous vide ($425), stainless steel mixing bowls ($20) and dozens and dozens of knives. We were in culinary heaven.

As far as prices go, Sur La Table is quite reasonable even when items are put side by side with JB Prince. Think of all the money we are going to save cabs. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood!

Luca Luca Sample Sale

When a designer sample sale occurs too often it causes us to become skeptical. This was the case when we got word of an upcoming Luca Luca sample sale. It only takes one not-so-great-markdown to keep us doubtful of future sales.

Last week, a trusted source asked us to post about the latest Luca Luca sample sale. We were doubtful and pushed for details. The official word is that "the majority of merchandise is 75% off." In addition, new summer merchandise will be marked 75% to 80% off and older season merchandise will be 90% off.

That sounds like a great deal to us. Let us know if you hit the sale and we'll post your comments.

Luca Luca Sample Sale
Thursday, September 30 to Sunday, October 3
Turs & Fri 9am to 6:30pm, Sat & Sun 11am to 5pm
19 West 36th Street, 4th Floor

Monday, September 27, 2010

Scoring Luxury for 90% Off

Scouring the globe for the chance to spend more than $1000 on a sold out Louis Vuitton Alma kind of seems absurd. But how about if you can score this hard-to-get bag for 90% off? Oh yes, you read correctly!

No, we’re not talking about eBay, where you’re lucky to spend full price and not get a fake. Penny auctions are where the real deals are found today. Take as a prime example. is a high-end penny auction, which allows you to buy bids and score great luxury items for a fraction of their retail price.

What’s even better is that all the items on the site are purchased directly from the retailer and are guaranteed authentic and brand new. Last week, for example, a $1000 gift certificate to Tiffany sold for just $19.88 and a $2400 Gucci bag sold for just 84-cents! Could you believe?

Yes, it may cost $99 to buy 100 bids, but you’re ahead over $600 if you win the Chanel wallet for $200. A Chanel wallet for a total of $300 is a score in our book. How about yours?

Check out to find great deals on amazing luxury items.

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The Plaza Shops On Sale

Today, we took advantage of the rain and spent time exploring the Shops at The Plaza Hotel. The whole ambiance is a bit hard to describe-- lots of lovely things with very large price tags along with a dash of pretence.

It's almost as if the Plaza shopping area was created for a scene from Pretty Woman. "Oh my, I'm staying at the Plaza but failed to pack a single item. I must go downstairs and shop." Or this could be where Cinderella's godmother hides her gowns. "A ball tonight? We have gowns galore!"

We didn't encounter another shopper during our entire tour, which lasted a good two hours. The economics just don't make sense. We knew it was only a matter of time until we found some good discounts.

The first was Emanuel Ungaro, where spring/summer 2010 merchandise is still occupying half the retail space. At 50% off, prices were still a bit high. We found a very chic day-dress reduced to $1400 from $2800. When we didn't see what we wanted, a sales lady was able to dig up gowns from two years ago. Isn't that considered vintage?

Next on sale was Francesco Fino, which seems to be the resident bridal store. You know, when you plan your wedding at the Plaza, you need to buy your gown there too?! All jests aside, the gowns in this boutique were exquisite. The fabrics and tailoring are not easily found these days.

The discount on these true couture gowns ranged from 50% to 80% off. A magnificently draped gown in a green and red print was 80% off, $2240 from $11,200. A less ornate strapless cocktail dress was 60% off or $3600 from $9000. A more basic but very stylish gown was 50% off or $1780 from $3500.

There were no sales to be found at the Eloise store, but we must admit that the experience was priceless. We couldn't imagine a more enjoyable morning spent trying on costumes, playing tea party and relaxing in the music room. Everyone, including the tiniest Spy agreed that this is one of New York's top children's destinations. At the very least, it was the perfect rainy day activity!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Judith Ripka Sample Sale

We know it's a bit early but thought you might want to plan accordingly for the Judith Ripka sample sale. The sale, which runs October 8 through October 12, will include the silver and the 18k couture collections.

The inventory, we are told, is pretty extensive. It's so large, in fact, that you could consider this a sample sale road show. The jewelry brand just wrapped up five sale days in Southern Florida and will continue on to California for four days, after the New York. That's a lot of jewelry!

