Monday, February 7, 2011

Manolo Boutique Slashes Prices

So do you think you can handle Manolos starting at 75% off even if you don't get to wait on line for three hours or have to fish through piles of unorganized shoes? We think you'll do just fine without both at the Manolo Blahnik boutique's super semi-annual sale.

Today, marked the first day of the seasonal clearance sale and we were thrilled with the style selection and size assortment. Prices are marked by sticker dots, which range from $195 for a red dot up to $350 for a green dot. Most shoes and low boots-- even highly ornate styles-- are priced at $250.

Remember those Manolo Timberlands, worn by J-Lo and were all the rage about 8-years-ago? They come in an assortment of colors and are just $250. Knee high velvet Suwalki boots are $350 but started at a few thousand. Suede with leather trim booties are $250 from $1195. Green and black suede shoes with gems are just $195 from $1255.

The store maybe crowded but at least there isn't a long line to get in. The sale should run for a week or so but styles and sizes will run low quickly. If you're looking for a great deal we suggest you switch out of your heels and take a run over to the boutique asap.

Manolo Blahnik
31 West 54th Street
Abby: 212-582-3007
Monday-Friday 10:30AM-6PM

The boutique will close from 2pm to 3pm to restock when necessary


Anonymous said...

Has anyone gone and if so can u comment on size and selection? I'm a 37 which I know is really popular.....

Anonymous said...

I just came from there - thanks Lila!!! I bought 1 pair black Toialo boots and one pair brown valon pumps. There are a lot of size 37 and 41/42s. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Are there any $195 shoes left? What kinds of shoes are those?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether this sale will still be going on Saturday? Also, are the classic metallic d'orsay pumps in the picture actually on sale?