Monday, January 31, 2011

Are They BagSnobs or BagBullies?

Today, a fellow blogger started a Twitter campaign against counterfeit goods called, "Say No to Fakes." The original tweet was:

BagSnob: Let's start each Monday w/ #SayNoToFake campaign! If u see someone with a fake bag, twitpic them. It will take all of us to stop fake bags!
Although we don't condone counterfeiting in anyway, these types of campaigns seem to target young ladies and girls and expose them to ridicule and public humiliation. By singling out women who may not be able to afford the most coveted fashion of the moment we run the risk of creating an environment of myopic judgment and prejudice.

As a matter of fact, a study in 2009 from MIT's Sloan School of Management, found that 46% of those who bought a counterfeit brand-name purse, went and bought the real thing within two and a half years. The study continued to report that the claims from the industry about the supposed "harm" from counterfeiting wasn't just overblown, but were blown so far out of proportion as to be ridiculous.

Although there may be a moral issue associated with stealing another person's creative design, we believe the cost of personal degradation is much higher. We would advise BagSnob to retract their twitpic campaign and make a more concerted effort to highlight fashionable designer alternatives.

If you like, be a snob but don't be a bully.

Follow-up: BagSnob responded and said that the intention was never to single out individuals but to help consumers identify counterfeit merchandise through photographs.

At MadisonAvenueSpy. we agree that there is an entire universe of knock-offs, from Moncler coats to synthetic diamonds. It is a tragic situation any time a customer is "taken" by a charlatan. We are glad that this topic is being discussed and look forward to working together in creating an eduction platform.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dannijo Valentine's Sale

Dannijo, one of our favorite fashion jewelry brands, is hosting a sale where jewels will start at just $10. Prices usually range from to $200 to $350 for earrings and up to $850 for necklaces and bracelets.

The sale is just two hours but we expect it to be the perfect opportunity to pick up a fashionable Valentine's Day gift. And what's more fashionable than buying yourself exactly what you want?

Tuesday, February 1st, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
423 West 14th Street, #3R
Buzzer #8

Anik Winter Clearance

Anik, a Madison Avenue boutique that is popular for their inexpensive private label cashmere, is hosting a winter sale, where sweaters are priced from just $79. Anik's cashmere sweaters normally range in price from $250 to $500.

The store has two locations one at Madison at 83rd and the other at Third Avenue at 77th. We suggest heading east to the Third Avenue location for a larger selection of sizes and styles.

Some customers complain about the quality of the cashmere at Anik, but we have always had good luck with the heavier gage winter sweaters. No need to hand wash them, this isn't the quality of Lauro Piano.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sigerson Morrison Final Markdown

It's a smart move to fill your wallet with cash as you make you way down Madison Avenue. The temptation from the fabulous values can be overcoming to even the most rigid of shoppers. Today we investigated the final markdown at Sigerson Morrison.

The discounts range from 50% to 70% off. Most bags are reduced by half but the fall season boots and shoes are what to buy if you're looking for a great discount. Black leather high boots are $329 from $1095, black suede boots are $419 from $1395, snakeskin ballet flats are $179 from $595 and black suede flats with sliver studs are $149 from $495. And who says you can't find a great pair of boots for under a grand?

The sale is also online, if you can't make it to the Madison Avenue store. It's just so much more fun to be in the shoe and art temple than in front of a cold silver box.

Contact: Erika 212-734-2100

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lisa Perry Sample Sale

Lisa Perry is hosting a sample sale at her Madison Avenue boutique that can brighten the most dreary of days. Prices are up to 80% off and the selection is tremendous.

Our sale mission was to pick up a little girl's dress for the deep discount of just $75 and be done but we were drawn in by so much more. Accessories like beach bags, clutches and circle bags were all under $75. We snagged a large pink patent leather circle bag for $50 from $250. Winter dresses normally range from about $900 to $1200 but were all reduced to about $400. Lighter weight dresses, from prior seasons, range from $250 to $300. We spotted an amazing rain coat for just $300 and a bright pink leather skirt for $400.