Prices are said to be between 50% to 70% off and will start at just $250. What's better, is that we have a $50 coupon that can be used towards any purchase!

Judith Ripka Sample Sale
Friday, October 8th to Monday, October 11th
Fri-Sun 10am to 6:00 pm, Mon 10am to 5pm
The Carlton Hotel, 88 Madison Avenue (b/w 28th and 29th St)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beauty Promotions Guide

We've never been able to understand why all the surrounding department stores offer beauty incentives at the same time. And what's the deal with those gifts with purchase. Are they ever actually usable?!

For anyone in the beauty market, we have put together a handy promotions guide. It appears as if the best deals are at Bergdorfs but let us know if you're able to find a better incentive.

Spend over $175 and get a bag full of "goodies." Woopie! This deal runs until Saturday, September 25th.

From now until September 26, you can select from a series of products online and get a gift. It's not such an attractive incentive but they do have the new YSL Opium, Belle D'Opium, which doesn't officially launch for a week. We had a sneak preview and promise the sent is intoxicating.

The code BEAUTY is required at checkout.

Bergdorf Goodman
From now until Sunday, Bergdorf Goodman is offering customers a $25 beauty gift card, which is good towards a purchase of $100 or more. In addition, customers can receive additional gift cards when spending above $500.

Saks Fifth Avenue
From September 30 to October 9, dozens of beauty counters at Saks will be offering gifts with purchase. In addition, Saks will be give customers a tote bag with the purchase of $100 or more.

Simotanously, S5A is running an electronic gift card event, which ends October 1. The gift card breakdown is below.

$250-$499-> $25
$500-$999-> $50
$1000-$1999-> $100
$2000-$2999-> $300
$3000 & up-> 450

(Yes, there are dozens of restrictions -- Chanel, Prada, Louboutin, Miu Miu etc.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bloomies Friends & Family

It's time to scan your most wanted list because Bloomingdales started their pre-sale for friends and family today. The sale, which will officially start on Thursday, September 30th and run until Sunday, October 4th, will offer customers the first chance to shop for discounts.

The f&f markdown will be 20% off. These days, "friends and family" translates to all customers. So don't be shy about asking for the f&f discount to be applied to your purchases. No, Chanel is not included, cosmetics are not included, and other certain designer exclusions may apply.

You can always wait until the Saks friends & family sale in early October if the 20% at Bloomingdales isn't enough to get you shopping. The Saks discount is usually 25% and includes more designers, but still, not Chanel.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hermes Sample Sale Disappoints

We hate to pat ourselves on the back, but it just feels so good to be right. Last month, we reported that the Hermes sample sale was being moved to Soiffer Haskin and predicted higher prices and a smaller assortment.

We were right on both accounts. We had spies at both the press sale (that's the 10:00am entry) and the VIP sale (after 2:00pm) and everyone was disappointed. The sale officially opens to the public on Wednesday.

Before you stand on line for three or four hours, we have all the details of what you can expect. Forget about finding your dream Kelly at a discount. You would be lucky to find a Garden Party. This sample sale is usually amply stocked with these preppy canvas totes, but our spies spotted only just two. And get this, usually the sample sale price for a Garden Party is about $800, this season they are above $1,000.

There are no home furnishings or home accessories, the assortment of shoes is quite limited and there wasn't even a large variety of ties, which is usually our go-to product. One attendee did find some towels marked $430. They retail for $450 and are $364 on Bluefly.

Even fragrances were priced between $15 and $35 at the last sale, but are now $50 to $75 at Soiffer Haskin. Silky Pops --the Hermes version of an eco friendly shopper-- was 70% off last season, this season they are now only 50% off.

So what will you find? A smaller assortment of scarves, for the same price as past sales ($225 from $372, in stores). There's lots of jewelry (yawn). The best deal are the skinny enamel bracelets, which are $184 from $460. There's lots of ready-to-wear, but most of it is at least two seasons old.

The best part is the line to pay was non-existant, where is it usually about an hour wait. Want to know why? "There's nothing to buy," said one of our spies. That about sums it up. Our advice is wait until next season when Hermes will again take control of its own sale. If you want to take a gander for yourself, go in the afternoon after the second day of the sale.

