Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sigerson Morrison Friends & Family

Friends and family season is officially upon us and it's amazing how much a savings of 20% can do to your shopping psyche. When you see boots for $1000, you know they are nice but a grand for overgrown shoes is just too hard to swallow. For some reason, when the same boots dip 20%, or to $800, the conversation totally changes.

Tomorrow, Sigerson Morrison is switching up the game and offering friends and family 20% off. (Aren't you glad we're sistas?) Suddenly, those boots, wedges and ballet flats don't seem so entirely out of reach.

Have we ever discussed how food is entirely over rated?

Sigerson Morrison Friends & Family
Thursday, October 28
19 East 71st Street


Anonymous said...

Do you know if there will be a Prada sample sale soon? It's usually the last week of October.

Anonymous said...

Is a coupon or code needed?

Affinia said...

I'm constant reader of your blog. I really love the break down of NYC vs. LA.

I'm actually headed up to Manhattan in a month or so. I'm planning on staying at this Upper East Side hotel. Have you ever stayed there? Do you have any suggestions of the best places to shop around my hotel?