This is one of those sales not to be missed, especially if you are a lover of mod fashion. Don't be surprised if you run into Mrs. Mod herself. Lisa's office is within the boutique and she often makes her keen style eye available to customers. Now that's great service and spot on prices that can turn anyone's day from winter blue to hot pink.

Contact: Julia 212-431-7467

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calypso Extra 50% Off

We all know that Target's next collab will be with Calypso St. Barth. Early reviews are that the collection is perfect from summer and priced quite reasonably. If you are looking for great Calypso deals, however, you don't need to wait for Target or go any further than your desktop.

Right now, Calypso boutiques and online store are offering an extra 50% off already reduced merchandise for a total savings up to 85% off. To access the extra discount online use the code JANSALE11.

During a quick browse we found a camel side belt dress for $150 from $495, a chunky knit sweater is $115 from $295, a belted tunic is $35 from $225 and short shearling boots are $150 from $575.

These prices are great and are most surely a better value than any line from Target. Just be careful with your purchases, unlike Target, discounted merchandise is final sale.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Following the Markdowns Final Sales

At the start of the season we decided to take a look at the most talked about items and watch to see how low the markdowns would go. Click here to see the markdown history for our reader's most wanted items.

Some of the items we spotted in September are gone from the racks but below are an assortment of great finds that can still be purchased if you have the fortitude to track them down.

Chanel Boots

When we found these boots we knew they would be a consumer looser, which means they are a bank account winner. The price tag started at $1850 and today we spotted these darlings at Bloomies at double markdown. The final price is about $685, which isn't too far off our $500 target. Now we just have to worry about keeping our toes warm. (Boomies also has a good selection of Chanel clogs that now come out to about $500.)

Givenchy Nightingale

Okay, the Nightingale never had a significant markdown. That doesn't mean that you can't snag a great deal on a Givenchy bag. Right now, Barneys has reduced the Givenchy Melancholia from $1,315 to $529 and the large Antigona Duffle is marked down to $799 from $2,330. Our favorite is the Neo Carry All, which is about $840 from $1567 on

Badgley Mischka Dress

This Badgley Mischka dress was a bridesmaid's dream at $880. It was quickly reduced to $528 but luck shoppers were able to grab this purchase for under $310.

Oscar de la Renta Bib Necklace

This stunner started out at $490 and was reduced 30% after Christmas. The item is currently sold out online but if you can spot one in the store it could be yours for just $196.

Alexander Wang Darcy

The Darcy was love at first sight but a moment on the shoulder and we realized that the weight from the gurmmets would just be too much. This season's "it" bag started off at $850 but could be currently found at Saks for just under $340, if you're lucky.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hermes Madison Gets a Facelift

Customers of the flagship Madison Avenue Hermes boutique have been greeted with quite a scare. The widows are covered with butcher paper and the swanky store appears closed to the unsuspecting eye. Fret no more, it's nothing a Park Avenue plastic surgeon can't handle. The boutique is open but is simply undergoing a renovation, or a nip and tuck, as we like to say.

The Hermes emporium is open for business except for the main floor, which traditionally contained scarves, ties, perfume and leather jewelry items. These items have been moved to a temporary boutique a few doors north. (Bags, which were also located on the main floor, have been relocated upstairs at the flagship.)

We initially thought that smaller boutique is a way to divert lower ticket items from the main store, but the store for rent sign implies that this location is indeed short-term. In the meantime, customers are packing into the temporary space to the point that there are lines to get in. Yes, my friends, lines to have the opportunity to purchase a full price scarf for $375. Online shopping has never been so attractive.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Retail Therapy: Julie Kalimian

Some of the best items on the runway aren't those being highlighted by the marquee fashion designer. Sometimes it is a subtle tanning cream or an unbelievable set of lashes. All these little details add polish to the overall fashion and can be priceless in your everyday life.

Last season, we were blown away by the SkinnyShirt. Don't worry, we are not about to bore you with shapeware. The SkinnyShirt is a sleek collared tank top that can easily be worn under a sweater or paired with slacks without the bulge and bulk of a standard button down shirt.