Hermes Sample Sale
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)
Public Shopping: Wednesday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 26
Wed, Fri and Sat 9am-6pm, Thurs, 9am-8pm, Sun. 1pm-5pm

Monday, September 20, 2010

Louboutin Sale on TheOutnet

We've been told that has received a shipment of Louboutin shoes, which they plan on discounting across the span of Wednesdays. The first sale day was last Wednesday and shoppers pounced on the opportunity to buy Loubs at 40% to 60% off.

We are told that at the height of the sale, TheOutnet received four orders every second. Now, that's some heavy mouse action, and we expect the feistiness of discount-seeking Louboutin shoppers to increase. (To get a jump on the process, register here.)

This Wednesday, shoppers can expect to find a wide range of red-soled shoes styles including, Taupe N Barre 140 Jazz Mary Janes ($483 from $965) and Animal print Pigalle 100 pump ($453 from $965).

Granted, these prices may be $100 more than a Louboutin sample sale but avoiding aggrivation is some times worth the extra expense. This is doubly true when it's raining, 45-degrees, and there's a four hour line outside. Don't cha think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louis Vuitton Classics (Almost) Sold Out

This is going to seem almost entirely unbelievable, but it's true: Louis Vuitton is almost entirely sold out of all their classic Monogram Canvas bags. As a matter of fact, the Wilshire is the only classic monogram bag that's still in-stock online. The inventory depletion seems to have also spilled over to Damier Ebene and Azur Canvas, Monogram Multicolor and Monogram Idylle bags too.

If you are in dire need of a monogram Vuitton, have no fear. We called several boutiques on the East and West Coast and found some classic style bags. Neverfills and Delightfuls are available in limited sizes and Tivolis and Wilshires seem to be available too.

According to one West Cost sales associate, the monogram shortage is "world wide and has been going on for over a month, at least." Each sales person we spoke to appeared to be reading from a similar script: "The limited availability has stemmed from raising customer demand in leather goods. Our bags are all hand made and the increased demand has caused global shortages."

If you're anything like us, you're thinking, "You must be f-ing kidding." This statement makes no sense on many levels.
- These are canvas bags with a bit of leather trim!
- Louis Vuitton is more than 150-years-old and for some reason, in 2010, there is more demand than ever?!
- Who is demanding these bags? Anyone recognize the term "global recession?"
- LV hasn't introduced an interesting new style in monogram canvas in several years

This story is going to need further investigation but we do have a conspiracy theory of our own. Amidst the global recession, Chanel cut production. When customer demand increased, in 2009, inventories quickly diminished until there were no classic style bags available during Christmas time. Customers were frantic.

Would it be entirely unreasonable to believe that LV is creating shortages now to bolster early Christmas shopping? According to sales associates, supply should be increasing in the next four to six weeks. That would be just in time for the very beginning of the Christmas season. Just a theory, my friends.

Another theory? In the past several years, LV has had uninitiated more than 13,000 counterfeiting proceedings and launched 6000 raids, which have lead to over 1,000 arrests of counterfeiters. Could cutting supply help the company's investigations? The shortages do seem to be some of the most counterfeited styles???

We don't know if we will ever learn the real story, but isn't it fun to speculate?

For now, what do you do if it's your --mother, sister, wife, boss's--birthday and she really wants a LV Speedy? We suggest getting on the horn immediately. We are told that Vuitton boutiques will only transfer inventory if you're already an existing customer. (It doesn't seem as if multiple generations of customers make a difference.) Supposedly, you will have to wait until inventories are replenished if you're name is not in their computer system. But, you know...

What's your opinion on the situation? How much do you think prices will rise on Ebay?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Week: Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways....
We loved the Xerox prints, in black and white and full-on color. We love little cocktail dresses topped with sheer organza. Shall we talk about the flowing watercolors?

Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011

Who is the customer:
Elegance with a sense of humor

What to buy: Black cocktail dress with jeweled encrusted organza topper

Bypass: Anything that doesn't make you feel fabulous.

Overall contribution to fashion: Isaac is proof that fashion doesn't need to be uptight or pretentious. The best looks come from a designer who is dedicated to being creative for the sake of love.

