Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Louboutin Sample Sale Lowdown

So our coverage has unofficially blacklisted us from the Louboutin Sample sale, but that doesn't mean we can't get you the details. Today and yesterday were the first days of the invite only sample sale and guests included Louboutin employees, fashion icons, celebrities and industry royalty... or so we assume. Wednesday and Thursday the sale opens to press and Friday are invited guests who rank way down on the Louboutin totam pole. (But who are we to judge? We're not even ont he totam pole.)

The Feast's, Tiffany Davis spent the day in the rain covering the sale and interviewing. She says most people-- we're assuming the non-celebs-- waited for about four hours before getting into the sale. Shoppers were allotted 20 minutes of shopping before being asked to finalize their purchases. Use of cell phones and cameras are prohibited and will get shoppers booted from the sale, so don't expect a lot of inside intel.

Prices examples are as follows:
Yellow loafer heels: $170
Canvas (green) espadrilles: $150
Classic matte closed-toe red pumps: About $200 each
Classic black patent slingbacks and pumps: $250 and $325 respectively

Our takeaway: It's gong to take a lot more than that to get us to wait in the rain for four hours. We're not even sure we would be game if they were giving away the red-soled shoes. What's your sample sale tolerance threshold?

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale
Tuesday, May 17 to Friday, May 20
Tues & Wed 8am to 6pm (Press)
Thurs. 9am to 5pm, Fri. 9am to 3pm
306 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor

Photo Credit: The Feast


Anonymous said...

I'm not going this time. Not in the rain. I decided I'd rather save up a little money and just buy the basic black pumps I want. My time is worth something to me and the basic black pumps probably won't be there anyway.

I have had good experiences with this sale. One time when I was on the list, I showed up around 7 am and was out of there with my shoes by around 9:30. But I just don't feel like it this time.

Anonymous said...

Can I have your invite? lol

Anonymous said...

I would never wait 4 hours in the rain. I think there are a lot of decent deals to be found at the end of the season at the CL boutiques and department stores. They aren't as steeply discounted, but they are this season and don't consist of having to wait in the rain for them.

Speaking of, I'd love to know when presale begins at all of our favorite boutiques and department stores!

Anonymous said...

If Louboutin is so officious and arrogant to demand "invite only" then it's no loss you are blacklisted. Blacklisted to a shoe store? They need to read the news and get real. Nothing like being "invited" to hand over a few hundred dollars, huh? Jerks.

Anonymous said...

I successfully talked my way in this afternoon. Waited about 40 minutes. Although the line was much longer when I left.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people, get real. These are only shoes and at this point, the kind of people coveting and wearing this brand leaves a lot to be desired. And I will let you in on a secret. There is absolutely no reason why they are priced so expensively compared to other designer shoes. It is all marketing and retail psychology. You're not missing out, Madison Avenue Spy.