ShinnyShirt creator, Julie Kalimian is no stranger to high fashion. She moved to Manhattan when she was in her early 20s and snagged a fabulous job at Vanity Fair. As a mother of four (yes, you read correctly), Julie also knows a thing or two about practicality but that doesn't get in the way of her expressing her fashion personality and her love for fries. Let us know what you think.

What's your most prized deal?
A black persian lamb belted car coat that I bought for a steal. I think it was $2,500 from $10,000. I have had it almost a decade and it looks as good as it did the day I purchased it. It looks just as fabulous with jeans as it does when I wear it with black wool slacks or a even cocktail dress. It is a timeless classic. I have made some similar amazing purchases on furs for great prices. My secret? Buy in January. If you go to the better department stores they often have incredible discounts on their furs in January. I bought the Persian lamb coat at Saks, but I also purchased a mink lined, sable collared rain coat a few years ago at Bloomindale's at an 80% discount!

Biggest regret that you didn't purchase?
A Peter Som cocktail dress that was half price. It was emerald green with jet black beads. I still think about that dress almost a year later. It was a fresh take on a classic.

This season you are looking for...
Enough room to store all the SkinnyShirts I have for everyone on my list! I love fresh takes on classics. SkinnyShirt let's women look pulled together (classic) while achieving a smoother and slimmer look at the same time. If you love the look of a button-front collared shirt, but hate the bunchiness and bulk when you wear it under your favorite sweater. You must try SkinnyShirt.

What's your number one shopping tip?
Buy what you love. Do not worry about what you own that matches. If you love it I guarantee there are things in your closet that you are meant to wear it with. I bought an amazing coat at Shanghai Tang. It is in a really luxe silk. The coat is yellow with a hot pink lining and 3/4 length sleeves. I had no idea what it would go with in my closet when I bought it, but I loved it. I wear it with so much. I use it as a topper over a black pencil skirt and a tight black camisole for evening events. I have worn it with white jeans and a white tank in the summer to go to dinner.

What's your biggest weakness?
Evening wear. It is SO hard to find the perfect evening gown or dress. So, when you see it (whether you have an event in mind or not) buy it!I I attend many formal affairs so, whenever I am shopping I always check out the black tie and cocktail selections. If I find the perfect dress --- I have to buy it. Oh, and my other big weakness: FRENCH FRIES. Not the typical french fries, but the kind you get from a really great french bistro like Le Charlot or Bilbouquet. They are skinny and crispy and salty. They are perfect with a salad and a crisp glass of white wine. Mmmm.

Is there an item for which a shopper should never mind paying full price?
Shoes and bags. If you invest in a few great shoes and handbags it elevates the rest of what you are wearing. You could be wearing ripped jeans a white t-shirt with an amazing pair of shoes and a great hand bag yet you will still look chic. However, if you wear the same outfit with flip flops and a not so nice bag you no longer look chic, but shabby. Likewise, if you are wearing a simple black skirt and sweater the right shoes and bag can really make that outfit stand out.

Consolidation Sales: Saks and Neiman Marcus

It's that time a year again! Merchandise from all over the country is being transferred to the metropolitan area for final reductions. At last check, the discount at Saks was 70% off and across the bridge, at Riverside Mall, Neiman Marcus is hosting their Last Call with discounts up to 65% off.

The selections at both stores are quite depleted but we suggest you check back over the next week. We hear that both luxury emporiums are receiving huge shipments from the southern states. That means you can expect to find lots of cashmere Ralph Lauren sweaters and Chanel odds and ends. (Not bags.)

One department store exec said, "We will have TONS of merch all over the store...Maybe not tomorrow morning, but after the snow." You know what that means...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prada's Game Change

In past seasons, Prada reduced merchandise to as much as 70% off. This year, the sale story is much different. Prada didn't allow any presales and the discount was just 30% off. Usually, the markdown starts at 40%.

We stopped by the boutique to take a quick survey of the sale situation. We were surprised to find that the discount had not budged and the inventory to be quite small. How can this be? No sale and no selection!

According to Reuters News, wealthy shoppers have recovered from the recession more quickly than middle and lower income consumers, and are on a wild shopping spree. In December, sales at Saks rose 11.8%. In addition, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus Group reported strong gains.