Fashion Week: Gottex

One of the problems with fashion is that so many of the runway styles never make it to stores. How much would you love to wear a jeweled encrusted bathing suit? Chances are you will never see most of Gottex's looks at your local Saks, and that's unfortunate.

Gottex created a stunning collection of jeweled swim suits and cover-ups in dazzling shades of green, navy and black. Wearing one of these numbers would definitely get heads spinning at your local beach club. Just be sure to stay out of the water.

Gottex Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Those who lounge on the decks of yachts docked in St. Barths.

Why buy: Looking great around the pool is paramount to swimming.

What to buy: Dazzling navy suits.

Bypass: Getups where there are too many ties and strings.

Fashion Week: Milly by Michelle Smith

Designer, Michelle Smith is definitely feeling the Madison Avenue vibe. This Summer, she announced plans to open a store at 900 Madison Avenue (between 72nd and 73rd Street) and her most recent runway collection was said to be inspired by renowned Upper East Sider and art collector, Peggy Guggenheim.

The fashion was a modernized take on the classic uptown look: belted shift dresses, stripped cardigans and Bermuda shorts in a variety of floral patterns. And of course, there were lots of girly dresses accentuated by bold jewelry.

Milly Spring 2011

Who is the customer: The classic Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf

Why buy: You have sophisticated taste but are still under 50.

What to buy: Poppy print dresses and bold costume jewelry

Bypass: Cropped halter top with short-shorts. It looks great on the runway but couldn't imagine it being street appropriate.

Overall contribution to fashion:Michelle proves that you can look like an uptown girl without looking like you stepped out of a closet filled with moth balls.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion Week: Tibi

Lets face it, girls love dresses and Tibi knows how to turn out collections that always feel modern and never too precious. Amy Smilovic's collection, for Spring, was simply delicious. The styling ranged from sleek and structured to simple and breezy. The use of floral cut-outs and stick-ons was a nice alternative to eyelet fabrics.

Tibi Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Women with spring in their step all year round.

Why buy: Amy serves a modern spin on dainty.

What to buy: Flower cut-out dresses with an empire waist. We'll take one in mustard and white please.

Bypass: Printed silk pants and blouse. Head to toe print is a bit much.

Fashion Week: Pamella Roland

You can always depend on Pamella Roland to turn out fabulous designs for the red carpet. This season, Pamella was inspired by the Greek Isles. Bone, black, bright orange and Mediterranean blue were key elements in her interpretation. One shouldered draped gowns and jeweled accents made this collection glimmer.

Pamella Roland Spring 2011

Who is the customer: The intricate draping made some of the more formal designs feel effortlessly elegant.

Why buy: Pamella makes dressing for a special event feel, special.

What to buy: A jeweled detailed cocktail dress with bell sleeves or the more formal, navy chiffon layered gown.

Bypass: From afar, the triangle patterned evening gown looked like it was covered with eyeballs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion Week: Chris Benz

Welcome to spring 2011! Chris Benz serves up a wonderful collection of stylish and expressive clothing that is both wearable and enjoyable. This season, Chris was inspired by Americans in Paris, circa the sixties. Think of it as Holly Golightly goes to Paris-- bright colors, trapeze minidress, sheer wrap dresses with chunky heels and retro sportswear.

Chris Benz Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Stylish and self-assured women who aren't afraid to laugh in public.

Why buy: Looking good usually isn't very complicated but adding your own personality creates true individual style.

What to buy: Dainty retro dresses.

Bypass: Floral patterned pants may be too much personality.

Overall contribution to fashion: Sometimes you can attain a great look buying vintage clothing. Other times, vintage can look like a costume. This Chris Benz collection is the perfect solution for someone looking for a great retro look that's still very 2011.

Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera's spring collection was a twist of east-meets-west as she tells the tale of being inspired by Korean evening wear. When novice designers attempt to make similar fusions, the result is often costume-like and awkward. This was certainly not the case with Carolina's masterful talents. The gowns and dresses were as exquisite as one would expect but the twist in details made each design all the more interesting.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Simple, stylish, elegance

Why buy: If you see enough evening dresses they sometimes start all looking similar. This collection has s distinct spin on classic elegance.

