Sunday, June 5, 2011

Upgrading Your Heels Louboutin Red

We all know about the fake Internet Louboutins and the Chinatown black market. We also heard about red stickers being used to color your soles red. Well, we found an even more interesting bag of tricks to pimp your shoes.

Our local shoe repair man says that customers are purchasing a variety of shoe brands and requesting he restyle the footwear with the red rubber he uses to resole his customer's Louboutins. The red vinyl, which is purchased in large rolls, was initially intended to help Louboutin owners to repair their shoes fashionably. The big business, however, has been red-soleing less expensive footwear.

The "red sole upgrade" at Andrade costs $22 to $32 , depending on the extent of the work needed. To say the least, this service has been hotter than Ugg reconditioning. We are told that many companies have started producing red rubber for shoe repair but Vibram's red is the closest match to Louboutin Red.

If your local cobbler doesn't stock the favored Vibrum red rubber, you can always turn to eBay. We found an eBay seller charging just $6 for a 5.5" x 4" piece of red rubber. The eBay ad reads, "Protect your investment!!! Perfectly desing to fit your shoe, so your COBBLER will cut and shape these rubber soles to the exact size needed. Great for weather prooffing...With this soles nobody will notice any sign that your shoe was repaired."

In other words, nobody will notice you've pimped your shoes. For the record, Payless is around the block from Andrade Shoe Repair. So who is in for an upgrade?

Andrade Shoe Repair
210 East 85th Street


Anonymous said...

omg this is amazing! how much does it cost to get the red sole put on?

Anonymous said...

Nuttiness. Cl's are poorly made. I have a lot of pairs, but I would never stand inline to buy a pair

Anonymous said...

Shame on are promoting counterfeiting!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you promoting this? Putting red soles on Payless shoes is just wrong. To me, getting knockoffs from Chinatown and going to the cobbler to get this done is the same thing: Counterfeiting!

Anonymous said...

She's not promoting counterfeiting. She's just reporting on some wacky things happening in our culture. There are women who are spending their last fine for a red bottom shoe -- very stupid. Years ago it was a handbag obsession now it's this.

Knockoffs are here to stay. Have you seen the new bags from the row, which hover around 5 grand. What 20 or 30 year old woman has this money as disposable income. Very few. I have the money, but given the direction of the economy, I am saving more

Anonymous said...

What's the point?! If you cannot afford the shoes, or the time to find them on sale-- why the red soles? I have several CLs and t hey are not that amazing! I enjoy my YSLs and Manolos soo much more. Even if I bought payless shoes, I would be just as proud!

NY Spender said...
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NY Spender said...

I had a better idea about 3 years ago:

Dreaming of Louboutin