Luxury companies, like LVMH Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton SA, Burberry Group Plc and Hermes International SCA are expected to see a 9% increase in revenue this year, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg. This comes on the heels of last year's 60% increase in the Bloomberg European Fashion Index, which includes LVMH, Richemont and Hermes.

These financials may be the reason why we didn't get to enjoy a great Prada sample sale or exciting markdowns this year. But it doesn't mean that luxury will never see discounts again. Prada might have changed the game a bit this year but that just means that we need to be resourceful. Just remember, all sectors are cyclical. This year luxury is on top, next year... who knows.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mikimoto Sample Sale

The ultra lux Mikimoto sample sale is here again. In past seasons, we found most jewelry was reduced up to 70% off retail prices.

Shoppers can expect to find prices ranging from $120 for smaller items to about $4000 for a large pearl ring. Attendees reported lines during the initial hours of the sale and complained about overcrowding. The most satisfied customers said they went to the sale at about 1pm and received platinum service.

The Mikimoto sale is accompanied by a laundry list of rules. Please be careful to read them all thoroughly. Hours, location and rules are below.

Mikimoto Sample Sale
Thursday, January 20 from 12pm to7pm
Friday, January 21 from 10am to 7
Saturday, January 22 from 10am to 5pm
Sunday, January 23 from 10am to 3pm

680 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor (53rd & 54th Street)
Info line: 212-457-4500

  • We accept credit cards only - no cash or checks please.
  • Final sale. no returns or exchanges
  • No holds.
  • No gift boxes or wrapping available. no shipping
  • Admittance will be determined by capacity. there may be a wait.
  • All coats and large bags must be checked.
  • Monday, January 17, 2011

    Score an iPad and Rare LV iPad Case Now

    Everyone knows the most essential part of looking great is finding the right accessories. These days, accessories aren’t only limited to shoes and bags but also the right electronics.

    Could you imagine sitting in an airport and passing the time with a Motorola Razr phone? What you really need is an iPad and the impossible to find Louis Vitton iPad case. The only thing is that unlike Louboutin and Manolo there are no sample sales or markdowns at Apple stores.

    We suggest you check out if you really want to score great items, including the iPad and Vuitton case, for a great price. is an innovative auction site, which allows shoppers to purchase bids and score their dream splurge for fractions of their retail price. We are talking about $500 Chanel gift cards for 24-cents and black platform Louboutins for under $5.

    You never have to worry about bidding for items on because they are purchased directly from the retailer, are guaranteed authentic, brand new and are ready to ship. Bids are just 99-cents each and think about how much fun you will have bragging to your friends about your amazing scores.

    Right now a brand new 64MG iPad with WiFi+3G is up for auction along with the impossible to get Louis Vuitton iPad case. Talk about traveling in style. With these accessories you might even get away with wearing sweats and sneakers to the airport. Well, maybe not.

    Sponsored Post

    Century 21 Clearance Sale Bombs

    We recently got an email from Century 21 department stores about their end-of-season markdowns. Usually, this sale is amazing. In past seasons, we spent some time mining through unorganized racks but coming out with some genuine gems.

    Unfortunately, our most recent shopping trip was not so fruitful. It wasn't a surprise that the sale department was a disorganized mess but we were surprised with the vast amount of damaged goods. We found it hard to keep track of the numerous torn, stained and ripped clothing. The worst part of the entire trip, was that it was hard to locate our favorite brands.

    Just before we became disillusioned and left, we happened upon one rack near the cashier. We found a powder pink Pucci coat with jeweled embellishments reduced to $425 from $849. The suggested retail value was over $2500. A Jil Sander capulet jacket is $300 from $599, the suggested retail was $1560. A fully sequined Plain Sud sweater just $80 from $230, the suggested retail price was $625. All the above mentioned pieces are great deals but most of the clothing looked like it had seen better days.

    The most tragic find was a Lanvin jacket, hiver 2009, for $1300. Not exactly cheap but a reasonable deal if the jacket didn't look like it was caught in one of those fashion wars that are often the subject of Century 21 advertising campaigns. We suggest that Century 21 stop igniting those fashion fights and start spending time respecting the fashion.