What to buy: Gowns with sweet cherry blossom embroidery

Bypass: One or two items were a bit more Eastern influenced than necessary.

Overall contribution to fashion: The fusion of designs was as wonderful as dinner at Indochine.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Week: Nicole Miller

The light layers and silky satin and gauze-like fabrics, in shades of bone and gray, seemed to float down the runway of Nicole Miller's spring 2011 collection. Of course, there were still some iconic black Nicole Miller pieces, despite diaphanous styles that made up the majority of the show. We just wish there was more of Nicole's signature figure flattering ensembles.

Nicole Miller Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Stylish urban women

Why buy: Nicole Miller gives evening wear a unique twist of sophistication

What to buy: Backless dresses, which add a sex appeal to the minimalist.

Bypass: Dresses that could make Kate Moss look pear shaped.

Overall contribution to fashion: The neutral palate and sheer fabrics are perfect for the Spring. As usual, every piece was tailored beautifully.

Fashion Week: Ports 1961

Fiona Cibani has been designing for Ports 1961 for several years but her opportunity as lead designer took shape, this season, when her sister, Tia, took a step back. The collection was inspired by a trip to southern Tunisia to explore the Sahara and the pretty daywear and sophisticated cocktail pieces are as dreamy as a desert mirage.

Ports 1961 Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Women who appreciate the most beautiful part of simplicity.

Why buy: This collection was a series of timeless pieces that can be worn by women of any age.

What to buy: Purple or mineral printed dressed

Bypass: Dresses that are oversized and boxy.

Overall contribution to fashion: This collection proves that there is nothing boring when neutrals are used correctly. We still, however, love the bursts of color.

Reporting by Erin Jeen

Fashion Week: Nautica

Nautica's image has always been classic americana on the high seas. With Chris Cox, at the helm as creative director, Nautica is delivering the same message as it did 27 years ago, when the company first started.

Nautica Spring 2011

Who is the customer: The all-American nautical man

Why buy: This collection takes a spin on the typical prep look.

What to buy: Navy blazers are always classic.

Bypass: Clashing ties and suits

Overall contribution to fashion: Your man will look sharp in any of these simple suits. Nautica is priced pretty affordably, and has long been a leader in men's formal fashion.

Reporting by Erin Jeen

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Week: Whitney Eve

Whitney Port, from MTV's The City, debuted her fashion line, Whitney Eve this weekend. In the spirit of reality TV we thought it would be great to channel Joe Zee for our review. So, what would Joe Zee say? The collection was flirty, cute and very wearable but Whitney's fashion point of view is still not very strong. Whitney, we loved the collection but we are still waiting to see your signature.

Whitney Eve Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Girly girls with a fashion flair.

Why buy: Ruffles always win your heart but the urban twist makes each look feel ultra cool but comfortable.

What to buy: We especially liked items featuring Whitney's zig-zag print.

Bypass: Whitney Port is the MTV reality generation. So the styling might not be right for those who were part of the VH1 generation, when there was a VH1 generation.

Overall contribution to fashion:
There is nothing not to love about this collection. It's sweet and very wearable. To Naysayers: How many albums did Miley Cyrus sell as Hannah Montana?

Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson

The best thing about fashion in the 90s was well, nothing-- or so we thought. Charlotte's collection made us nostalgic for combat boots and Seattle bands. Although we opted out of the both the first time around the romantic floral dresses and hooded sweaters did make us a bit regretful. Here's your second chance...

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011

Who is the customer: The next wave of hipster and 30-somethings ready to bring back Teen Spirit.

What to buy: Romantic maxi-dresses with a floral print. Remember, the tee-shirt is optional.

Bypass: Combat boots, there is no way they can be flattering.

Contribution to fashion: There's a reason why hippies live in the 60s. There is a special something from the 90s that is just beginning to be explored.

Fashion Week: Duckie Brown

The duo behind Duckie Brown, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, have a knack for making finding a keen point of view. Some might say that their fondness of mis-matched prints and cropped pants are a bit excessive, especially for men's fashion. We say, bring it on. The best part is that the designers are sticklers for perfect tailoring and their collections are handmade. Now, that makes all the difference.

