Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freelance Spies Wanted: Mad-Spy's Shopping Squad

Are you the type of shopper who instinctively knows to head to the back of the store, down the stairs or into the side room for the best deals? Do you feel as home in Hermes as you do in H&M? Are you ready to share your shopping secrets with the rest of the world?

If the answers are yes to all these questions, and you have a knack for writing, then Madison Avenue Spy needs you to join our growing bureau of roaming spies. Please send us an email with your resume, writing samples and your best shopping secret.

The hardest part is picking your personal spy name, of course!


Anonymous said...

The email address doens't work, my application keeps getting sent back to me with a message failure! Is there another contact email?

Anonymous said...

same thing happened to me.

Lila Delilah said...

Sorry. I messed up the code for the email. It's been fixed now and i can't wait to hear from you.