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Intermix Extra 50% Off

    On an off day it's always nice to know you can find a bit of solace on Madison Avenue. This is especially true at the height of sale season. If you are going to hit any store along Madison, we suggest you take a spin through Intermix.

    The discount is currently an additional 50% off the second markdown. We found several Matthew Williamson dresses discounted to $200 from almost $900. A $900 Stella McCartney top is now about $250. A buttery leather jacket is reduced to under $5,000. Before you ask, it's Balmain and was originally $16,000. As a matter of fact, there are several Balmain pieces on the reduced rack. You can safely assume anything over $1k is Balmain. In addition, there are several nice Zac Pozen dresses and Helmut Lange pieces on the extra markdown rack.

    We suggest bypassing the website, which doesn't hold a candle to the boutique's inventory. If all fails, a great cappuccino at Sant Ambroeus is waiting for you just across the street.

    Norma Kamali End Of Season Sale

    It would be hard to beat Norma Kamali's Black Friday sale or her Christmas markdown but right now there's a larger assortment of discounted merchandise than ever before. Most items from the fall and winter season are now 50% off or more.

    During a quick tour de Kimali we found a $285 stripped dress reduced to $95, a terry side snap jacket was $198 from $385, a parachute skirt for $500 and tiny short modal skirts for just $45. The most exciting find, however, was a powder pink cloud ball length skirt marked down to $150. After further investigation we found this striking piece is one-of-a-kind and was made specifically for last year's window display. Does it get any better?

    If you're not in the area, we suggest browsing online and calling the store. Prices don't always match up and Kamali's over-the-phone sales associates are absolutely top notch.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    J. Crew Final Sale

    You would be hard pressed to find a company that has had a larger impact on Madison Avenue than J. Crew. First there was the J. Crew Collection boutique, which opened in Fall 2008. Then CrewCuts opened In August 2009 and shopping for kids' birthday gifts was forever changed.

    Most recently, J. Crew Bridal and J. Crew Men's made their debut on the Avenue. If you live in the neighborhood, chances are that you have shopped in one of these four boutiques. And if you visit them frequently enough, you have come to enjoy the deep discounts and outstanding values.

    The J. Crew emporium is currently offering an additional 30% off reduced items. The discount is also available online but prices and product assortments are much better in the boutiques. Our favorite finds are always accessories. A dainty sash, a glittery necklace or a little girl's headband are an inexpensive way to fight the winter blues.

    One secret we've uncovered is that the bulk of Crewcuts clearance items are sent to the Prince Street location. We suggest jumping on the 6 if you're really interested in diving into tot sale racks. We would love to hear your J. Crew shopping secrets. Please feel free to leave pointers in the comment section below.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    Reiss 70% Off

    All week we've been shopping off the beaten path. Today our travels bring us to Reiss, on the Upper West Side. (I know, quelle horreur!) What some of us will do for a 70% markdown. For your snow day entertainment, the discount is also available online.

    Reiss is a great destination to find great style for not so many dollars. Check out this leather aviator jacket with shearling trim. It is a great value at $337 from $675. We always say that you shouldn't overspend on basics and this marino wool cardigan ($51 from $170) is a perfect example of why. A cashmere sweater for $46 (from $155) is simply a no-brainer.

    This is what we call no-guilt shopping. Even if you wear your purchase a few times it's worth it. The dry cleaning bill is what really worries us.

    Leslie Price Joins The High Low

    When it comes to blogs there is always a bit of nostalgia of the old guard. First there was Elizabeth Spiers who was the founding editor of Gawker. Her voice and tone marked the beginning of an entire generation of snark. Later we fell in love with Ben Leventhal who created SheLovesNY, which later developed into "The Pretentious Little One Pager" was pure genius.

    As blogs gained more status, Racked was born with Leslie Price at the helm. We will never forget the adrenaline rush we got from reading the first "Line Blogging" at an Hermes sample sale. It was like listening to Bill White call Bucky Dent's unlikely home run against the dreaded Red Sox. Last we heard, Leslie was saying good-bye to Lucky. We could swear her next stop was going to be at the helm of French Vogue.