Duckie Brown Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Men looking for an unique modern spin on the "hipster" look.

Why buy: The collection is styled wonderfully. Pieces can be worn
as seen on the runway or mixed with your current wardrobe. The clothes are both wearable & practical.

What to buy: The print ankle pants are iconic.

Bypass: The plaid pieces. Too much plaid is just, well, too much.

Overall contribution to fashion: Duckie Brown gives men a chic spin on the "hipster" trend. From the collection we get some pluralist pieces and some drastic prints. The collection is practical and actually ready-to-wear!

Reporting by Erin Jeen

Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi is a Japanese designer who started his career as a celebrity costume designer. His namesake collection specializes in affordable special occasion dresses, which are carried in Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom.

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2011

Who is the customer: Women seeking affordable special occasion dresses

Why buy: Tadashi makes an affordable collection that is absolutely gorgeous. The detail on the clothes are mind blowing. Expect to be the hit of the party if you wear any of his dresses. "Oohs" and "Aaahs" are free with purchase.

What to buy: Any dress with rosettes! The purple dress was definetly the most sought after by the crowd.

Overall contribution to fashion: Tadashi is able to produce affordable gowns that don't turn to rags when the clock strikes midnight.

Reporting and photos by Erin Jeen.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion's Night Out Round-up

Okay, it's time for us to take out our pom-poms and do the Fashion's Night Out cheer. We totally agree that it's been a bit over played and who really wants to do any serious shopping among throngs of drunk partiers but it is kind of fun, right? Drink, eat, gossip, browse, shop...

Still not convinced? Well, we've got a plan that will save you the headache of tipsy teens and prissy posers. First, you will need to avoid all department stores. There's just too much going on and if last year was any indication, customers will be limited due to over capacity.

Next, you're going to want to choose a neighborhood and stick to it. Cabbing from the LES to the Meat Packing district to mid-town is just a waste of time, energy and money. Finally, choose a few key friends, not an entire posse. You don't want to be negotiating where to go next with a throng of 15 friends and pseudo-friends.

Here are our top picks for Madison Avenue, after all it's out specialty. Most of the stores we chose are boutiques where the designers are particularly hospitable and fun.

1009 Madison Avenue
Margherita Maccapani Missoni and Luca Missoni are making a special appearance to New York to host a cocktail party in celebration of Fashion's Night Out. The Madison Avenue boutique will have special limited edition Missoni tote bags for purchase. Guests will also preview the S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water's exclusive collection bottles specially designed by Missoni. (6-10pm)

Dennis Basso
765 Madison Avenue
The Dennis Basso Boutique will be open from 6:00 to 9:00 pm serving cocktails and hors d'ouvres. The new Fall / Winter 2010 collection will be on display, and Dennis will be there to discuss your selection or to even create an original and special design for you.

Dolce & Gabbana
825 Madison Avenue at 69th
Naomi Campbell will be on hand to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of her career with a collection of limited edition t-shirts featuring and signed by Naomi (6:30pm to 9:45pm.) A Special surprise performance choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson will be from 7:30pm and 9:15pm. Music will be by DJ Lindsey.

Donna Karan Collection
819 Madison Avenue
Jazz pianist, Eric Lewis will be performing in the window of the store on a baby grand piano. We bet Donna will be there to sway to the grooves and clink glasses with her friends and customers.

Roberto Cavalli
711 Madison Avenue
Special celebrity guest DJ Solange Knowles will be spinning. You can safely bet there will be lots of cocktails and interesting conversation.

Michael Kors
667 Madison Avenue
Michael Kors will host live music, entertainment and more. Music from DJ Frank Delour will get you into the groove all night-long. Designer Michael Kors will be on-hand for an exciting personal appearance. Idina Menzel will also be performing live.

Notable Mention:
Norma Kamali
11 West 56th Street
We are always bummed that there are no good sales for FNO, but we found the exception. Norma Kamali will be hosting a sale where styles worth $650 and over will all be reduced to $100 or under. Now that's my kind of shopping!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hermes Sale Wall Street

Yesterday we wrote a bit about the upcoming Hermes sample sale and came to the conclusion that it will likely turn into a disappointment. There's still some luck if you're looking for some Hermes booty without spending a bounty.

