Monday, April 4, 2011

OutNet's 2nd Birthday

The OutNet is teasing customers about the announcement of its upcoming 2nd Anniversary. For the site's first birthday customers were showered with a wide assortment of merchandise costing just $1.

As expected the finds were awesome but designer merchandise priced at $1 expectedly attracted more demand than supply. Last year's sale lasted less than an hour before all the merchandise was gobbled up and the site crashed. Despite the disappointment, some lucky customers reported snagging items like $600 Brian Atwood sandals, a $4300 Chloe dress, a $3000 Christian Lacroix dress and $1400 Halston boots.

This year, the sale will take place on April 15 and the rules are a bit different. The OutNet will be giving out 2000 shopping passes, which will allow you to participate in the $2 sale. The rules and process are a bit lengthy but you can get all the nitty gritty details below.

To win a $2 sale ticket, you'll need to enter the draw between April 4th and April 12th.

Here's what you need to know:

- Enter the $2 sale draw and every day 200 winners will be picked at random to win a ticket to the sale on April 15th.

- You only need to enter once to be included in every daily draw.

- There are more chances to win! Get your friends to enter and you could win a ticket – the top 200 sharers will automatically receive a ticket.

- We're also giving away 20 prizes of $200 store credit and all those who enter the draw will receive free shipping.


Anonymous said...

Last year's sale was a disaster. One person on twitter said it was like being invited to a party, driven there in a limo, and punched in the face on arrival.


The only way I'm ever buying anything on that site again is if I win a $2 ticket.

Anonymous said...

... I won a ticket!

Ella Mode said...

Teasing, yes. Thanks for saying that. The whole thing is a tease for me.

I wish they didn't promote it at all, really, except for emailing us the link to sign up and that's it. (Or something of the like.)

I didn't NEED promotion. I started looking for the registration before April even arrived. I signed up once I saw it hit my inbox, and I logged in mostly to check on that, haha. I think my way would be more fair to those who care the most, seeing as how it is so limited.

They want buzz, though, and I get it from a business perspective. Oh well.

I hope I get in on the last round!!!

The Girl Next Door:

My version of last year goes as such:

Invited to a party, offered a free hotel suite the day before and during, sleeping in a very lush bed, driven there in a limo only to wait in line chatting with others all night, then being handed $1000 Christian Louboutins.

Wasn't bad for me at all! Sorry about the other girl's bruising.