    Maybe the idea of a great blogger moving on to the top of a great glossy empire got the best of our imagination. Today, we received a press release announcing that Leslie Price will be heading up The High Low. The site focuses on the business of fashion and how the latest trends in retail fit today's consumer and marketplace. Check out Leslie's great article about the pitfalls of (Google clearly hired the wrong consultants.)

    We will be sure to keep an eye on The High Low. We suggest you do the same. After all, everyone knows that fashion without business brains is like a great Lanvin dress stuck in the Five Towns.

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    European Kid's Clothing 80% Off

    We mentioned that we were going to take our shopping prowess on the road and today we went through a tunnel and over a bridge to get to Brooklyn. Instead of hitting the obvious fashionista choices we decided to track down fashion that's a bit smaller and harder to come by in Manhattan: Discounted kids clothing!

    Diva, is buried amongst discount stores like Amazing Savings and Family Dollar, but is one of the most upscale children's stores we've ever seen. Diva carries brands like Simonetta, Il Gufo, Sonia Rykiel and Val Max at a fraction of Manhattan boutique prices. Those brands are like the Chanel, Valentino and Lanvin of kid's wear. And the prices aren't much less considering a child can wear an outfit for two years, at most.

    In order to make room for the cruise collection, Diva is hosting a sale with markdowns ranging 50% t0 70% off their already discounted prices. A $800 Il Gufo wool coat was reduced to under $200 and a matching cashmere sweater and skirt set was $115 from $475. A Val Max cashmere and sequined skirt ensemble was $85 from $500. Try to find that at Spring Flowers or Magic Windows.

    We know you can find dribs and drabs of these brands throughout the city, but this is the only store with full collections and discounts that can't be beat. Sizes and styles are starting to run thin but kid's clothing is not as trend obsessed as adult fashion. So thinking a year or two ahead is never a fashion faux pas.

    1409 Avenue M

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Elyse Walker 75% Off

    Sometimes the best end-of-season deals can be found by going a bit off the beaten path. Elyse Walker is a West Coast emporium of downtown cool. Right now, Elyse Walker's online store is running a last call markdown of 75% off.

    The online boutique carries great brands like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Bluemarine. The sale selection is quite respectable and there's still a great variety of sizes from which to choose. These $1156 Bruno Frisoni platforms are now just $289 and almost every size is still available. This Stella McCartney sequined jacket is $949 from $3795 and every size from 36 to 42 is still in stock. How can you say no to this McQueen cut out dress that's $360 from $1440?That is, how can you say no if you have the body to pull it off?

    Stores everywhere should be on the look out. We are officially on the prowl. Let us know if any of your local boutiques are slashing prices on any of the good booty.

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Manolos for 65% Off

    We started hunting for great shoe deals as we patiently wait for the Manolo Blahnik boutique to start their second... and third markdowns. It took some time but we think we hit a winner.

    The downtown discount store, Gabay's Outlet, recently received a healthy shipment of Manolo boots and sandals. Get this, prices are all at least 65% off. We found one of the most important winter wardrobe essentials: The simple tall boot. Colors vary from basic black, to brown, to a rich cognac. With prices this good we figured it was safe to take all three.

    You can
    click here to see a small photo gallery of available Manolo styles. While you're there, don't overlook the amazing Balmain bags. We found a basic black Balmain satchel, a rhinestone messenger bag and an evening clutch all for about 60% off retail. Here are pictures.

    We suggest you hit the store over the weekend because these beauties will not last. There's nothing worse than having to say,
    I told you so.

    Gabay's Outlet
    225 First Avenue (between 13th and 14th)

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    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Net-A-Porter Final Reductions

    Net-a-Porter has started a second markdown where many reduced items are an additional 25% off for a total savings of almost 70%. Of course you can wait for this merchandise to hit The OutNet but even discounts there usually don't go lower than 70%.

    Check out these Versace boots with cut-outs that are about $430 from $1800. This Emilio de la Morena dress is out of control and reduced to $907 from $3780. This Pucci top is perfect for Spring and is just $243 from $760.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Ralph Lauren Sale

    Ralph Lauren has taken an additional markdown on select fall and winter merchandise. The total discount is currently about 60% off. The sale is also online but instore prices don't always match up. We suggest taking your iPhone to the store or calling before you click.