The Wall Street Hermes will be hosting a sale on ready-to-wear and shoes starting Wednesday, September 15 and running until Friday, September 17th. The discount will run from 40% to 60% and off and we wouldn't be shocked if you found some great surprises.

Think of it this way, you may not find wonderful leather bags at the Wall Street sale but you're unlikely to find them at the sample sale either. Even better, no line!

Contact: Linda 212-785-3030

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is the Hermes Sample Sale Ruined?

The famous Hermes sample sale is moving to the sample sale venue, Soiffer Haskin and will take place from September 22 to September 26, according to Mizhattan.

Moving a sale to Soiffer Haskin can only mean two things: higher prices and a smaller selection. You don't believe us? Just use the Mikimoto sample sale as a case in point. The Mikimoto sale had always been at the jewelry company's showroom and the discount and selection were always wonderful. Once the sample sale moved to Soiffer Haskin, prices shot up and customers were not satisfied. A year later, the sale moved back home and Mikimoto customers lived happily ever after.

Despite the venue change, we know you are going to want to hit the sale for the best selection. Of course, there is a "private shopping day" awarded to select Hermes customers, on September 21.

Snagging an invitation usually isn't too difficult. We just suggest contacting your regular Hermes sales person. (This is one store where it pays to be loyal.) If you don't already have an Hermes relationship, now would be the perfect time to develop one. Yes, this can even be done as a browser. Just don't show up to the sample sale without an invite. You most likely will be turned away.

Hermes Sample Sale
Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)
Private Sale: Tuesday, September 21st (2pm to 6pm)
Public Shopping: Wednesday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 26
Wed, Fri and Sat 9am-6pm, Thurs, 9am-8pm, Sun. 1pm-5pm

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall's Most Wanted

Now that Labor Day is behind us we are able to get down to the serious business of shopping. Last month, we asked readers to send us their most wanted items of the season and we vowed to track their prices. After sifting through hundreds of items, we settled on just ten of the most popular and stylish.

Below are our readers' most wanted items and a brief Madison Avenue Spy price prediction:

1. Chloe Elsie Large Satchel $1395

Mad-Spy: The Saks friends and family, which usually takes place in early October, will be your first opportunity to grab this bag at 25% off.

2. Givenchy Nightingale $1900-$2300

Mad-Spy: Not many stores carry Givenchy, so trying to find a discount on this popular style may be difficult, but not impossible. We'll be sure to keep a keen eye out for unexpected discounts.

3. Missoni Sweater Coat $2160

Mad-Spy: Apples, cool weather and Missoni sweater coats are some of our favorite things about Fall. This particular coat has amazing colors and will look just as chic 30-years from now. Missoni is always the first store on Madison to markdown their merchandise. We expect this coat and similar styles to go to 40% off in Mid-November.

4. Cesare Paciotti heels $500-$600

Mad-Spy: Almost anyone will admit that Louboutins are a bit overplayed. Why not step out in something a bit different? There is a wonderful Paciotti boutique on Madison, which we will have to keep an eye on, but you can score some great Cesare Paciotti discounts right now on

Mad-Spy: Burberry has so many sales that we tend to ignore many of them. Usually, the first markdown is the "private sale," which is about 30%.

Mad-Spy: It's already reduced to $528. We say the dress will be $440 by November.

7. Oscar de la Renta Rectangular Bead Bib Necklace $490

Mad-Spy: No sweat. You should be able to get your bib for at least 50% off.

Mad-Spy: If our readers are any indication, this bag is the hottest bag for the season. Mad-Spy: A good friends and family sale should save you 25%, but the Alexander Wang sample sale is where you will really find the deals. We were told that there was only one Darcy at the past sale. So it might pay to make friends with an AW employee.

9. Alexander Wang Boots $895

Mad-Spy: Friends, this is how you spell love. Just note that the fit is a little off but sometimes love hurts.

10. Bottega Veneta Men's Bitter Calf Boots $1250

Mad-Spy: You knew we couldn't leave out the men. Bottega isn't very good at discounting their bags, but shoes and RTW are a breeze. We bet you can snag these at 50% off in December.