    There should be another markdown on the way but by then the merchandise will be very thin. We always like to use this time to stock up on polos and ski-wear. Don't be too shy to shop the men's store. In past years, we have found the most amazing cashmere sweaters sizes reduced to tiny fractions of their retail price. And really, is there anything much better than men's oversized cashmere to keep you warm?

    Contact: David 212-606-2100

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Tom Ford Women Available March 1

    As a New Year's gift to fans, Tom Ford unveiled video of his first women's collection. Of course, we can roll our eyes a bit from all the blouses open to the navel but every single look oozes with sexuality.

    After watching the video we couldn't contain our excitement. The thought of being alone in a dressing room with Tom Ford anything sent shivers up our spine. After a bit of investigation we found out that all of our fashion fantasies will come true on March 1, when Tom Ford women's collection will be available at the Madison Avenue Tom Ford boutique.

    To get an idea of the collection, check out the fashion show video. Beyoncé, Julianne Moore, Lauren Hutton, Daria Werbowy and Chanel Iman are obvious fashion highlights but the shoe's attendees are just as noteworthy.

    If that doesn't get your adrenaline flowing, maybe a good discount will. The boutique is running a winter sale where select items from fall 2010 and fall 2009 are half-off. Sizes are limited but 50% off isn't a bad discount.

    Contact: Mario 212-359-0300

    Manolo First Markdown

    Manolo Blahnik started their first markdown today. Shoes and boots from their winter collection are now discounted to 33% off. This markdown should not cause too much excitement considering that department stores are running sales where Manolos are 60% off.

    In three weeks you can expect the discount to drop to 50% off and by early February the discount climbs to 75% off. You know, that's when we come running.

    Manolo Blahnik
    31 West 54th Street (b/w 5th and 6th)
    Monday to Friday 10:30 to 6:00
    Saturday 10:30 to 3:300
    Contact: Abby 212-582-3007

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    Marc Jacobs 70% Off

    Jet lag stinks but it's always amazing to come home. As much as you may want to hide under the covers or behind your computer, we greatly urge you to head over to the Marc Jacobs Soho. The reason is simple. Starting Monday, fall and winter shoes and clothing will all be reduced to 70% off.

    That discount tops all of our area department stores and local boutiques. A navy double-breasted coat is now $540 from $1800 and a sleeveless shift dress is about $300 from $1000. With prices like this who needs to down-shop on Bleeker?

    Contact: Cynthia 212-343-1490

    Welcome 2011: Sale Update

    While you've been basking on the beach and slaloming down the slopes, stores have been strategizing how to say good-bye to fall/winter 2010 to make room for spring 2011. Below is a quick update on miscellaneous sales you may have missed while celebrating the holidays:

    Bonpoint: Children usually make out best during the holiday season. It's just too easy to indulge in pint-size anything. Unfortunately, the prices of most anything at Bonpoint aren't tiny or cute. Patient shoppers can now save between 30% to 40% on winter merchandise. For the record, a $50 onesie is astronomical-- especially for a sample sale.

    Jacadi: If Bonpoint is a bit too high-brow for your tot, you may consider shopping the Jacadi winter sale. The discount ranges from 20% to 50% off but if you wait a few more weeks there will be another markdown.

    Giuseppe Zanotti: The boutique has taken a second markdown on fall/winter shoes and boots. Prices are now 50% off the original. Last year, we waited for another markdown but it never came. We suggest you make your purchases now because great styles usually show up again at full price the next year.

    Scoop: New Year's may be over but that doesn't mean you can't sparkle. Scoops across the city are offering and additional 40% off reduced prices. So you can pick up something shiny and new and save between 50% to 60% off. If you wait a few more weeks the savings could rise to 70% to 80%.

    Zara: The fall and winter merchandise is being quickly reduced. Following Christmas, discounts ranged from 30% to 50% off. The best selection tends to go very quickly. We urge you to look your purchases over thoroughly. Many times, the sale items we find, will be damaged or stained.